12 Charming Yellow Houses

I know that the trend in exterior home colors these days leans toward neutrals, but I love homes cloaked in fun, bold colors. When we moved into our circa 1875 clapboard farmhouse, it was painted pink with green and white trim. I loved it! But when we painted it pale yellow a few years later, our neighbor thanked us. I do love a buttery yellow home though, and have a collection of 12 charming yellow houses for you today!

Ah, the classic yellow clapboard house with crisp white trim and a big front porch! I love all the windows and did you see the cute suspended lights on the porch?

Yellow FarmhouseFarmhouse Exterior by Sonoma Architects & Building Designers Robert Baumann, Architect


Oh, what an adorable Victorian cottage!! I love the use of gray on this home, and the teal colored garden hose on a filagree holder makes it an accent piece instead of an eyesore.

Yellow Victorian HouseExterior by Los Gatos Design-Build Firms Clayton Nelson & Associates


Can you imagine the views from the windows of this gorgeous home? I like the use of the raspberry color around the second story window on the left.

Yellow Lakeside HomeBeach Style Exterior by Bozeman Architects & Building Designers ThinkOne


This mustard yellow house proves a home doesn’t need a lot of embellishment or intricacies to be beautiful. The use of rustic red paint draws attention to the multi-paned windows and doors.

Collection of Charming Yellow HousesFarmhouse Exterior by Monterey Architects & Building Designers webnash design-build, inc


Oh to live in the house on the hill! I’m a sucker for any house with a turret like this one.

Traditional Yellow HouseTraditional Exterior by Newburyport General Contractors Kaminski Construction Management

Would you live in a converted barn? I love this yellow barn-turned-home.

Yellow Farmhouse with Red DoorTraditional Exterior by Stormville General Contractors Classical Builders


A craftsman style home wears mustard yellow … and did you notice this house has a teal colored garden hose just like the Victorian cottage earlier in this post? I think I may need to get one for my own yellow house and display it proudly.

Craftsman Exterior by Raleigh Architects & Building Designers 2SL Design Build Inc

I love smaller homes and this yellow charmer sweeps me off my feet with its white picket fence.

Beach Style Exterior by Orange Park Architects & Building Designers Klaybor& Associates, Inc

Yellow comes in so many shades and saturation levels. From pastel to intense, I like pretty much every shade on the outside of a house.

Traditional Exterior by Port Chester Paint & Wall Coverings Facelifts Home Improvement

This beautiful yellow home has great architectural details on its main peak. Its green roof lends a classic touch.

Traditional Exterior by Stillwater Architects & Building Designers Ron Brenner Architects

Wowser! I don’t know if I’m more impressed by the yellow stucco home or the cool blue expansive pool! What a beautiful villa type home.

Newport Beach Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.

And then there’s my humble abode dressed in Butter Up. We painted her last fall and I haven’t taken full house photos yet because I’m waiting for spring when there’s flowers and leaves on the trees.

DIY Home Decorating - Painted Clapboard Farmhouse in Sherwin Williams' Butter Up, Snowbound, Downpour, and Rivulet


Collection of 12 Charming Yellow Houses. See them all!I hope you enjoyed this tour of 12 charming yellow houses.

What’s your favorite exterior house color?


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  1. ..just seen a story on MSN, a survey on the most popular house colors (exterior), #1 was white and #2 was yellow !!!!!!! I love yellow !!!! by the way, of the homes you posted my favorite yellow house was yours!!!!

  2. My DH, whom I refer to as Himself on my blog, loves yellow and so do I! WE have a small cabin on a lake in Maine and we’re thinking of painting it yellow. Right now it’s brown — like so many “camps” in Maine! I like the rustic red trim on one of the houses above; but I’m also leaning toward a blue/periwinkle. I think that would look great! Thanks for this post!

  3. Our small ranch is painted yellow with white trim, black front door. We love the color because it seems to always look fresh and clean. Thanks for the look at the fun yellow houses. They make me smile.

