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Get Comfy in a Cozy Ski Chalet with Sleeping Loft

When January rolls around I think of ways to enjoy the frosty months ahead. When I was younger that meant visiting the ski slopes with my dad and older brother. Much to my brother’s dismay, my dad said I was the better skier. I haven’t skied for years now but the thought of spending a weekend in a cozy ski chalet is something I could embrace. Although, I’d probably opt for cross-country skiing on trails instead of downhill skiing.

Cozy ski chalet with sleeping loft

Today is Cozy Living Saturday, held with a few of my blogging friends on the first Saturday of every month. My friends are sharing what helps them cozy up during the month; you’ll find their links at the end of this post.

January is full-on winter season here in Illinois and I do enjoy wrapping myself in a blanket and lighting a few candles around the house. I also dream of short trips that help me avoid cabin fever – even though I might be inside during most of that trip due to the cold weather. Still, it’s new scenery and new surroundings.

Despite the open concept floor plan of today’s little chalet, it feels very warm and inviting and I’m sure that’s due to the generous use of wood finishes in the home. A good use of color makes a great accent against the neutral background of the living spaces.

Cozy ski chalet with sleeping loft


A carved chess game will keep you occupied for hours. The big leather couch is a cozy spot to curl up with a book. And see – this is why I like to take little getaways on the weekend. It’s fun to stay in new places and escape from your ordinary routine.

Chess game on a coffee table in a cabin


The kitchen features a beautiful brick wall with a skinny retro refrigerator.

ski chalet kitchen with brick wall and red SMEG refrigerator


The table is set for dinner with ruby-colored goblets and napkins.

ski chalet eat-in kitchen with brick wall and red SMEG refrigerator


Wood cabinets complement the brick wall. The paneled ceiling is painted white to prevent the room from feeling too dark. The retro oven is a nice touch.

ski chalet kitchen with brick wall


Horizontal paneled walls are painted a blue-gray shade. It’s nice that this cozy ski chalet sports a little color.

ski chalet eat-in kitchen with brick wall


At the top of the open staircase is a sleeping vaulted with skylights that allow you to dream off while gazing up at the stars and moon. I always love when moonlight floods a room and will keep curtains open just to see it.

Wood paneled cabin with open stairway


Of course, if you’re not a fan of early morning sunlight, this cozy sky chalet bedroom might not be the best choice for you. I enjoy waking up with the sunrise so this is right up my alley.

Bohemian style bedroom in chalet loft


Cozy throws and blankets provide plenty of warmth on a winter’s night. The bedroom is decorated in a Scandinavian vibe with gray and tan bedding.

Bohemian style bedroom in chalet loft


I hope you enjoyed touring this cozy ski chalet. It’s perfect for cuddling up in while the snow falls outside.

Cozy ski chalet with sleeping loft


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  1. What a beautiful place, it reminds me in so many ways of our home with the loft and all. I wish I could get the courage up to paint some of our walls like in these pics. Maybe someday! I love to ski too but skiing conditions have been horrible here in MI right now, but maybe the storm thats coming in today will dump a bunch of snow 🙂

  2. I love this layout. Love the windows! It wouldn’t bother us in winter: summer would be another story.