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Vintage Mirrors in My Dining Room

Do you ever collect things you love and find you have no where to put them when you get them home? Yet you keep buying them because you’re sure to find a spot for it! Such is the case with me and vintage mirrors.  I especially love crusty old mirrors that have lost some of their silver because in my opinion, they have more character. In order to hang some of the ones that I have laying around, I decided to add to the vintage mirror collection in my dining room.

Collection of Vintage Mirrors in My Dining RoomMost of the vintage mirrors were already on this wall above the buffet, but I removed a wire shelf and added a couple more. The long mirror at the bottom is simply propped up against the wall. Do you remember what the wall used to look like?


Buffet in Old WhiteYou can see the wire shelf in this photo. Although I like the shelf, it always looked messy to me. I felt like there was too much going on and decided to move it into the bathroom to hold towels.


Vintage Mirror Wall graces a farmhouse dining roomI had 2 small rectangular mirrors that fit the space perfectly, which is good because otherwise I would’ve had to move all the other mirrors to get the arrangement to look just right.


Vintage Pink MirrorMy favorite vintage mirror in the dining room is this pink one.

It has a sweet carved detail at the top.


Details of Chippy Vintage MirrorThe paint is flaking off of the old gray mirror. I love its pretty gold-leafed detailing.


Chippy Green Mirror DetailsOn the green mirror, you can see the nails in the detailed work where it’s lost some of the wood.

I think these imperfections are what make the mirrors beautiful.


Antique Yellow Mirror The yellow vintage mirror also shows signs of aging.

I love the details of this painted, carved frame.


Carving Detail on Vintage MirrorThe long white mirror resting on the buffet also has pretty detailing that’s been distressed.


Shabby Chic Candelabra For now, my shabby chic wrought iron candelabra graces the buffet.


Dried Pink RosesAlong with pretty pink roses that I dried and tied with a sage green bow.


Vintage Mirror Collection on  my Dining Room WallI’m just really glad to have that messy shelf down! I still have a few more vintage mirrors waiting to find a home, so I’ve put a ban on buying any more mirrors for the foreseeable future!

So tell me … do you have any collections that have gotten out of hand?


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  1. I love your mirrors. Your wall is beautiful. I love mirrors and I have a little collection which I cherish. I love the way they reflect the light. Have a wonderful day.

  2. No more Mirrors? But I still see wall there lol. I just love the green one! I “sigh” every time I see it. I put a ban on buying Wheaton NJ colored glass bottles years ago. I found I have a few duplicates. But when you find one for a steal…. you know all hold off!

  3. The collection is perfect on your wall and I think the idea of having only mirrors make sense. I have collected old frames for my dining-room wall, but as the dining-room takes for ever to be redone, I keep collecting frames and I think I have now more than the wall can fit!

  4. Yep, ALL my collections have gotten out of hand ! The first two lines of your page describe me. I love old mirrors, and if the price is awesome, I’ll always buy another, thinking I’ll have room. Yet there are very few walls in my home. It’s an open space with windows and cabinets taking up the wall space. But I’m in the de-cluttering mood so I hope to be able to turn one wall into my mirror wall. I love yours !