Summer Farmhouse Porch Decorating Ideas

Here I was thinking I wouldn’t freshen the front porch for summer until we painted the house, but who was I kidding? I’m always anxious to add some color with flowers, whether it’s hanging baskets, containers or flower boxes. So I went ahead and started planting and primping. We’ll just have to be careful when we start painting. The porch isn’t done yet but give me 2 to 3 more weeks and she’ll be looking even better. For now, I’ll share a few simple summer farmhouse porch decorating ideas that always get me started each year.

Hanging baskets on a summer farmhouse porchAdd color with flowers! I never understand why some people don’t plant flowers in the summer. It’s not hard to do if you follow a few flower gardening tips. Flowers add instant curb appeal without having to spend a lot of money.


Hanging basket of impatiens on a farmhouse porchEvery year I add 3 hanging baskets of impatiens on my porch. Our porch receives dappled sunlight throughout the day so impatiens are a great choice. I like to use flowers that bloom profusely without a lot of work.


Pink impatiens on a yellow farmhouse porchAnother summer farmhouse porch decorating idea is to add a simple flower box. My son-in-law made this one for me after I decided the porch looked a little bare beneath the hanging baskets. I use flowers that match the color of the trim on the house.


Hanging basket of impatiens on a summer farmhouse porchThis big basket of impatiens faces the street and is sweetly framed by the curlicues on the porch posts. You can see that the porch ceiling is painted pale blue. After seeing porches in Savannah, Georgia … I just had to have a blue porch ceiling like those in the south. Adding color with paint is another great summer farmhouse porch decorating idea, although I’m not looking forward to painting the house.


Summer farmhouse porch at Town and Country Living blogOur farmhouse porch isn’t huge but it’s cozy and I love spending summer days and evenings here. Another summer farmhouse porch decorating idea is to use lattice somewhere. It’s inexpensive and easy to apply.  You can see the lattice peaking above the hostas.


Summer porch swing softened with a ring quiltOn the porch itself, I’ve softened the porch swing with a wedding ring quilt and added a Farm pillow.  Taffy just wants me to go away so she can continue her little nap out here. Little does she know I’ll be taking her spot so I can look at my Jeanne D’Arc magazine.


Hydrangeas in a blue Atlas jarNext to the front door I tucked some white hydrangeas into a blue Atlas jar.  In my opinion, you can never have too many flowers on the front porch. I’m going to use some mason jars to make candle lights out here so stay tuned for an “evening on the porch” post … if I can work the camera to take good pics at night, that is.


Cat on a farmhouse boardwalkStella watches the photography session from the boardwalk that leads up to the front porch. I love that we have this wooden walkway leading to the door as opposed to a cement sidewalk. We also have a gravel driveway instead of black top, which is better for allowing rainwater to seep into the ground. Soon we’ll be painting the house … I plan to keep it yellow but might change the trim colors. I haven’t decided yet.

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  1. Your porch looks so inviting, love the colors. My porch gets south sun, so it is hanging pink geraniums for me. I see your house originally has 2 doors, so does mine and everyone asks me all the time why?

  2. Jennifer,
    I love your old historic home and how cute the porch is. I love the yellow that your house is painted in. So sunny and welcoming. I would be out there on nice days too. Such a happy place.

  3. Love your farmhouse porch and the kitty. And the quilt. After you move the kitty don’t take up ALL the space because I want to sit there too for awhile 🙂

    I always have alot of flowers on my front porch as well. Yes they are planted in areas around the house but I want them where I sit the most too! 🙂 If they get too big , grow too much etc then I can transplant them! 🙂

  4. I love, love your farmhouse, Jennifer. It is so pretty and quaint. The impatiens are the perfect flower for your dappled shade and so summery. I have a lot of it on our front deck which is east facing. It gets the morning sun and shade in the afternoon. I like the light blue ceiling and the mason jar hanging. I would be sitting out there a lot! Blessings, Pamela

  5. Your porch looks so beautiful Jennifer! I wish I was sitting there with you right this minute petting your kitties!!!!
    I love it!
    sending hugs…

  6. What a pretty front porch. Your flowers are gorgeous. I agree. I dont understand why people dont plant flowers either. we wait all winter to add color to our yards. Makes a huge difference. Another thing I dont understand, is why people put faux plants and flowers outside. So Bad. I had a neighbor once, that put faux potted plants all over her deck. Looked really bad.

  7. Your flowers are beautiful, Jennifer. Impatiens are one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to next summer when the front of our house will be finished and I can add lots of flowers. Taffy definitely has the right idea ~ a nice long nap!

  8. Wowwww Jennifer, I love your farmhouse, nice place to live! The pictures are soooo beautiful, very colorful!!!!! Hope the painting goes well!


  9. I love flowers at entrances too – well, I like flowers everywhere! You are lucky to have dappled shade all day at your porch – our front entry/patio is a combo of full shade on one side, and morning (hot) sun in another part, so interesting planting will be required. Can you grow Fruchsia there? They are gorgeous. 😀

  10. Your home is so sweet! I love farm houses, especially the front porch! A porch provides a wonderful place to relax, entertain, dream and decorate! I miss impatiens this year. We can get the new guinea type but not regular ones as there has been a problem with a downy mildew that wiped them out last year and remains in the soil for another year. If we planted new ones, they would die too so nobody is sell them this year in the hopes that the mildew will die and be gone for next year. I love them for their color selection and growth – they never seem to stop blooming and get really big! Painting your house will be a big job but the colors are so charming! I learned once that the reason porch ceilings in the south are painted blue or often aqua is to keep bees away. Apparently there is something about the color that they dislike. Bees have no taste LOL! Looking forward to more posts! Hugs, Leena

  11. Jennifer – your house is soooo charming! I just love the sweet porch! I can’t even imagine not planting flowers in the spring or having hanging baskets on my front porch. Summer’s not the same without’em. lol Can hardly wait to see what you decide on for colors for your house and trim! 🙂

    xoox laurie

  12. Your porch is so beautiful! I too could never imagine not planting and sprucing up my porches and patios. My obsession even spills over into the yard. Every year I say I won’t add anything else but it just sort of happens! I have been wanting a blue porch ceiling but unfortunately I have vinyl siding there and it won’t be getting painted. Just a little folklore for you, here in South Louisiana we call it a Haint Ceiling. A haint is a spirit and the blue represents water which the haint can’t cross. So, the blue is a little superstition to help keep your home free from harmful spirits.

  13. Jennifer your porch is just stunning, the flowers and the warm details are just gorgeous!! The cats seem to feel right at hme their porch and see to enjoy it very much!


  14. Jennifer, I love your front porch and your furbabies are so sweet. I’m like you, can never wait to start sprucing up. If a little paint gets in the wrong spot, it will just look like a little more color on the flowers. Have a great 4th of July!

  15. Your porch is lovely Jennifer. I can hardly wait to be enjoying our new porch. I love the scroll work in the top corners of the porch. A porch is such a wonderful place to spend time. Everyone needs a space to call their own outside. I always really appreciated my balcony when I lived in an apartment. A porch really allows one to be a part of nature. There are so many birds singing in our neighbourhood at the moment. I love to enjoy my tea outside in the morning and our cats always join me. It is a simple pleasure.
    Your Puddy looks like our Rudy. Everyone has a twin somewhere, even cats. Have a lovely day.