  4. Your house and the first house are my favorites for sure. My SIL and husband have a cute little yellow house they will be selling soon and I think their trim is grey too.

  5. There is nothing nicer on a Cdn Prairie winter day than looking at pics of old butter yellow farmhouses that conjure up thoughts of yesteryear with adults sipping sweet tea on the porch greeting passerbyers out for a stroll and watching their kids playing in the yard! Thanks for your post that generates these warm thoughts today!

  6. My husband wants to paint our house yellow. It’s currently a grey green with dark green trim with a brown shingled roof. Not my choices. The house looked this way when we bought it. I’m stuck with the brown roof for a bit and while yellow will look nice, I’m hesitant. I would rather paint the entire thing out white and have a pop of colour on the exterior doors. First world problems I know.

  7. We lived in a yellow farmhouse when i was a child,when my parents downsized their little house was yellow! and now my first little home is yellow with baby blue trim! love yellow!!!

  8. I just LOVE yellow homes. When we were re-siding our home a few years ago I almost went with a creamy yellow but my family talked me out of it. I love the color I have but I will tell you that whenever I see a yellow exterior I want it. I am sure that if I passed your home I would look at it longingly. It’s lovely!

  9. Yellow houses are my absolute favorite!! As the owner of a small yellow cottage, there’s no substitute as far as I’m concerned. I find that it’s such a cheerful color, yet it has stature and stands out in a sea of white New England homes in our neighborhood. We’re on the hunt for an exterior yellow paint color to replace what was on our home when we bought it, and I LOVE the yellow in the first photo you share! Thanks so much for sharing this post on yellow houses. Your house is adorable!!


  10. Greetings from So Ca. We bought our first resale home (circa late 1960’s one story rancher), after always owning new construction homes. We gutted the interior before moving in, and finally are getting to the exterior. We added front grid windows, white exterior shutters, and now are getting ready for a yellow home/white trim paint job in July. We are going buttery yellow, a white bench on the bricked porch, and turning this dreary beige nothing home into another neighborhood compliment. I just know, I belong in a yellow home. After always living in HOAs, I finally get my comfy cottage. And it was paid off from day one! I’m thrilled to meet other yellow home enthusiasts!

  11. I love yellow houses and in the process of repainting my exterior. Is Hawthorne yellow by Benjamin Moore too bold? Is it more buttery then lemon? What’s the post popular yellow shade for. Tudor style home

  12. What color roof is best on a pale yellow house? White trim, but what color roof and front door, black?

  13. Simply beautiful, we love the color and would love to know exactly what color the yellow is???n The name specifically, thank you so much!!!

  14. Is it possible to tell me what the actual yellow paint colors are? I lean more towards the bolder yellows — like the first farmhouse and the last house displayed. I prefer yellows with a more gold/brown/wheat tone, not the pale yellows or the greenish yellows.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

    Thanks so much.

  15. Need information on yellow house (the classic yellow clapboard house with crisp white trim and a big front porch! I love all the windows and did you see the cute suspended lights on the porch?
    Would you please sent me the number of the yellow paint please!

  16. what front door color would you recommend for a pale yellow house with black shutters, double white verandas and plenty of white trim?

  17. I love the cheerful lift of a yellow house and I’m exploring paints now for my down-sized granny home. The problem I’m coming to is that the yellow colorant fades and so must be repainted every year or two according to major paint companies who won’t guarantee the brighter yellow ones in their exterior paints. So I’m looking for as bright as I can get without it turning white in few years. Would love to know the paints used in the houses you’ve displayed here.

  18. My wife loves yellow and my house is her favorite color right now. We spent quite a bit of time choosing the color of the front door. And in the end, we decided on the blue color. Blue is very popular, it gives a sense of calm and luxury.

  19. I would love to see your house when it was painted pink with green and white trim! Do you have a picture of it? 🙂

  20. Hi, I am wanting to paint my house yellow with lots of white trim. May I ask what yellow color you painted your house? Thank you. Wanda