This Beautiful Victorian Style Bathroom Is the Cat’s Meow!

Today I have a lovely Victorian style bathroom by TKS Design Group for you to enjoy. This bathroom remodel has some wonderful modern conveniences like a heated floor and towel rack. But its charm is Old World in nature and it truly is the cat’s meow. Take the tour and see for yourself!

A lattice-patterned floor creates the base of this vintage-vibe bathroom that enjoys modern embellishment by way of four colorful prints above the bathtub.

Victorian Style BathroomPhoto by TKS Design Group

The wall prints feature underwater plants in all their colorful glory. The freestanding tub creates a serene spa-like experience. Subway tile lines the wall while lattice detail that mimics the floor is seen at chair rail level.

Colorful paintings in bathroomPhoto by TKS Design Group

A charcoal blue custom vanity sports a marble countertop and a pretty brushed nickel faucet. A gold-framed mirror is flanked by a pair of gold sconces with mini lampshades.

Gray and blue Victorian bathroomPhoto by TKS Design Group

A built-in linen cabinet provides plenty of storage for linens and toiletries. It was added during the remodeling of the bathroom.

Bathroom closetPhoto by TKS Design Group

So what makes this Victorian style bathroom the cat’s meow? When the room was remodeled, the homeowner was mindful to create a potty space for the kitty. The furry friend can duck into the little cat hole to visit his litter box which is hidden from public view.

Hidden kitty litter box in bathroomPhoto by TKS Design Group

It’s actually a tall drawer that pulls out so the owner can clean the litter box with ease. This is such a clever idea and I wish I had one in my own bathroom.

Concealed kitty litter box in bathroomPhoto by TKS Design Group

The shower is separated by a partial glass wall and features a simple showerhead. The floor is slightly angled toward the drain to keep water from flowing into the rest of the bathroom.

Victorian style bathroom showerPhoto by TKS Design Group

A colorful floral runner adds a bit of warmth and softness underfoot.

Victorian Style BathroomPhoto by TKS Design Group

I’m sure this Victorian style bathroom by TKS Design Group will be a favorite among cat lovers!

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  1. I like how the floor and coordinating tiles match. So many bathrooms now have several different tile designs and colors. Not my cup of tea.

  2. This is a very nice bathroom. It appears well thought-out and it’s a nice size,too.
    I love the kitty drawer (clever!), but don’t care for the gray cabinet. A maple one would have warmed up the room. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so pretty and so clever hiding a litter box in that manner. I was wondering about the shower water flooding the floor but I guess the slope does prevent that. I love those wall prints. Beautiful bathroom.

  4. I love the Victorian aspects, but IMHO, subway tile is just ugly, it looks like a bathroom in the actual NY City subway. Just can’t do it. And it isn’t Victorian, is it? There are so many other lovely options. I wish my cats would use a secret, hidden space, LOL. But apparently, they need lots of wide-open space, with no covers.