A Cozy Kitchen That’s Cute and Functional

Last week’s kitchen tour seemed to be a hit so I thought I’d share another cozy kitchen today that’s both cute and functional. I think you’ll enjoy its sweet charm.

Cozy Kitchen - English Style in Neutral TonesPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens


In the center of the kitchen is a dark tan island with sleek black counter top. It balances out the white walls and cupboards nicely.

English Cottage Kitchen with Center IslandPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens


The kitchen has a bit of Old World charm to it. There’s plenty of counter and cabinet space in a small area. Not a huge kitchen, but functional enough for every day living.

English Style Kitchen with Center IslandPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens


At the end of the center island is a cozy kitchen nook for dining. I think white is a good color for the room – it creates the look of more space. Not to mention, it helps bounce natural light around the room coming through the windows.

Cozy Kitchen Dining NookPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens


Cozy Kitchen Dining NookPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens


This angle shows off the beautiful bay window – the perfect spot for breakfast and your morning coffee. 

Bay Window in an English KitchenPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens


This cozy kitchen includes a designated area for a collection of cookbooks. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the recipes for easy reading.

Cookbook Shelf in Kitchen CornerPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens

I hope you enjoyed touring this small but cute kitchen. I also hope you’re safe and healthy during this tenuous time. My emotions have been up and down, my anxiety is on alert but manageable – so many thoughts which I’ll share a little later

Stay safe, friends! Let’s save as many lives as we can.


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  1. You can tell this must be a European/overseas kitchen because of the electrical outlets. Also the simplicity of the kitchen kinda gives that away too! I love the Euro mindset, simplicity, functionality, beauty. We can learn something from that.😀

  2. YAY! New kitchen to look at! I’m glad that was a hit. The overall look is lovely and cozy while being everything a kitchen should be. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the simplicity of this kitchen , it seems like a european style, they live simpler and so much calmer than we Americans.

  4. Love this kitchen small but cozy and like you said plenty of counter space. Love that the knobs were wooden I’m assuming cause they are painted the same color, I really like that feature.

  5. I love this blog- thank you for your work here. I come here all the time just as an escape. Just wanted you to know it makes a difference. Stay healthy!

  6. I love the tan island with black counter top, but would have loved to see the tan color repeated more prominently somewhere other than just a little in the fabric on the chair seat.
    I’ve lived alone a great deal of my adult life, so I’ve never had the need for large spaces. I Love the coziness of this kitchen.

    1. Aw, thank you so much for telling me that! It made my day. I always try to think of things that I think readers will enjoy. Thank you for visiting my blog!!