The Bathroom Makeover Gets a Makeover

Can we talk? I’m frustrated with my bathroom. My downstairs bathroom is kinda narrow and it has no window. It’s hard to decorate and it’s even harder to photograph due to complete lack of natural light. Anywho … I gave it a makeover several months ago and wasn’t happy with it. So here I am again, posting about my bathroom after a few changes.

Call me crazy, but I wanna paint that claw foot tub. I don’t dare though, 
because someone took a lot of time giving it a faux marble look.
I would never be able to re-create that finish if I changed my mind and regretted painting it a solid color.
I swapped out the mirror above the tub. It used to be wrought iron, but it seemed too “heavy.”
I found this white, wooden mirror at the flea market for just $20.

This little French sign hangs on the door leading into the bathroom. I found it at a local thrift store for $3. 

I also changed up the vignette on the little shelf above the claw foot tub.
I like to look at pretty things when I’m soakin’ in the suds.
The angel was a recent find that I gave a new paint treatment to, but I’ll post about that later.
A couple more bottles that I recently altered … I’ll post about those later, too.
The yellow mirror is a new find. I love its discoloration.
Do you think the toilet is cute? I don’t know how old it is, but it flushes like new!
And when it comes to toilets … it’s all about the flush.
The vanity was originally painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray.
You can see it at my first bathroom post. Maybe you’ll like the first version better.
While I liked the color, I kept thinking it was too dark for the room.
I gave it a white wash of half white paint and half water, then wiped about half of it off.
Using typography from the Graphics Fairy, I transferred the graphic using a Mod Podge technique.
This graphic must be the most popular from Graphics Fairy. You see it all over blogland.
This cabinet on the other side of the room got the same whitewash treatment.
This “hutch” is actually two separate cabinets that I picked from the side of the road on two separate days.

I removed hardware from the bottom cabinet, and took the doors off the top cabinet.
See that pot on the top of the cabinet? I bought it for the kitchen from a local antique store.
But when hubby saw it he said, “You bought a chamber pot!”  Say whaaaat???
Here I thought it’d make a cute pot for baked beans or something. Ya can’t put food in a chamber pot!
I was so disgusted, I thought about setting it out in the yard since I no longer wanted it in the house.
In case you don’t know, a chamber pot is a portable potty. Gross, right?
I know some people collect these, so if you’re one of them, I apologize for my lack of appreciation.
And then I thought … put it in the bathroom where it belongs! It is cute, after all.
The mirror above the vanity also wears Paris Gray and a coat of white wash.
A few little Zinnias sit near the sink. 
The hope pendant is part of a giveaway I won from Rhonda at A Little Bit French.
She makes the cutest things. I’ll share more of what she sent in a future post.
So whadya think? Paint that faux marble tub or no?
I wonder what Betsy Speert would say? I don’t think I wanna know! LOL.

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  1. So many nice things. I love the shelf above the tub. That’s so smart and the vignette is great! Then, the cupboards, how cute are they? So smart to paint them like that. I scared to do the white wash,etc. but buy, this makes me want to try it.
    I love your style! I am new follower!

  2. That’s a beautiful bathroom! You did an excellent job with it…I’ve always wanted a claw foot tub to soak in 🙂 That toilet is so cute too.


  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Please paint the tub. It is just too much for that bathroom. It would look so much nicer white. I love everything else in the room. You have a definite
    theme going on of a soft cozy cottage/shab. The tub doesn’t add to your charming home.

  4. See now, I like the tub, adds a bit of spark to the place!!! You’ve got a lot of soft white and gray going on there,I like the cabinet and cupboard,,,,I have a chamber pot also in the bath and have it on the floor filled with extra rolls of t paper. How about some soft color on the wall like a wreath or swag or towels on hooks or branches with tiny lights……something to warm it up…..just saying……

  5. Paint it! Funny, I was just googling a tub question for myself (I hate our master bath tub) and I kept getting links for how to paint your tub! So it obviously can be done. LOVE the two piece “hutch” find, can’t beat roadkill. And I wouldn’t have known it was a chamber pot, either:) Looks perfect.

  6. What a beautiful bathroom.. but I have to confess.. I would paint that tub. It doesn’t fit your style. A solid beautiful color would go so well.. and nobody would ever know it was ever marbleized!

  7. Hello Jennifer, I should paint the tub to, in a beautiful white color, these colors are to much. Lovely bathroom and decorations!

    Hugs and have a nice weekend,

  8. I love all the soft whitewashed gray and whites in your bathroom. I’d definitely say paint the tub white. And have you thought about painting the toilet seat with the gray/whitewash? Too much? Wonder how it would hold up.

  9. Jennifer,
    Your bathroom is beautiful! Love all the special touches.And yes I have a few of those “Chamber pots”.I use mine to store extra toilet paper in the bathroom hehe.

  10. This is such a pretty bathroom…I think I could soak in there for hours. I’ve got a plain white clawfoot tub and I’ve been wanting to paint it but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. Maybe if you decide to paint yours I’ll get my courage up??

  11. Yes paint the tub, it just doesn’t go with your style. I love the rest of your bathroom.Maybe some Annie Sloan paint or something like it would look good. Paint the Roman tub please.

  12. I love your bathroom. But if you are thinking of changing the tub just paint either newspaper or poster paper and tack it to the side of the tub. Let it hang there for a few days to see if you like it. It’s a temporary commitment to see if it works. and if the faux marble isn’t working for you, heck, change it. Life’s too short to live with a bossy paint job! : ). Another option is to sew a skirt around the tub. Patty/BC

  13. What an inspiring makeover! LOVE it all. I am with you…I can’t get into the collecting of chamber pots but yours IS cute in your bathroom. I’d paint the tub if that’s what you really want. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  14. I do believe you are a sweet sentimental sweetie! That’s probably why we all keep lots of things that we really aren’t too keen on!!! Ask yourself what is your heart telling you?

  15. Your bathroom is charming, Jennifer! I think you should paint the tub too. It’s really a focal point in your bathroom and the paint treatment is a little too overpowering. Your toilet is cute and it gets extra points for the good flush!

  16. what a beautiful charming room, jennifer! love your tub,vanity and toilet! as for painting the tub, if you don’t love it now, make it into something you love:)

  17. Your bathroom looks so bright and cheerful despite its lack of a window. I can’t imagine being able to fit a big old cupboard into our teeny tiny bathroom!!! I’d paint the tub white so it would look like it did when it was first installed. But you’re the one who has to love it!

  18. If it was my bathroom, I would paint the tub. The rest of the bathroom is slo lovely, the tub just doesn’t ‘go’ IMO.

    What about a lovely french blue? Or pull a shade of grey out of the tile and go that way?


  19. That is a great bathroom! Who WOULDN’T Want to Soak in that tub / the atmosphere is lovely

    Tub is nice as is and would also look nice painted…

  20. Your bathroom is very pretty. I’d probably paint the tub (I know you don’t want to hear that), but I think that would help make you like the whole room better.
    Mary Alice

  21. I love claw foot tubs!! I had one in my first apartment out of college. My vote is…paint the tub. If it’s bothering you, you should just go for it. White would look great!!

  22. If the marble on the tub bugs ya, paint it. I have painted a claw foot tub that was especially small and it turned out great. Your bathroom is rather lovely and any woman would love it as it is. ><>….Jenny