Grace Lee Cottage: Charming Home Tour

Farmhouse style is hugely popular right now but you don't need an old farmhouse to add this type of decor to your home. In fact, I've seen a lot of contemporary suburban homes made over into farmhouse style. But it's always a special treat when you find a true farmhouse decorated for today's busy lifestyles. And that's the type of home we're touring today ...  Grace Lee Cottage. Leah lives on a farm and is updating their beautiful … [Read more...]

What’s In My June Garden

Our summer has been filled with Little League Baseball which means it's been a challenge to spend time in the garden. I've managed to get out first thing in the morning, before the games begin, and do some weeding and watering. I planted extra flower beds this year with cutting gardens so I can enjoy fresh flowers in the house all summer long. While those flowers are still maturing, I thought I'd show you what's in my June garden. On this … [Read more...]

Exposed Brick Walls: Inspiring Examples

My 140-year-old house doesn't have any exposed brick walls, but I've always longed for one. They feel so rustic and organic to me, as though a home is revealing its soul by letting you see its true bones. With nothing to hide, each flaw in every brick is exposed and on display. There are so many things I'd do with a room with exposed brick walls, but I'll have to settle for dreaming about it and living vicariously through images of inspiring … [Read more...]

Spicy Sausage Penne Pasta

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Aidells® & The Wine Group. The opinions and text are all mine. Summer! It heightens all the senses. Windows are open to smell the roses rambling along the fence. The sight of fireflies flickering in the fields delights children of all ages. And flavors from the garden enhance any dish you prepare in the kitchen. Today I'm sharing a tasty Spicy Sausage Penne Pasta recipe that's … [Read more...]

How to Make a Wildflower Bouquet

Have you ever noticed how amazingly beautiful wildflowers look alongside a country road?  They're not artfully arranged according to a certain plan, but rather, they're haphazard and colorful and look better than any store-bought bouquet. I love to bring these fragrant wildflowers into my home, and you can too! See how easy it is to make a wildflower bouquet. And the best part is ... it's free! Clover runs rampant along our country roads … [Read more...]

Cape Cod Cottage: Charming Home Tour

Can you believe my Sunday home tours have been going on for over 2 years now?  When I started the Charming Home Series, I never thought it would last this long. I love searching for new houses to feature and today's hails from Houzz where I found a fresh-scrubbed Cape Cod Cottage style home that's light and bright and perfect for summer living! Photo by Jasmine Roth A charming yellow Dutch door leads you into this light-filled California home. … [Read more...]

Storage Under Staircases: 11 Inspiring Ideas

Our old-fashioned staircase has a window at the landing, and a storage area underneath. In order to access the storage, you have to open the door to the adjacent first floor laundry room. I love that little storage nook that's cleverly concealed with a wall, but I also love storage under staircases that's fully or partially exposed. I'm sharing 11 inspiring ideas from Houzz that might prompt you to re-think what you can do with your own … [Read more...]

Take a Walking Tour of Ottawa Illinois

Illinois is dotted with river and rail towns filled with beautiful architecture from days gone past. I love the variety of historic homes across the Land of Lincoln and enjoy exploring these little towns that are nestled near venues of transportation in the 1800s, such as rivers and railroad tracks. We recently visited the bustling town of Ottawa, tucked along the shores of the Illinois River. I'd love for you to take a walking tour of this … [Read more...]

Starfish Cottage: Charming Home Tour

With a name like Starfish Cottage you know this tour is going to be a feast for the eyes, right?  A cottage and the beach ... what's not to love?  Kristy's charming home brings a refreshing mix of pretty style and comfortable living. Beautiful blues (which I love) and airy coastal style flow throughout this inviting home. Take a peek and see for yourself ... Kristy's pretty front porch welcomes visitors and guests to her home, and gives a … [Read more...]

Cottage Kitchens: A Charming Collection

When you talk about cottage style, it doesn't necessarily apply to small living spaces. If you subscribe to any of the cottage style magazines available today, you'll notice some of the featured homes are actually quite large. Cottage style is first and foremost comfortable, often colorful, and signified by slightly worn finishes and painted furniture. Bead board, natural textures, wicker furniture, and floral fabrics are mainstays of cottage … [Read more...]

Coastal Style Table Setting

I must have summer on my brain and in my heart because this is my second beach-themed post this week. I'm joining fellow bloggers for another installment of "It's All Set" which celebrates the art of table setting.  As a kid, I never would have thought of it as an "art" but rather as a chore.  In the long run, my mother taught me well and I now appreciate the beauty of setting a pretty table. Today, I bring you a very simple coastal style table … [Read more...]

Coastal Style No-Sew Slipcover

We have a few kitties, and they leave hair on the furniture. They're the reason I can't leave my white sectional uncovered. I don't really enjoy vacuuming the furniture, but I enjoy washing the white slipcovers even less. After we first brought the sectional home, I quickly devised a way to cover it with a couple of drop cloths, which looks a little like linen. But I want more color during the summer; so using the same technique as the drop … [Read more...]

Southern Hospitality: Charming Home Tour

Today's charming home tour features a blog I started reading years ago and still enjoy today. Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is a creative soul with seemingly endless energy!  She's a passionate decorator and has tackled a lot of DIY projects around her house. I've learned a lot from her just from reading her blog and was honored when she featured my home a couple years ago. It meant the world to me and now I'm so pleased to feature her home … [Read more...]