Another Beautiful Lakefront Neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin

We’re back in Madison, Wisconsin for the second half of our walking tour that showcases unique homes in a beautiful lakefront neighborhood. Each home is different with its own special character.

Blue Tudor Home Near Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin

The blue Tudor above features stucco on top and clapboard siding on the bottom. A pretty arched door and bay window enhance the charm of this house that’s near the bungalow homes I featured a couple weeks ago.

If blue isn’t your thing, how about a sunny yellow? It’s so refreshing to see colorful homes as opposed to the standard white, taupe, and gray – although many of those houses are beautiful, too. This small charmer has a view of Lake Monona from its front porch. Periwinkle blue trim sets off the windows.

Yellow Cottage Home with Solar Panels on Roof


Here’s the view of the lake at the end of the block that the yellow house above enjoys. The pier belongs to the neighbor across the street. Anyone can walk down the little dead end street to enjoy this view. That’s part of what makes this lakefront neighborhood so great. You don’t have to own property to enjoy the scenery.

Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin


Although I’m always a sucker for an historic home with curb appeal, I also enjoy more modern homes – especially Mid-Century Modern styles. This home has a full view of the lake from its balcony above the garage. The gray/blue and purple combination is refreshing and different.

Mid Century Modern Lakefront Home


And next door is this uniquely painted home. Can you imagine the lake views from all of the windows? I’ll bet the inside of the house is stunning!

Stucco home with lime green trim


On the corner is this gorgeous, traditional white two-story. I’m glad they used a green-blue color for the shutters instead of basic black.

Classic White Colonial Home


This house is either new construction or recently renovated. Like many of the other homes in Madison, this one enjoys a front yard garden.

Taupe colored two-story home by the lake


My heart was smitten with this two-story Craftsman style abode. I have a feeling it might have been a Sears catalog kit home back in the day. It’s got that look to it. Love the upper balcony!!

Craftsman Style Sears Kit Home


This home employs charming curb appeal by using a two-tone paint approach to its façade, which goes to show that a home doesn’t have to be huge to do something different like this.

Madison craftsman-style home


Most houses tend to have light or white trim, but here’s an example of darker trim on a light house. This is a great way to change up the curb appeal if you have vinyl siding and wood trim – just change the color of the trim when the mood strikes you.

Stucco home with green trim


Or make things easier and simply change the color of your front door. I like the look of an orange door against dark blue siding.

Navy blue house with coral pink front door


Check out the detailing on this Craftsman style home. Arched windows, brick paired with siding, angled rooflines, and a wide stairway leading to the porch. That sure makes it easier to get furniture in and out of the house.

Sears kit home in Madison, Wisconsin


Pale blue makes for a pretty color on this pretty Tudor home. I wonder what that skinny arched window looks like from inside the house. Is it a closet? Or maybe it’s a bathroom. Perhaps the ceiling is vaulted in that front room and it lets in extra light. I like how the homeowner added a big star by the front door.

Light blue Tudor historic home with curb appeal


This Victorian charmer might be my favorite of today’s lakefront neighborhood. The windows, the trim, the wooden front door, the sunburst over the porch stairs – there’s so much to admire.

White and Blue Victorian home with full porch


Here’s another home that faces the lake. Can you imagine the sunsets from the front porch? I hope the people in this neighborhood realize how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful neighborhood.

Blue house on a hill by Lake Monona

And so, this is the neighborhood that motivated me to sign up for the Avenue of the Giants Marathon. Every corner you turned you’d see someone running. That might be due to the fact that Madison has their own marathon in November. Maybe on day I’ll run the Madison Marathon, too.


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  1. I was born and raised in Madison. So many beautiful homes, I still never tire of driving by and admiring! Fun to see, thanks!

  2. These are some well loved homes, and I admire the owners and how well they have kept them. This would be a nice area to go walking in.

  3. All so creative and cute. I may be jaded now though. When I see older homes I think about all the care they need. LOL old lady thoughts 🙂

  4. Love the originality of all these homes. No cookie cutter look-a-like homes here. So much fun to look at these homes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Who wouldnt love living in Madison by the lake? I wonder 8f that balcony on the Sears Kitchen type home was a sleeping Porch? I imagine the breeze from the lake would be heavenly.