Fall Vignettes with Baby Boo Pumpkins

When you don’t know how to decorate for fall, or you simply don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to break the bank, create a few fall vignettes with baby boo pumpkins. These sweet little white pumpkins are my go-to decorating staple when the autumn season breezes into town.

A few years ago I lined up several baby boos on my French bread board to use as a centerpiece for a natural fall table setting. I might use this idea again this year.

Baby Boo Pumpkin Centerpiece


For a Halloween table setting, I like to pair baby boos with little habanero peppers that resemble miniature pumpkins.

Halloween table setting with baby boos and habanero peppers



Baby boo pumpkins always look good on a fall mantel. Add a few berries, vintage books and bottles, and prairie-style vases and you’re good to go. No need to buy anything new (besides the baby boos). Just use stuff you already have on hand to decorate the mantel.

Fall Vignettes on a mantel with baby boo pumpkins


For this year’s seasonal vintage mantel, I opted to pair baby boos with my brown bottles and faux bittersweet. Which mantel do you like better? The aqua or the brown?

Vintage Brown Bottles


Baby boos always look good gathered together in some type of vessel. Choose an elegant white ironstone bowl …

Pretty fall vignettes with baby boos


… a simple wooden box …

Fall Vignettes with Baby Boos in a Box


… or a white ironstone platter. You just can’t go wrong.

Baby boos piled on white ironstone plate

When choosing ghost pumpkins and baby boos, I look for three things: the overall shape (sometimes you need round, and sometimes you need a little flatter), a quirky stem, and other adornments like a faded leaf or a curlicue at the end of the stem. Really, anything that gives the pumpkins a bit of character.

Baby boo and small ghost pumpkin


When creating fall vignettes with baby boos, you don’t have to get all fancy schmancy. The gourd is simple and its humble beauty is a sight to behold all its own, perched prominently on a small stack of vintage books.

The humble beauty of a baby boo pumpkin


I love the simplicity of white pumpkins. If you like a little color, opt for one of the many heirloom pumpkins available today.

White Ghost Pumpkins for Fall Vignettes


You can often find baby boos for just 50 cents each, so they won’t bust your budget!

Fall Vignettes with Baby Boos

What’s your favorite fall decorating staple?


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  1. I generally love lots of bittersweet (faux since bittersweet is not native to the deep South), but I’ve gone metallic lately.
    I’m leaning towards your blue mantel, of course. 🙂

  2. Jennifer, you are pretty amazing. I really appreciate your project. My kids love pumpkins so I wanna make vignettes baby boo pumpkins. After I finished making this project. I’ll share that little detail with you towards the end of the post comment. Thanks

  3. Outstanding article…! My favorite baby boo’s. I like your elegant white ironstone bowl decoration tips and ideas. Really it looks elegant. You made a great project. I like it. Thanks for sharing your post.