Visiting Historic Ferndale – the Cozy Side of California

When most people think of California, they think beaches, palm trees, L.A., and Hollywood. The word “cozy” probably doesn’t come to mind. But I definitely found the cozy side of California when visiting historic Ferndale. And since today is Cozy Living Saturday (the first Saturday of the month), I think now is the perfect time to share the idyllic scenes from my recent trip (and yes, I’ve become that person who has to share their vacation photos – but these are so pretty).

Sheep grazing in a northern California field - visiting Ferndale


First, let’s talk farmland. As a midwestern girl, I’m used to farm fields filled with adorable farm animals. But I didn’t expect to see the same type of scenery driving from the Eureka airport to our little Airbnb in Ferndale.

Northern California sheep farm


Unbeknownst to me, northern California is dairy land! I felt like I was back in Wisconsin. Except that northern Cali has larger hills.

Northern California dairy farm


Northern California dairy farm


Of course, along with the farm fields and animals, are quaint, rural farmhouses and barns similar to those where I live.

California Farmhouse with Red Roof


Barn in the California Countryside


Red Farmhouse in the California Countryside


After driving through the beautiful countryside, we were greeted by beautiful architecture throughout town. I’ve already shared some of the historic homes, and now I’ll show you the Victorian storefronts on the main drag through town.

Town of Historic Ferndale, California


Victorian building in Ferndale


HIstoric Ferndale California


This is the beautiful Victorian Inn. We didn’t stay here but we did have dinner in their dining room one night.

Victorian Inn, Ferndale


Victorian Inn, Ferndale


One last part of our trip to historic Ferndale that I want to share with you is the Lost Coast. Talk about scenic! It’s a stretch of the coast that’s hard to access but is totally worth the effort. There’s a trail not far from Ferndale that you can walk down to the beach. Going down isn’t a problem, but coming back up is a bit of a workout. The scenery is amazing and we were the only ones there.

View of the Lost Coast from the trailhead in California


Lost Coast trail in California


The wildflowers were almost as tall as me and smelled wonderful. I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she walked through the poppy field.

Lost Coast trail in California


Part of the reason we went to California was for my race through the beautiful redwood trees. The race was on the Avenue of the Giants. I’m a bit of a tree enthusiast so this was a great experience.

Avenue of the Giants - Redwood Forest


Avenue of the Giants - Redwood Forest


A lot of the trees have openings in the bottom that are big enough for you to crawl or stand in. Talk about cozy!

Redwood Forest California


Redwood Forest California


Next time you consider California for a vacation spot, skip L.A. and San Diego and head to northern California. Historic Ferndale was especially wonderful but there are so many other places in the northern half of the state to visit. Ferndale will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Historic Ferndale California - Victorian House

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  1. I know you enjoyed yourself cause I certainly enjoy looking at these beautiful pictures. Thanks and have a wonderful 4th of July holiday.

  2. I didn’t realize this was cow country! I love these painted ladies. If I ever get out to this part of California I definitely will visit Ferndale!

  3. Oh, Ha ha, you had me at sheep and cows. Love this post. It made me miss Northern Ca. where we lived in the 70’s. I have never been to Ferndale, would love to visit. Nice photos, you are so good at that.

  4. Jennifer, I truly appreciate how you give us so many views of our country, in all different seasons and in all different price ranges. And so many different styles. You are really inspiring me.
    My one pet peeve, as they say, is that Upstate NY is always represented as the Catskills/Hudson region- absolutely grand, without question- but there is a whole other, or rather several other wonderful places in true Upstate NY to thrill over! The Adirondack Park, the western part, Canandaigua (huge grand historical homes there) and Buffalo, home of the Buffalo wings, but fantastic old homes and new renovations. And Rochester! The home of the original Kodak photographs and incredible Lilac Festival, not to mention historical homes. Our Finger lakes! All those wineries along the wonder lakes. Which owe so much to our Native American peoples.
    Oh gosh, everyone take a trip to Upstate NY, ASAP. You can even enjoy a ride on an original canal boat, on our Erie Canal!

  5. Hmm, auto correct, it is the Finger lakes, like Skaneateles, not the wonder lakes, lol

  6. Oh, wow, Ferndale looks so charming. LOVE all your photos. Those giant redwoods, the field of wildflowers, all that beautiful architecture and those cows!

  7. My husband & I spent week in Ferndale. I was ready to move. I love that beautiful town. I took pictures and videos of most of the houses. On the way to the beach there is a farm that has curly haired cows and a zebra. Ate in toward the food was wonderful. We ,I’ve on the Oregon coast in a small community but, Ferndale stole my heard. Wish I could afford to live there, I’d move in a heartbeat.

  8. I love your website,and look forward to it.Love the pictures of Ferndale.I am from California, and used to live in Santa Rosa.but had to move to Florida.I miss Northern California.It is so beautiful,so this was really special,thanks, for the pictures..

    1. Hi Marilyn. Ferndale holds a special place in my heart now. Next spring I’m headed to Carmel-by-the-Sea and Big Sur. I’ll be sure to share pics from that trip. You were lucky to live in northern California. It’s truly beautiful!