Indoor Plant Ideas for Winter

One thing I really miss during the winter is the color green. The bare leafless trees start to look forlorn and I miss the shades of lush green grass. The outside world begins to look monochromatic during winter and since I can’t add color outside, I can bring the greenery indoors. I found some indoor plant ideas for winter over at Houzz.

Eclectic Living Room by Oakton Interior Designers & Decorators Lauren Liess Interiors

This room has a beautiful assortment of topiary style plants.

I love the planted urn and the large botanical on the wall.


Traditional Hall by Sharon Architects & Building Designers Rafe Churchill: Traditional Houses

Group a collection of white flowering bulbs by a sunny window for a simple yet elegant look.


Contemporary Dining Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

How about a large indoor planter? We have them outside, why not inside?

I love this one planted with ferns. Kitty is cute, too!


Mediterranean Plants by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators -Love, Ana

Give your indoor plants a custom look with pretty paper bags.


Modern Living Room by Milwaukee Garden & Landscape Supplies Willard & May

Terrariums are making a comeback and are truly a work of art.

They can be simple or ornate and you’ll find a variety of glass jars to house the plants.


Farmhouse Bathroom by Seattle Photographers Kimberley Bryan

A few air plants dot the wall of this bathroom.

They require very little maintenance and a great for people with brown thumbs.


Contemporary Kitchen by Oakton Interior Designers & Decorators Lauren Liess Interiors

Have you ever grown a citrus plant indoors? I remember when we were kids, my brother bought a miniature orange tree. He was bragging to me how he was going to have a ton of little oranges. I was so jealous, but the plant never bore any fruit which secretly made me happy. I would love to grow a citrus plant indoors some day.


Eclectic Entry by Los Angeles Media & Bloggers Justina Blakeney

Here’s a clever way to display indoor plants.

I think the container is just as important as the plant itself.


Eclectic Landscape

Fill a windowsill with succulents and cacti.

Neither requires a lot of watering so these plants are another good choice for people without green thumbs.


How to make hanging globe terrariumsEarlier this year I shared how to make these hanging globe terrariums.

The globes have hooks on the bottom so you can hang several together.


Topiary WreathI love my mossy pot with its simple circle topiary. Adding indoor plants during the winter months can lift your spirits and make the wait for spring a little more bearable.


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    1. Hi Fonda. Maybe it is a kumquat. It’s really hard to tell them apart in the pictures. I like topiaries a lot. I had a rosemary one but I forgot to water it so it died. I’d like to try it again though … and this time remember to water it! πŸ˜‰

  1. Have you thought of an orchid? I buy the small ones with plenty of buds so they flower for a long time. I just rotate the one that drops it’s flowers with another that is budding. I love the delicate look.

      1. No, not at all. Don’t plant them in soil, but instead in a mixture made especially for orchids. Put one ice cube on top for a small plant, once a week. That way you make sure they are not sitting in water. They like light, but not direct sun. The flowers last a long time. Google care of orchids. I like the white ones but I also have one with the palest of green blooms. Give one a try, Jennifer. I think you’ll be pleased.

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