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How to Make a Wildflower Bouquet

Have you ever noticed how amazingly beautiful wildflowers look alongside a country road?  They’re not artfully arranged according to a certain plan, but rather, they’re haphazard and colorful and look better than any store-bought bouquet. I love to bring these fragrant wildflowers into my home, and you can too! See how easy it is to make a wildflower bouquet. And the best part is … it’s free!

How to Make a Wildflower Bouquet

Clover runs rampant along our country roads this time of year and it’s amazingly fragrant. Pair it with other lavender wildflowers or miniature wild daisies for a country style flower arrangement.


Collection of Wildflowers for Making Arrangements

I like to grab my plastic bucket when I go hunting for wildflowers. I fill it with water while collecting flowers so they don’t wilt before getting home. Here’s my recent haul from the field at the end of our street.


Gravel Path through Illinois Meadow

Our street empties into a path that winds its way through a meadow before entering one of our county forest preserves. The grass and wildflowers grow quite high along the path, and I like to collect the flowers before they mow them down.


How to Arrange Wildflowers

I arrange the flowers right away. For this wildflower bouquet project, I chose three blue Ball mason jars and filled them with water.


How to Arrange Wildflowers

To arrange the flowers, I stand the stems up next to the vase to determine the height and where to cut them.  Even if you don’t need to adjust the height of your stems, it’s still a good idea to cut just a bit off the stem. The fresh cut improves water absorption. Remove leaves or flowers below the water line and then tuck the stem in the jar.


How to Arrange Wildflowers

I usually work in flower groupings. I’ll start with one type, then add the next, and finish with accent stems like wild grasses. For my blue mason jars, I added a few stems of these miniature wild daisies.


Wildflower Bouquet. Simple Instructions to Make Your Own.

Aren’t they so dainty and pretty?


Wildflower Bouquet. Easy to Make and the Flowers are Free!

Next I added the small purple flowers (I don’t know what they are), and finished with the clovers.


Wildflower Bouquet. Easy to Make and the Flowers are Free!

To add a little architecture to the wildflower bouquet, be sure to add a few stems of wild grass. They’re typically growing somewhere near the wildflowers in the field on on the side of the road.


Wildflower Bouquets are Easy to Make, and They're Free!

I made three wildflower bouquets. Even the green stems in the blue jars look pretty.


Wildflower Bouquets are Easy to Make, and They're Free!

In nature, wildflowers are haphazard and appear at random. Your wildflower bouquet should express this same abandonment.


How to Make a Wildflower Arrangement

Don’t try to make it perfect … that’s what store-bought arrangements are for. You want to recreate the look of the wild appearance of flowers in a meadow.


Bella helps arrange flowers from the meadow.

I had a little helper for this project. Meet Bella, our newest rescue kitty. She loved sticking her nose into the bucket of wildflowers. She’s just the sweetest kitty ever!


Simple Wildflower Bouquet

A wildflower bouquet lends simple, floral beauty to any setting. Not only are they pretty, but they’re free! Collect the wildflowers you have in your area to create similar floral arrangements in your home.


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  1. Very pretty! We live in a rural setting too. My hubby leaves a section of the meadow in front of our house unmowed so we can enjoy the wildflowers as is or pick bouquets for inside. What a nice gift from Mother Nature!

  2. How long will the wild flowers last in water?

    Do you add any preservative?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Flowers and they are free.

  3. I love the heart wreath shown fully in the last frame. Can you tell me about that? Did you make it, is there a tutorial or did you purchase it? Thank you. Nancy

  4. I love the heart wreath shown fully in the last frame. Can you please tell me more about that? Did you make it and is there a tutorial? Or was it a purchase and if so, where? Thank you. Nancy