How I Found My Vintage Mantel

Country Style Vintage Mantel

Ever since I was of house buying age I've dreamed of a beautiful fireplace and mantel. In my childhood home we had a gorgeous stone fireplace (not the thin stone veneer ... but the real thing) that stretched up to the tip of our cathedral ceiling. I think it was at least 12 feet tall. As kids, we'd scale that fireplace up to the top. My brother would hide his money on the ledge of the top stone. And when I was 5, I hit my head on the corner of … [Read more...]

Nesting with Grace ~ Charming Home Tour

Bookcase Styling

I first discovered decorating blogs about 4 years ago and once that happened, my interest in decorating magazines waned. I found bloggers produced more content and captivated my attention more frequently. I've read so many blogs now, that it's always a delight when I discover someone new, or rediscover a blog I've lost touch with. Such is the case with today's charming home tour ... Nesting with Grace. I was on last year's Holiday House Walk with … [Read more...]

Mixing Up a Moment with Valentine’s Day Brownies

Valentine's Day Brownies

I was asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to create a Valentine's Day brownie treat. All opinions are my own. When I was a young girl dreaming of my future, I knew I wanted to have children early in life so that I would still have energy to play with my grandchildren. I also wanted to feel young enough to enjoy time as an empty-nester with my hubby. I didn't want to feel like we'd be too old to go for bike rides, or walk nature trails, or travel … [Read more...]

9 Stairway Ideas to Love … Or Not


Several months ago hubby and I were talking about selling our house and moving into new construction. Now, we're weighing the idea of staying put and making some major renovations. Our decision will first and foremost depend on finances because I refuse to be house poor. At first I thought it would be easier to move, but having strangers traipse through our house with a critical eye is giving me the heebie jeebies. Not to mention the work of … [Read more...]

Coral Bedding in My Farmhouse Bedroom

Cotton Bedding for Farmhouse Bedroom

It never fails. When winter rolls around and cabin fever sets in, I find myself making a wish list to update every room in the house. Although a lot of my creative attention right now is focused on the dining room, I've also had a strong itch to freshen up the bedroom. One of the easiest and most economical ways to change up a bedroom is to swap out your bedding. Normally I choose softer colors for bedrooms in my home, but this time around I … [Read more...]

Texas Stone Ranch ~ Charming Home Tour

Farmhouse Living Room

Have I got a beauty for you today!  I love this charming Texas stone ranch I found over at Houzz. It has loads of rustic appeal paired with farmhouse style. Not only that, but you'll find plenty of drama too with its vaulted ceilings and heavy beams. By the way, you won't be able to pin these photos to Pinterest because they're embedded from the Houzz website. But if you click on the photos, you'll be taken to the image over at Houzz. Entry by … [Read more...]

My Grandma’s Old Fashioned Pot Roast

Old Fashioned Pot Roast

Sundays were always family day when I was just a kid. Mom would wake everyone up for Church and Sunday School in the morning. Quite often she'd get dinner ready early in the morning and put it in the oven so food would be ready when we'd return home. More often than not, she would make my grandmother’s old fashioned pot roast. She'd sear the meat, add some water to keep it tender, place the veggies 'round the roast, then cover it and let it … [Read more...]

Mix Up a Moment with Game Day Brownies!

Game Day Football Brownies

My entire family loves football, which makes me really happy because I enjoy sharing game day with people I love. Now that it's play-off season, the football conversations are heating up in our home. We recently headed to my daughter's house for one of the play-off games and I decided to bring goodies to make game day brownies! In my opinion, brownies are the perfect dessert because they're quick, easy, and taste so good! Since there always … [Read more...]

13 Easy Valentine’s Day Projects

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Do you miss the days of youth when you'd make your own Valentine's Day cards and hand them out at school?  I remember in Girl Scouts one of our holiday projects was to create a unique Valentine. I glued buttons on mine and was quite proud ... but Jennifer Mitchell ended up winning our contest because she had a red cardinal glued to hers. Clearly her mother helped her make it. I thought she should be disqualified. Dejected and heartbroken, I … [Read more...]

Farm Table for My Dining Room

Farm Table

I'm officially on the hunt for a new farm table for my dining room!  I've had my current dining table for over 25 years and I think I'm due. It's held up well but I'm ready for a change. I prefer something a little more substantial and rustic than my current dining table. I'd also like a farm table that's extendable so everyone can fit comfortably at one table for holiday gatherings. Here's a roundup of tables that caught my eye at Houzz. Dining … [Read more...]

Love of Home ~ Charming Home Tour

Classic White Farmhouse with Expansive Porch

Today's charming home tour is especially exciting for me because Susan's house at Love of Home is the quintessential farm house. It's the classic, roomy, old white house with a big front porch and plenty of beauty inside. And Susan herself is very down-to-earth and likable. So take a tour of her beautiful farmhouse with me. You're gonna love what you see! Can't you see yourself on that big front porch, savoring a glass of lemonade on a warm … [Read more...]

Cozy Decorating ~ Farmhouse Style

Cozy Sign in Farmhouse Family Room

The 4th Friday of every month makes me very happy ... because that means it's Farmhouse Friday!  I'm so excited about our Farmhouse Fridays in 2016 because we've added some amazing bloggers to our line-up that I KNOW you're going to love!  We pick a different farmhouse style topic each month, and then link to one another so you can easily see how each of us interprets the topic. Whether it's decorating, gardening or cooking; the topic always … [Read more...]

13 Ways to Add Ceiling Beams to Any Room

Ceiling Beams in Kitchen

One of the main reasons I'm such a huge fan of older homes is the architectural details that you just don't find in most houses built today. Bulls-eye trim, room pillars, arched doorways, and all those wonderful things that add character to a home. Yes, you can certainly have them in a new home, but they tend to be expensive. So it's often more economical to find an older home that already has unique elements. One architectural enhancement I love … [Read more...]