Bedroom and Kitchen Makeovers, and a Few Baby Boos: Friday Finds

Are you loving this month so far? The leaves here are just starting to turn color so I’m guessing they’ll peak around the third weekend in October. Which reminds me, I need to get netting for my pond before the leaves drop. Not only that, but it’s time to clean up the veggie garden. Looks like it’s going to be a busy weekend. But before work starts, let’s enjoy some Friday inspiration!

Decorating with baby boo pumpkins

For starters, I’m adding something new to Friday Finds. I want to share an older blog post of mine every Friday just for fun. I’ve been blogging for almost 12 years now so there’s a lot of content to revisit. I’m starting today with some of my ideas from 2013 for decorating with baby boo pumpkins.

I Spy DIY is one of my favorite bloggers right now. I’ve been following her for a couple years. She recently did a kitchen refresh that is so charming and creates a happy place for cooking.

My friend Amanda shows how to make fabric picture frame mats on her blog. Such a clever idea that’s a great way to use any leftover fabric you might have. Of course, I’d be perfectly happy to go buy scraps of fabric to make them.

When I first laid eyes on this girl’s bedroom makeover, I fell in love. So much so that I’d claim this bedroom for my own! The “before” is cute but the “after” is even cuter.

Pink cabinets in the kitchen? Your initial reaction might be “no,” but take a look at this English style pink kitchen before you answer!

I found the cutest little DIY tea light ghosts that are so easy to make and would be perfect as a night light in a child’s room. I need to arrange a play date with my grandkids so we can make them together.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy time outside this weekend. In addition to working in the yard, I’m going to do a little forest bathing!

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  1. I love the crane wallpaper in the little girls room. I would never think to use it. Actually the whole room is cute. Much love for the pink kitchen.

  2. Forrest bathing, I’ve never heard about it but, have done it several times. Love the sounds in the forest so peaceful and quiet. That pink kitchen is actually cute. Loved the baby boos post and seeing some of your home. I have always loved your home, so pretty and your kitchen is a wonderful place to gather with family. Thanks and have a great weekend.