Pairing Plants with Pots: My Favorites

One thing I’ve noticed about collecting houseplants. Pairing plants with pots becomes an art form of sorts. I find myself putting a plant into a variety of garden pots before finding just the right one. For example, variegated or spotted leaves look better in solid color pots while solid leaves look great in patterned pots.

Favorite Indoor Garden Pots


Vining plants look best in a hanger or a pedestal type planter. I love the way my philodendron brasil looks in this footed wooden bowl. This houseplant is extremely easy to grow, by the way. Low light and a weekly watering are all it needs to be happy.


I put my big staghorn fern in this textured pot. The grooves of the pot mimic the flowing lines of the staghorn’s leaves.

Staghorn Fern on Vintage Mantel


The white of this metal pedestal bowl brings out the white of the veins in my nerve plant. This plant is finicky because it needs to be watered frequently. It’ll let you know if it’s thirsty by starting to wilt. It bounces right back when you give it a drink.

Healthy Houseplants - Nerve Plant, aka Fittonia


I love terra cotta pots in any shape or form, and especially when they have moss or calcium encrusted on the outside. It’s the perfect home for a honeysuckle topiary.

Honeysuckle Topiary Houseplant


This charming green and white planter needs a straight-up plant so that its pretty pattern isn’t covered from view by leaves.

Houseplant on Coffee Table


Here’s a smaller staghorn fern in my sitting room. Since the leaves are upright, I chose a bowl with a horizontal stripe on it.

Staghorn Fern in Artisan Pot on Coffee Table in Small Sitting Room


Truth be told, most of my choices when pairing plants with pots is simply a gut feeling. I just keep placing a plant in a pot until I find one that’s appealing to my eye.

Now is a great time to invest in a houseplant or two. They’ll brighten your spirits and will help filter the air during the winter season when doors and windows are closed.

Here are some cute indoor garden pots that would look great with your favorite houseplant. Click on any of the images for sizes and options, or to make a purchase. The blue and white one is on sale!

birch pot
cement basket footed houseplant pot Blue and white ceramic pot
floral ceramic garden pot charcoal houseplant pot stoneware planters



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  1. This was a great post. Food for thought. I currently have a Christmas cactus that is almost finished blooming. I think I need to move it up a pot size but will probably stick with clay. Nothing fancy because the plant covers the pot. It is always with fear and trepidation that I repot a plant that is blooming well but it has some pale leaves and not sure if I am overwatering and it has root rot or is root bound. So many possibilities: wrong location, needs magnesium. The list is long.. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your posts. Vicky from across the Lake.

  2. I love this post! So helpful in trying to visualize when shopping for new items and MAYBE using something from the collection living in my basement! I just brought home a staghorn fern- most of the instructions for care online talk about mounting on wooden bases. Are yours in pots, and if so how do you water them?

  3. Is the philodendron in the wooden pedestal bowl inside another container in the bowl? If not, how do you water it without causing damage to the wood or leaking eventually? I love the look and would transfer my philodendron into that bowl if I knew how you did it? Thank you.

  4. I love plants and trying to figure out which pot to put a plant in is hard, thanks for helping. Love your plants and have a great Valentines day.