19 Colorful Rooms That Feel Fresh Like Spring

The days are very slowly starting to grow longer, although it’s hard to tell just yet. I’m always ready to forget about winter and long for spring once the holidays have passed. I It’s a long wait but a girl can dream. And with that sentiment in mind, I’m in the mood to share 19 colorful rooms that feel like spring.

Refreshing Living Rooms

It’s easiest to create a spring-fresh living room when you start with a white base. Then you can add accents in a range of spring colors like pink, blue, green, yellow, and lavender. You could also use these colors to paint the walls and use a variety of accent colors. This first living room caught my eye right away. It’s soft and elegant all at once. I need that little floral pillow in my life.

elegant pastel living room in pink, blue, and whitePhoto by Katie Nixon Photography


The next living room is wallpapered but still has plenty of white to set off the brighter colors. The mix of pinks and greens is so refreshing.

Eclectic colorful living room with white sectional sofaPhoto by Barlow & Barlow Design


I don’t think most people would purchase a teal-colored sofa but it looks great in this space. The pops of navy and pink lend a bit of sophistication and feel light and playful.

Family room with teal colored sectional sofaPhoto by Wacker Remodel LLC


Soft shades of blue and green bring this sunny living room to life and help to combat spring fever. Even if it’s cold outside, it feels a bit tropical in here. 

Spring green and light blue living roomPhoto by Jere Bradwell


Cheery Kitchens

This first kitchen appears to have pale lavender walls – or maybe it’s just the shadows of the room A pretty floral shade on the window lends springtime cheer, not to mention the collection of tulips and spring flowers in vases. 

Colorful rooms - spring flowers in the kitchenPhoto by Susan Nelson Interiors


Pale, spring green cabinets pair with a powder blue stove and hood to add soft color in a somewhat rustic kitchen. The palette is pleasing and is a great example for creating soothing, colorful rooms.

Powder blue and spring green rustic kitchenPhoto by


How about brighter colors to add cheer to a kitchen and dining area? You can’t help but smile when entering this cottage style kitchen.

colorful cottage style kitchenPhoto by Barlow & Barlow Design


Add the color of the ocean to a kitchen with pale gray cabinetry and soft blue tiles for a back splash. A big bouquet of blue hydrangeas completes the look.

pale blue and gray traditional kitchenPhoto by threshold interiors


Pale pink and gray tiles add a lovely pop of color against soft gray cabinetry. A patterned floor creates additional color and interest. This lovely English kitchen feels like the soft side of spring.

pink and gray english kitchenPhoto by Gemma Dudgeon Interiors


Colorful Rooms to Dine In

Say hello to a fun mix of colors in this cozy dinette off the kitchen. The bright green, glass-topped table is the centerpiece of the room and is beautifully flanked by powder blue metal farmhouse chairs. Colorful pillows and flowers finish the look.

bright and cheery colorful dining nookPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design


This English style dining room reminds me of a soft spring rain. The kind where the birds don’t fly away but chirp happily waiting for the worms to emerge from the ground. 

soft gray English style dining roomPhoto by threshold interiors


Yes to pink and green in the dining room! I love the bold choice of wallpaper and the pale green and white checkerboard floor. Did you notice the same lattice-style pattern in the paper? And that looks like a cat door on the bottom right side of the double doors leading outside. 

Pink and green vintage dining room with farmhouse tablePhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design


Spring Fresh Bedrooms

What really got me to looking at spring-inspired rooms was the fact that I’m currently re-doing my bedroom. I thought I was going decorate with a more neutral theme that includes the color green, but then I saw this post that had me re-think my direction. Olive green paired with pink and blue. Who knew how pretty that palette is? I hope to reveal my bedroom makeover the first Saturday of April. For now, feast your eyes on these pretty bedrooms.

pastel blue and green master bedroomPhoto by Digs Design Company


Love this bedroom! I think that’s a tree pattern on the wallpaper. The patterned rug is beautiful and the four-poster bed is to-die-for. The bamboo night stand tugs at my heart strings. I’ve always had a thing for furniture with a bamboo motif. I think it stems from the bedroom furniture I had in high school. My mom let me pick everything out myself. 

Soft and pretty master bedroom with rope four-poster bedPhoto by Ramsay Gourd Home


Please tell me you smiled when you saw this quaint farmhouse bedroom with minimalist style. The bright yellow-flowered pillows and bedspread looks whimsical with the blue plaid coverlet. It’s okay if you didn’t smile. We all have different tastes and styles, which is what makes the world go ’round!

Yellow and blue farmhouse bedroomPhoto by Ramsay Gourd Home


Maybe you prefer this colorful bedroom with its bright aqua bed and coral-colored rug. 

colorful bedroom with bright aqua jenny lind bedPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design


Spring Fresh Bathrooms

We’re on to the last room in this collection of colorful rooms that feel like spring has sprung. Apple green pairs with a lot of white to create an uplifting bathroom space. A couple pops of pink and blue give the room more dimension.

bright and cheery farmhouse bathroomPhoto by Creative Viewpoints


I know some of you are fans of pink and green and it doesn’t get any better than this in the bathroom. The green tile is such a rich shade and that pink bowl sink! So cute.

Bathroom with pink bowl sink and deep green tilePhoto by Barlow & Barlow Design


For something a little more traditional, this navy blue and white bathroom adds a bit of spring with yellow calla lilies in a vase. Sometimes all you need is a few flowers to brighten a space.

white and navy blue traditional bathroomPhoto by Janet Shea Interiors


I hope you enjoyed this collection of colorful rooms inspired by spring. Do you have a favorite from the bunch?


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  1. I’m pretty sure that the floral pillow in the first picture is from a Caitlin Wilson collection! She does the most fabulous wallpaper and fabric designs. I’m still pondering one of her wallpapers for an accent wall above the wainscoting. Not a fan of most of the rooms but I do have to admit that one of my favorite color combinations is Apple Green and chinoiserie blue and white.

    1. Omigoodness! You are absolutely right, Deb! I hadn’t heard of Caitlin Wilson so I googled her and found the pillow on her website! Ugh. Just one more thing that’s going to take my money. LOL. Thanks so much for this information! Now I’m going to look at the rest of her designs! Love her style!


  2. This is a lovely post. The wallpapers are all pretty. I think of doing wallpaper sometimes, but can’t commit! That green and blue bedroom is fabulous. So cheerful and bright and easy to switch bedding in the winter months.

  3. I had fun looking at all the colorful options. Caitlin Wilson..eeek! those pillows and artwork in her collection are something I’d have to splurge on but oh so pretty!
    I loved the blow fish art room and that red light fixture above the green table..actually could have looked at each room for longer. The powder blue and the green together kind of threw me…not sure about that.

  4. Without exception, all of the rooms are very appealing, and very uplifting, non cookie cutter “return to pretty”, because of the very sweet way of mixing colors, and the also warmth of adding delightful wall paper. ..However, I would personally use less of the various patterns.

    1. Hi Catherine!
      I love all of these rooms too. The colors are so fresh and cheerful. I understand about the use of pattern. Not everyone likes to mix a lot of them.