Vacation Homes on Lake Michigan: Walking Tour

Do you enjoy taking walks and looking at homes and landscaping? I sure do! So while I was on vacation a couple weeks ago, I made sure to take walks in the neighborhood near our Airbnb rental in order to snap some photos of the beautiful vacation homes along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Vacation Homes on Lake Michigan - Fennville Area


The house we rented is in the Fennville area, just south of Saugatuck. The street along the lakefront that comprises the neighborhood is private and quiet. I noticed the majority of homes are colored in earth tones. I’m guessing that’s so they blend in with all the trees and nature.

Gray Lakefront Home with Waterfront Facing Windows


One thing I immediately noticed is the design of the vacation homes – plenty of windows to take advantage of waterfront views. Many of these homes face the street and on the other side of the road is a narrow, grassy fairway that’s part of their property. It’s in this fairway where many of the homes have added viewing decks to enjoy the sunsets on the water.

Fennville, Michigan Vacation homes - Gray Two Story Home on Wooded Lot


This pretty blue bungalow was right around the corner from our rental home. A young family was staying there.

Blue Vacation Home on Lake Michigan South of Saugatuck


Most of the newer homes are fairly grand, but there are a few smaller cottages like this one that reminds me of a lake cabin. Of course, I love that they have the windows open to enjoy lake breezes, as opposed to turning on the air conditioner (I’m still living without the AC on at home, by the way).

Lake Cabin in the Woods


I was surprised to come across this Swiss style chalet on my walk along the private lake shore road.

Swiss Style Chalet Vacation Cottage in Michigan


The combination of large trees and lakefront breezes was truly enjoyable and you’d see several people strolling down this private road early in the morning.

Large Gray Vacation Home on Wooded Lot


Among the taupe, gray, and brown houses, I spied a couple of pretty white ones. I love the blue accent trim on this home, which sits with its back facing the lake.

Large White Lakefront Home with Blue Trim in Michigan


Some of the vacation homes have been updated – like this one which wears a modern farmhouse style.

Modern Farmhouse Two-Story


I suspect many of these houses belong to executives from the Chicago area, since its just a 2-hour drive and makes for an easy weekend getaway.

Fennville, Michigan Vacation homes - Gray Two Story Home on Wooded Lot


So many trees which meant plenty of critters like deer, birds, bunnies, and black squirrels. If you enjoy being outside with nature, Southwest Michigan is a great place for you to visit.

Fennville Lakefront Home


This older plantation style home appeared to be empty. We couldn’t see any curtains or furniture but there was no “for sale” sign in front. The two-story porch is so dreamy!

Older and Elegant White Farmhouse on Lake Michigan


This is part of the wooded drive that led to the house where we were staying. You can see it here. It’s not much to look at from the outside, but the inside layout was pretty cool.

Lakeshore Road in Michigan


Several of the homes had cute little lights similar to this at the end of the drive. They’re probably needed so you don’t miss your driveway at nighttime.

Lakeshore Road in Michigan

I also took photos from our day visit to South Haven, Michigan which I’ll share next week. Lots to explore in this popular Midwestern vacation spot.


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  1. We live in Grand Rapids Mi and make the 40 minute drive to the Saugatuck/Douglas and Fennville area several times a years. I am really enjoying your your pictures from your recent trip here. Besides the lovely homes and wooded areas, Fennville is getting very well known for their wines, that are grown and made in this area. I look forward to your pictures of South Haven. I love their shopping area and eating at restaurants right on the channel. It’s amazing how high Lake Michigan has gotten these past few years.

  2. Oh my, all the trees and that long drive to your rental sure made me feel so mellow! Absolutely gorgeous! I loved the newer farm house and the old plantation home. Who am I kidding I loved all of them! All that and a lake too! Thanks for a relaxing morning stroll.

  3. Looking forward to the Lake Haven photos. I’ve been told I would love it there and that it’s so me….(I hate the hot humid weather that comes with our trips to the Caribbean my husband loves). Many of our neighbors have moved to Michigan to live as it’s so beautiful but what about all that snow?! If I didn’t have to leave the house ..stay in and watch the snow fall…then ok! These homes look so peaceful. Much needed peace these days….thanks Jennifer for sharing..I would have strolled along with you.

  4. Sooo beautiful! And it looks like the weather might be just right. It’s a typical Central Florida summer here in Ocala. Wonderfully sunshine, then hot, then rainy, then humid. Great weather for killing the virus but I feel so sorry for anyone who is wearing a mask!

  5. What a lovely spot to take your vacation, i love all the trees and pretty greenery. It looks so peaceful and cool, thanks for taking me along on your walk, i could almost hear the bids singing in those trees,

  6. What lovely homes and in such beautiful settings with all the trees. So many windows I love this. Makes me want to visit :).