Create a Late Summer Flower Arrangement

This past Sunday I was out in the cutting garden dead heading flowers and pulling weeds. The spectacular color of the zinnias, rudbeckia, and cosmos made me realize that now is the perfect time to create a late summer flower arrangement. Here’s 9 examples so you can be inspired to make one or more of your own!

Late Summer Flower Arrangment of Dahlias


Dahlias, above, make such a vibrant arrangement throughout the summer and into early fall. I have a couple of these in whiskey barrels in my cutting garden.

I love the idea of placing a single sunflower stem in a vintage bottle. Anyone can do this – no florist skills or special tools are needed. But be forewarned, sunflower stems are thick and might not fit into a bottle with a narrow neck (yes, I speak from experience).

Single Sunflower in a Vintage Green Bottle


Another easy arrangement is to grab a bunch of baby’s breath and stuff it into a vintage wooden bucket. Just make sure the bucket is watertight and if it’s not, place the flowers in a separate vase or receptacle before placing them in the wooden vessel.

Baby's Breath in a Vintage Wood Bucket


I love a sloppy mix of pretty flowers like this arrangement of cosmos, daisies, straw flowers, and more. Cut the flowers, make a bouquet in your hand, and then place them in a vase filled with water. And then leave them just like that. No need for further arranging.

Rustic Flower Arrangement with Cosmos


Mason jars always make for a cute, country style bouquet. Leave the mason jars plain or wrap them in pretty ribbon.

Beautiful summer wild flowers in a nice glass jar on a wooden background. Summer bouquet. Bunch of flowers.


Remember to use flowers as they fade. I like letting hydrangeas dry on the bush to use in late summer and early fall arrangements. You’ll find dried specimens like these along the side of the road. Keep a pair of scissors in your car for cutting stems when you happen to see them. Just make sure it’s a field and not someone’s personal residence!

Dried flowers in vase decoration on wood shelf


You know I love zinnias and have plenty of them in my gardens. Find a watertight enamel bucket and cut a piece of floral foam to fit the bottom. Then cut stems of zinnias in various lengths and haphazardly push them into the foam. Add water and you’re done!

zinnia flowers in a white enamel bucket


You know how wildflowers grow all crazy along the side of the road? I love that look and that’s exactly what’s represented in this late summer flower arrangement. Perfection is not necessary and should be avoided at all costs. LOL.

Haphazard Arrangement of Late Summer Flowers in Terra Cotta Vase


The great thing about late summer flowers is that they often last well into fall and can be used in autumn arrangements with your gourds and pumpkins.

Autumn bouquet in wooden box, flowers vase on shabby rustic stool. Purple, orange, yellow bright zinnias, dahlias. Pumpkins, zucchini, rowan,vintage chair.Fall harvest


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