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The Charming Homes of Maryville, Tennessee

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to Maryville, Tennessee! My daughter and I traveled there last fall and it just occurred to me that I never shared my walking tour of neighborhoods that feature some of the charming homes of Maryville.

Dark Blue Tudor Style House in Maryville, TN


Maryville is about 18 miles south of Knoxville. I had never been to either town before, and this trip was somewhat of a scouting trip for me. I’m checking various locations of Tennessee to see if it’s somewhere we’d feel comfortable retiring to. Next month hubby and I are checking out Chattanooga.

Maryville is quite charming and contains a variety of architectural styles. You’ll find Colonial homes to Tudor and Cape Cod style to ranches and more.

White Cape Cod - the Charming Homes of Maryville, TN


We stayed at a very charming Cape Cod style Airbnb home in Maryville in a quiet residential neighborhood. Much to our delight, an ice cream place was within walking distance. In the same neighborhood was this red brick Tudor.

Brick Tudor Style Cottage with Large Front Yard


I fell in love when I turned the corner and spied this fairytale stone cottage with its pretty yard. Check out the arch treatment over the front door and some of the windows.

Stone Cottage in Tennessee


A classical Colonial always looks good in a neighborhood. I like that the color of this home blends in with the trees.

Dark Green Colonial Home on Shaded Lot


You can find charming homes in Maryville with a more colorful palette, like this sky blue home with matching rocking chairs.

Light Blue Historic Cottage in Maryville


Here’s another fairy tale style house in dark brown and creamy accents. Maybe it’s the arched doorways that remind me of homes found in children’s fairy tale books.

Dark Brown Cottage Style House


The town of Maryville, Tennessee proves that neighborhoods with smaller homes can be just as beautiful as residential areas with large, expensive homes. I think that’s what makes these streets so quaint and appealing.

Charming Cottage Style Home in Tennessee


And did I mention that the town has an amazing restaurant called The Walnut Kitchen? If you ever visit Maryville, be sure to check it out.

Here’s another Colonial style home – this one dressed in red brick.

Red Brick Colonial Historic Home


And another with tan clapboard siding and a pretty red door.

Tan Colonial House with Red Front Door


This grand dame lives on one of the main streets that lead into the downtown area.

Grand White Southern Home


Large columned porches always make me think of Southern homes. One of these days I’d like to travel to Natchez to see some of the historic beauties that line the streets.

White Columned Porch Southern Home


Here’s another arched doorway on a dark blue cottage. You can tell from the political signs in yards that I took these photos last fall just before the election. There was pretty much an even split between Democratic and Republican signs.

Dark Blue Tudor Style House in Maryville, TN


I love the globe-style bushes lining the walkway to the blue front door. And all the trees! I have to have a home with big trees.

White Ranch Home with Blue Front Door


And the iron fence and gate to this Victorian home is both charming and inviting.

White Victorian Farmhouse with Iron Fence and Gate


I also spied some pampas grass on my walk around the neighborhoods. I already told hubby we’re planting some of this graceful grass in our yard this summer. It’s one of the first things I want to do this gardening season.

Pampas Grass in a Tennessee Yard


Toward the end of my walk I stumbled upon a pretty park with pathways and sidewalks. I had to find out where it led to, and that’s when I spied the pampas grass in the photo above.

Park Pathway


Maryville is located near the gateway to the Smoky Mountains. This is Cades Cove, located in the Smokies, and it sure was beautiful.

Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains


If you live in Tennessee, or have a favorite town or location, let me know! It will help with my scoping of potential places to live!


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  1. Old homes like these are such a delight to see especially when kept up. I am so glad these were well taken care of, for some aren’t and that is so sad. Thank you for this tour.

      1. You need to check out Tellico Village south of Maryville in Loudon or Kahite in Vonore, Monroe County also south of Maryville about 20 miles. Mountain views and lots of waterways here.

    1. Did you happen to stay at the Airbnb on santeetlah? That was our first house. We live on Melvin ave now on the historic side.

  2. This is a wonderful tour. I would love to go inside every home. As you know, I am from Tennessee, and my son lives in Soddy Daisy (just outside of Chattanooga). It seems very difficult to find a house that is not built on a hill. From your pictures, a lot of Maryville seems flatter. I know you love the mountains, so that may not be an issue for you and hubby. I’m sure you will have fun looking. Thanks, Jennifer.

    1. Hi Miche, yes – Maryville is on a flat area just west of the Smokies – but you can see the mountains from the outer-skirts of town. Beautiful views, for sure! You’re so lucky to live in the beautiful state of Tennessee!

  3. I moved to Maryville, TN five years ago and couldn’t be happier with my choice. We live in the Wildwood area of Maryville, which is just outside the city limits. Even though we are in what is considered the valley it is still hilly around us. We are also only 15-45 minutes from our beloved mountains. Good luck on your search.

  4. Yes, I’ve. been to Maryville, TN a few times when visiting friends in Knoxville. Lovely town and people. Ideal place to live.

  5. These were so pretty. I loved all the different styles, I like going into a neighborhood that has all different styles of homes rather than seeing the same thing over and over again like most new subdivisions. I have been curious why you want to move to Tennessee ?

  6. Thank you for visiting our town and your sharing your visit. The pictures you shared is just the tip of the iceberg if you enjoy variety of styles.
    I was raised here in Maryville and my wife’s family Was one of the first family’s of Tennessee which also help settle Cades Cove.
    The Smokies is the most visited national park in the nation.
    Good luck in your search, hope to hear about your next visit.
    C.Stewart (U.S. Army Ret.)

  7. No addresses … without driving all over Maryville, how to find? A commenter said Melvin was more historic part of town, and you mentioned Walnut Kitchen. Headed that way now, with antsy dog and impatient wife.

  8. Ended up seeing a bunch of these houses, I think. Melvin St is in Oak Hill historic district, then we circumumnavigated Maryville College (both places very pretty, also nice views of the Smokies from Oak Hill), then Maryville College Historic District is very nice. Similar to Old North or Fourth and Gill in Knoxville. Most people would feel they’d stepped out of a time machine into 1911.