Beautiful Wood Flooring Options

A house is a very personal thing. It’s where we build memories and it’s often a respite from the world. Many of us try to create both comfortable and beautiful surroundings in our home, to help us relax and lift our spirits. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to colors and finishes in our homes. One of my must-haves is beautiful wood flooring. In the 80s I liked lighter wood floors, but today I prefer darker shades.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that hubby and I are thinking about putting our house on the market this spring, and we’ve been looking at model homes for ideas on what we’d like in our next home. Of course, wood floors top our list and I’ve found beautiful examples at GoHaus.

Wood flooring from GoHaus in the kitchenThis kitchen shows one of the many flooring options from GoHaus. One thing I really like about their floors is that they’re FloorScore certified, meaning they’re free of volatile organic compounds.. I never knew most floor options give off VOC.


Vinyl FlooringI love this mahogany vinyl plank flooring option. It’s super easy to install with a simple click and lock procedure. So if you can’t afford true wood flooring, this vinyl option is a great choice for the DIYer.


Wood Flooring OptionsWhat color wood flooring do you like? Do you go for the richer darker tones, or do you like something in a lighter shade … maybe even with gray tones?


Maple Engineered Wood FlooringIn our current home we have painted wood floors. They’re made of pine, which means they’re soft, so the paint helps strengthen and protect the wood. I’d much prefer to have a beautiful floor like this maple-engineered wood that’s hand scraped with distressing. I love its subtle red undertones.


Seashell Flooring from GoHausThe flooring prices at GoHaus are reasonable, especially if you opt for the one of the vinyl options.  All of the model homes we’ve been looking at recently have wood floors in them. I’m not much of a carpeting fan … I’d rather have hardwood with big cushy rugs underfoot.

How about you? What are your favorite flooring options?

This post is sponsored by GoHaus but all opinions are my own.


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  1. If I’m going to spend the money for real wood floors, I think sticking close to something classic is the way to go. You’ll have then for 50 or more years, so you better like them (the floors in our house are 80 years old and going strong). So I’d avoid anything trendy, especially handscraped anything or too gray, even though I really love the look. Same goes for too dark, which is both trendy and impractical because they are always dirty looking with smudges and dust. I love mid-tone floors with a hint of gray in them (imagine an old French flat) as well as light floors that don’t have a yellowy “country” cast. I’m impressed by that vinyl floor you show … pretty darn good looking for vinyl!

  2. I love hardwood – even pine! I’d love to have the old-fashioned wide plank floors, but we have oak hardwood from the late 50s in our home. So at least it was installed piece by piece and finished afterwards. It is the typical golden (light) oak color. I might opt to have it stained in a darker finish these days, but I do like lots of light in my house and dark floors wouldn’t help that effect at all. I like painted floors, too, but do they hold up well?

  3. I understand you when you say you love those new wood floors, Jennifer, but I think your painted floors are just perfect too!

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