A Year in Flowers: Book Giveaway

These days it seems more and more of my blogging friends are publishing books! I’m so proud of all of them and it’s always good news for you, because I like giving away a copy of their books! Kelly from My Soulful Home recently launched her new book, A Year in Flowers. It’s filled with gorgeous photography and inspirational ideas. Following are photos from the book. To enter for a chance to win a copy of her new book, simply leave a comment at the end of this post. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Kelly’s book promises to help you “learn how to grow, care for, design and arrange 12 months of flowers.”

Flower arrangement from A Year in Flowers


Kelly covers a range of topics in her book, including their history and why flowers smell.

Flower arrangement from A Year in Flowers


Each month includes a seasonal arrangement with an easy tutorial. This rose-filled bouquet is perfect for the Christmas holiday.

Rose arrangement by Kelly Wilkness, author of A Year in Flowers


You’ll find a variety of flower arrangements, from simple cottage-style bouquets to more elaborate.

Simple flower arrangement by Kelly Wilkness, author of A Year in Flowers


I love that Kelly includes so many practical tips in A Year in Flowers, like how to force branches to bloom, or the best cutting garden flowers. You all know one of my favorites is zinnias!

Great flowers for August arrangements. Photo by Kelly Wilkniss of My Soulful Home.


In the pages of Kelly’s book, you’ll also learn why there are so few blue flowers. Did you ever wonder about that?

Floral Arrangement by Kelly Wilkniss of My Soulful Home


Perhaps most helpful in the book is the section about six essential rules for floral design.

Floral Arrangement by Kelly Wilkniss of My Soulful Home


I’ve always felt that arranging flowers should be simple – not complicated.

White Roses in Paper


I think you’ll find Kelly’s book, A Year in Flowers, to be very practical and informative. I think you’ll love her blog, too – My Soulful Home.

New book - A Year in Flowers by Kelly Wilkniss of My Soulful Home


To enter to win a copy of A Year in Flowers, simply leave a comment below. The winner will be announced next Saturday, August 26th. If you can’t wait to win a copy, you can purchase a copy online.


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  1. W
    Ces bouquets sont tellement beaux !
    Le livre de Kelly doit être une petite merveille
    Peut être que je serais la gagnante si le sort le veux bien

  2. Flowers bring such a smile on my face. Whenever I want a treat for myself a bunch of flowers makes my day!

  3. There is absolutely nothing that makes a heart smile more than flowers…I am so anxious to learn more about them. Thank you for thinking of us and giving away her book….love your blog soooo much????????

  4. hi,
    what beautiful pictures. I’m moving to a one acre lot in the country, a live long dream. I plan on having flowers from the garden in the house as much as possible. this would be fabulous inspiration.

  5. As I sit here on my back porch with my hubby and little black kitty, coffee in hand, and watch the sun rise over the canyon, I always feel a sense of peace to begin my day. And as I read your blog this morning, and examined the beautiful pictures of this book, I actually forgot about all the craziness in our world today! Such a joyful respite. ????

  6. What beautiful pictures of inspiration . This book is what I need to get some tips and learn how to arrange flowers properly. .

  7. Your pictures and arrangements are simply gorgeous. I do wish I had your talent. The book would be a wonderful addition to my gardening library.

  8. What beautiful arrangements! My goal for next year is to have enough flowers to cut for bouquets for the house. Kelly’s book is full of inspiration and how to’s. It would make a lovely addition to my bookshelf.

  9. I would love to know more about a cutting garden especially. I have enjoyed my zinnias this summer, Jennifer, and gotten many compliments on them.

  10. This book is wonderful and I would be honored to win a copy. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog!

  11. I have a friend who has this talent of arraigning flowers for our church… I was with her last week and watcedh her. It really is a talent, but one I want to learn. If I get t his book, I will probably gift it to her, just for ideas. She is very good at what she does, but I would love to give this to her. That is after I look thru it a few hundred times!!!!
    PICK ME!!!!

  12. I am frequently making flower arrangements to give away to friends and neighbors. I am always on the lookout for new flowers and ways to display them. This book looks like an awesome tool to learn new tricks and tips. Thanks for sharing Jennifer.

  13. Jennifer – thank you SO very much for sharing my book with your readers. To your readers I say THANK YOU as well for the lovely comments. Good luck to each & everyone one of you! My hope is that the winner, & anyone who decides to order their own copy, enjoys my book, learns something new about flowers/flower arranging ….AND keeps in this in mind “Don’t spend your life waiting for someone to send you flowers – make your own arrangements” ! xx, Kelly

  14. What a beautiful book. I take floral arranging classes and have so much fun. This book would be a lovely addition to my already growing collection. Thank-you for the chance to win. Good Luck to Everyone !

  15. I can see there are so many pretty floral arrangements in this book. The colors are stunning. I know this book would help me enhance my flower arranging skills. Hope I win it. Thanks Jennifer for making it possible.

  16. I would love to have this book. I could use some beauty in my life right now and these photos and the information would brighten my day a great deal. Thanks for offering it as a give away.

  17. What beautiful flowers!! I have never had much luck with growing or arranging my own – but maybe this book could change all that! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  18. Thanks for such a generous giveaway of a luscious book! I’d love to win it, the pictures are breathtaking.

  19. Dear Jennifer

    I remember reading that you like Zinnias. I never really paid much attention to them. But 3 weeks ago I bought a pot of Zinnias and have been admiring them everyday. They might make it to my list of favorites.

    This book sounds lovely to have and I will check out Kelly’s blog too. Thank you.

  20. Her work is so inspiring, the pictures of her floral arrangements are beautiful. I would love a copy of her book.

  21. What a beautiful book! I love having flowers in my house and this would be a great book to have! Thanks.

  22. Oh WOW! What a great giveaway! Who doesn’t love looking at gorgeous flowers? I think I might need this! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  23. I’ve always struggled with how to arrange flowers. Not only does this book have beautiful photos but seems as though it would be quite helpful.

  24. I believe I would savor this book….we kept improving and learning….favorite flowers are peonies and casablanca lilies. Thanks for a chance to win.

  25. How talented and creative you are! I love flowers! What you have created with these is beyond exemplary in design. Thank you for sharing these beauties and I am looking forward to viewing more of your glorious art!

    Thank you for presenting a chance to win this gorgeous filled book, hopefully!

    God bless you!