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What Is Cottagecore Style and How to Get the Look

At its base element, cottagecore is a movement that embraces a simple, more rural lifestyle that incorporates nature, local food and artisans, slower living, and things your grandmother used to do and love. Less emphasis is placed on convenience foods, technology, and rushing around. You’ll find its influence in clothes, gardening, eating, and more. But today I’m sharing what cottagecore style means for your interior living spaces.  (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Small green cottage with picket fence and blue bikePhoto by Brenda Olde


Cottagecore mixes styles within a room, and much of the furnishings are second-hand finds. Simple window treatments pair with painted furniture. 

Granny chic decor in a vintage homePhoto by Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography


In the kitchen, think sustainable surfaces, wooden spoons and bread boards, vintage crocks for storage, and glass canning jars.

Sustainable kitchen - cottagecore elementsPhoto by Imperfect Interiors


Bathrooms are simpler without high-end finishes. Here, a vintage claw foot tub is the main centerpiece with a simple shelf, painted floor, and minimal décor.

Clawfoot tub in a farmhouse bathroomPhoto by Justine Hand


Patterns color are pleasingly mixed and might remind you of your grandmother’s home – which is why cottagecore is sometimes called granny chic. My newly redecorated bedroom embraces a bit of this simple living movement.

Granny chic bedroom with vintage quiltPhoto by Design Fixation [Faith Provencher]


How to Get the Cottagecore Look

When it comes to home furnishings, think vintage, secondhand, and functional pieces. Stoneware crocks, transferware pieces, useful baskets, and comfy quilts are all excellent choices. Anything, earthy, organic, or recycled will do.

Cottagecore elements of home decorating

1. French Basket / 2. Handled Basket / 3. Tree Print / 4. Watercolor Print / 5. Oil Crock / 6. French Breadboards / 7. Enamel Baker / 8. Enamel Butter Dish / 9. Citrus Watercolor / 10. Woman Reposing / 11. Woven Baskets / 12. Transferware Vase and Pitcher / 13. Door Basket


I love the soft and colorful handmade quilts from Needle Eye India, like this small sampling. Quilts are a great way to use fabric scraps. You can also fashion scraps into pillows, small throws, or wall hangings. I used to quilt and I rather miss it. The best part was putting different colors and patters of fabric.

1. Blue Quilt / 2. Green Quilt / 3. Tiny Floral / 4. Large Floral





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  1. So sweet and inviting.
    Yes, I have heard it said by many world influencers that the future plans for people is “to own nothing and be happy.”
    It seems to be trending, in the college agers and newly graduated especially, to want to simplify. The leaning is more to rent homes, cars etc for a more fluid, nomadic type lifestyle and the habitat surroundings are very homey and organic.
    But the technology and designer coffees are a must!! HAHA

    1. “to own nothing and be happy.” An insidious , malicious intentional statement from Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum, who wish to eliminate the middle class and create a dependency class on an elite few. You are alright to embrace cottagecore, but please, do NOT embrace the “world influencers.”

  2. Pretty. Love the blue and white wallpaper in the second photo. I have a very large quilt top “Wedding Ring” style, probably made in the 1920’s 0r 30’s by my grandmother. I would like to have it quilted, does anyone know how to find quilters who do this? I definitely like the cottage style, but have combined various looks.

    1. I would ask at any local quilt shops in your area, or search online for local quilt shops. You could also try just asking on FB, as some of your friends may know someone who does it. Good luck! It would be so special to have it made into a quilt!

  3. I love the “cottage core” style. My home is somewhat of that style, without even trying. I love the simple way of it and really am not for modern, which is a little cold I think.M

  4. I love this style! It reminds me somewhat of the country/cottage/shabby chic styles from the 90’s and early 2000’s. I admire that younger people are being more minimal and sustainable. My main concern with that is the use of vintage dishes for actual cooking and serving, as they often contain lead and other harmful substances.

  5. Love this style. It’s pretty much my style. Jennifer, I absolutely adore your bedroom. The colors are so pretty. The quilt is perfect. Your bed is rusticly gorgeous…down to the hand-worn brass finials. Is it newly acquired or a family heirloom? And I’m eyeing a little area off your bedroom with some pillows…is that a little sleeping room? I want to see more. You’ve teased us! Pretty please? Suzie

    1. Click on the link that says Newly Decorated Bedroom and you will see all the pictures. It’s not the picture posted on this page. Her new room is so beautiful.

  6. I’ve always loved this style regardless of what it was called. I guess it comes with variations over the years. I use several items mentioned so I must gravitate towards this although my home is not this style.