Painting My Claw Foot Tub

Today I’m sharing a post about painting my claw foot tub over at Live Creatively Inspired. One of the things that made me decide to buy my house was the claw foot tubs in both bathrooms. I have always loved these simple but glamorous tubs. Unfortunately, they were both in need of a little face lift. Nothing major, just a simple paint job. Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I transformed the downstairs claw foot tub from an 80’s faux marble finish to this French inspired white tub.

Painting my claw foot tub - Town and Country Living blog

 Hope you’ll drop by Live Creatively Inspired to see more of my painted claw foot tub.

You can see more photos of my claw foot tub and bathroom here on my blog, too.

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  1. I have a claw foot we’ve never painted (yet) and it’s not even in as good of shape as your previously marbled one. My bath is black and white with small square tiles and a white mottled vanity so I need to keep the tub pretty traditional with white inside and black outside. I never knew exactly what type of paint to use since the water will get hot, I suppose the paint store can direct me. I love your shelf above it, ours has windows but I think there’s room for a small shelf too. Yours looks so great!

  2. Oh, that looks just beautiful Jennifer. We had claw foot tub in our flat when I was growing up. It was painted pale yellow to match the walls. There wasn’t a shower and I remember the first time using a steel stall shower at camp and how cramped and claustrophobic it was. I prefer a tub with shower today. You are fortunate to have 2 claw foot tubs in your house. Oh. My neighbour has one in her back yard filled with dirt and flowers. 🙂

  3. Oh, how I envy you the claw foot tub. Our house was built in 1928 so a claw foot tub should have been in the bathroom – I think. But, it isn’t so I have to just covet yours.

    Have a great 4th of July!

  4. I love the gorgeous tub! Thanks for the instructions. I don’t have one, but I’d love to get one.
    Have a wonderful fourth of July!

    1. Hi Amanda! I didn’t use a top coat on the tub. I kept meaning to and never got around to it. But I’ve found I didn’t need to. The paint has held up extremely well so at this point I’m not going to put a top coat on it.