Vintage Santa Ribbon: Christmas Tree Decorating

When it comes to Christmas trees, I’m kind of like Kevin in “Home Alone.” Holiday trees are magical and beautiful. As a kid, I couldn’t wait to get home from school to turn the tree lights on and just bask in the glow. A few months before Christmas I start dreaming about how to decorate my tree. It’s the starting point for my holiday decorating. This year I was struggling … until I spotted a pretty vintage Santa ribbon.

Vintage Santa Christmas Ribbon


This ribbon was wound around snowy branches on a tree in one of my favorite stores, The Little Traveler. There weren’t enough rolls of the vintage Santa ribbon in the bin for my tree, so they offered to take it off their “Lullaby Tree” for me. When I put ribbon on my tree, I like to push some of it in toward the center of the tree so it looks like the ribbon is billowing out in places – as opposed to just being wrapped round and round.

Vintage Santa Christmas Ribbon


Vintage Santa Ornaments

A tree with Santa ribbon requires a few Santa ornaments. This is how my tree trimming typically goes. A single inspiration point leads to another, and another.

Vintage Santa Ornament


The Little Traveler is a unique store located in an historic mansion on Third Street in Geneva, Illinois. Each room in the house is dedicated to a certain theme. Several rooms are dedicated to Christmas decorations. I found vintage Santa postcard ornaments while there.

Vintage Santa Postcard Ornaments


Vintage Santa Postcard Ornaments


Mini Snow Globes

Adorable snow globe ornaments with different wood cut-out scenes inside caught my eye, too.

Trimming My Christmas Tree with Snow Globe Ornaments


Trimming My Christmas Tree with Snow Globe Ornaments



Metallic Christmas Ornaments

I can’t reveal my entire tree until my Christmas home tour, which is November 30th. But for now I can show you parts of it. Gold baubles are added to complement the warm tone of the vintage Santa ribbon.

Golden Ornament on Flocked Christmas Tree


Golden Star Christmas Ornament


More metallic tones were added so the tree wouldn’t look too golden.

Large Bronze Christmas Ornament



Bronze Christmas Ornament


I love my Christmas tree this year with its vintage Santa ribbon. In fact, I think it’s my favorite so far.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

My Christmas decorating is almost done. Have you started yours?



Past Christmas Trees and Tours

Click on photos below to see more.

Christmas Home Tour 2016


Christmas Home Tour 2015


Christmas Home Tour 2014



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  1. Oh, I can tell from this sneak peak that your tree is going to be gorgeous! I liked reading about how your design process progresses from one piece of inspiration to each added element. And I love the different metal colored ornaments! I can’t wait to see your home tour! I’m starting my decorating this coming weekend.

    1. Hi Tamara!

      It seems like more people are decorating earlier. I never used to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. But now, sometimes I wish I had it done by Halloween because November and December are always busy. I think Hobby Lobby put their Christmas stuff out in August. Too early for me! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see what you have done. I love the vintage santas they have now. I have yet to see an ugly tree, they are just magical.

  3. Ohhh Jennifer, I bet it looks Magical! I think we have discussed Little Travelers before. I think I need to go again this year.

  4. Oh man – I’m so far behind on my Christmas decor this year! You tree is gorgeous, and I love that you have a photo of your Christmas tree from past years!

  5. Jennifer – Did I miss the final tree unveiling? I found two ornaments like the mini snow globes here in a little antique store and have searched your link and also extensively online and am unable to find more. I would love to get enough for a set of these little mini snowglobes. Do you have any other resources where I might find them? Thank you!