A Magazine-Inspired Bedroom Refresh: The Reveal

Hello, friends! I’m so happy to have you here for Cozy Living Saturday, which is always the first Saturday of each month. A few of my blogging friends and I get together to share what’s pulling at our heartstrings at this time of year. You can see their inspiration below, but for now, check out my magazine-inspired bedroom refresh!

Magazine inspired bedroom refresh


When it came to my under-the eaves bedroom, I knew two things. I wanted bead board on the walls, and I wanted a black metal bed. Several weeks ago I shared some metal bed options with you. Most of you liked the Giselle bed, which is the one I ended up getting. I love it! So thank you for helping me choose.

The bedding however, was not so easy to choose. My initial thought was to choose something neutral in a farmhouse theme or pattern. But then I saw this color palette on House & Home magazine’s website and my direction changed somewhat. I decided to incorporate some pink and blue into the room, and it is spring, after all so what’s the harm?

I found a super soft, rose-colored comforter at Home Goods, and then I spied a cute lumbar pillow that I had to have, which has just a touch of blue in it. I added a bit more blue with a lightweight throw at the end of the bed, along with my tan, weighted blanket that helps me sleep soundly. It’s the same color as the white-trimmed pillow shams.

Modern country bedroom in green, pink, and blue


I tried hanging two different paintings above the bed and settled on my lambs-in-the-pasture oil painting that my daughter found at an antique store. It has a little bit of rose and tan that matches the bedding.

Farmhouse bedroom with black metal bed and soft rose bedding


Choosing paint colors was easier than choosing bedding. After going back and forth on a green color for the bead board, I decided on Evergreen Fog which is Sherwin Williams’ color of the year. You can’t go wrong with a color that’s received such a distinguished honor, right? The color above the bead board is Alabaster and the trim around the windows and doors is Neutral Ground, also by Sherwin Williams. Hubby installed the bead board for which I’m extremely grateful.

Modern country bedroom with light green bead board walls


The little chair and ottoman are both new additions to my magazine-inspired bedroom. The field of flowers print hung here before, and I kept my sculpted rug. Stacked baskets to the right of the chair create a makeshift table for a reading lamp and favorite magazines.

Reading corner in a modern country bedroom


I placed my vintage dresser under the window after giving it a coat of the Neutral Ground paint. My kitties love sitting on the dresser and looking out the window. Lucky for them, a bird built its nest in the gable just above the window so they have something interesting to watch.

Vintage dresser and mirror in a country bedroom


The adorable metal fan was another Home Goods find. They had several retro options.

Retro metal fan in the bedroom


The dresser is the same, it’s just in a different location. The entire bedroom furniture layout has changed and it feels more spacious to me now. Although old houses are charming, the bedrooms tend to be on the small size which is challenging for furniture placement. However, I prefer smaller bedrooms. They feel cozier to me – like you’re cocooning while sleeping.

magazine-inspired bedroom reveal


I kept the dresser vignettes simple. My papered, decorative suitcase elevates a pair of pale blue vases in front of a vintage mirror. I like a mirror with a little bit of crust to it.

Papered decorative suitcase with pale blue vases and vintage mirror


A new wooden bowl made to look old cradles a trio of vintage books. The tulip arrangement is fake. I was going to get real tulips but these are cute and will last longer.

Wooden bowl with vintage books


Now that this bedroom is done for the most part, I’m moving on to the next bedroom which is currently getting a fresh coat of paint.


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  1. Fab! Everything is beautiful and what a great color combination. The rose bedding really brings out the rose tones in the painting above the bed. You nailed it girl!

  2. Such a cozy comfortable room. Love all your color choices. Your husband did a fabulous job with the bead board and trim. A very nice space to retreat to.

  3. Love it Jennifer! I would love a bedroom like this myself, maybe one day🤞
    You never cease to amaze me, you are so full of ideas and inspiration!
    Thank you🙏, you really MAKE my day👍🏻I don’t start it without you😊

  4. Bead board, metal bed with quilts and shades of soft green just fit that bedroom. I think you did the room just right. Seeing your mirror placed on a wooded door leaning against the wall is inspiring me to do something with some old shutters I have. The fan was a wonderful find. Something pretty vs my ugly tall standing fans. I must have a fan on while sleeping. Can’t wait to see your other rooms your finishing up.

    1. Thanks, Lori! I always need to sleep with a fan too and had a plastic one that did the job but lacked the pretty factor. So I was happy to find this metal one.

  5. I love your colors you chose and also the bead board. It is perfection and a wonderful place to have at the end of the day.

  6. I love what you’ve done! I’ve gone back and forth on painting any of the walls in my cabin (they are all old wood paneling – really nice but dark) and your bedroom has inspired me to maybe do my bedroom. The green is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Diane! It’s hard to take a paint brush to wood so I understand your hesitancy. It took me a while to decide on a shade of green but I really love the Evergreen Fog. 🙂

  7. Your cozy bedroom is lovely and I especially love the beadboard (and the green), and love the bed you chose. Sweet dreams!

  8. Simply lovely Jennifer. The room looks inviting and like a bedroom and not just a showpiece where one is afraid to sit on the bed. It reminds me of a wonderful B&B I stayed in some years ago. I was sorry when check out time came as I enjoyed the homey comfort so much.

    1. Thank you, Alison!  You mentioned it looks like a B&B bedroom, which is the look I was going for. I wanted it to remind me of some of the cute bedrooms I’ve slept in at Airbnbs. I’m definitely spending more time in this room reading now.

  9. I love everything you have done here! Funny, I was never a fan of pink in the master bedroom but the way it is used here and in your inspiration photos is beautiful mixed with the other colors. Everything looks soft and so cozy. Just perfect. I also prefer sleeping in smaller bedrooms. They do just feel cozier. Enjoy your new beautiful room! Oh also absolutely love that painting of lambs above your bed. It goes so well with it all.

    1. Thanks Debra! One of the coziest bedrooms I ever slept in was at an historic inn in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. There was just enough room for the bed, dresser, and night table. I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers smaller rooms for sleeping.

  10. When I was young, before married, I went with my fiance often to visit his grandparents in their very old home in upstate NY near Oneonta. I slept in this very small room, with just a dresser and night table, wooden plank floors, slanted ceiling and the home had sort of an old wood smell and I just loved it and loved sleeping there lol.