Bring Me a Bottle

Lately I’ve been lovin’ bottles. I’m going to blame it on Rosemary over at Villabarnes. Ever since I bought 2 of Rosemary’s bottles (one from her Etsy Shop and one from her booth at the flea market), I just can’t get enough of bottles. I’ve actually been playing with her Old World finish a bit on bottles hubby and I found at a discreet nearby dump (yes, we scavenge through dumps … nothing is beneath us). I’ve also been scouting some of our local flea market and specialty shops for unique bottles.

I’ve been lovin’ aqua lately so when my eyes spotted these, it was a no-brainer.
Of course I was taking them home with me! Aqua bottles with rusty metal hangers!!

Just two bucks a pop at the Kane County Flea Market! I know, right??
I consider these the generic version of Mason jars, which I spotted for about $9 average at the market.
They say “Atlas E-Z Seal” on the front. I stuffed them with baby’s breath.
They’re almost the same color as the Duck Egg Blue dining chairs.
Little Grape Hyacinths plucked from the garden now reside in the wire bottle carrier,
which is a fave of mine. I put carnations in there earlier (you can see it here).
What is it about glass and metal that always catches my eye?
The top cover of this bottle has holes in it for easy flower arranging.
I found it at a little shop in Geneva (Illinois, not Switzerland).
More flowers from the garden. These yellow flowers are really fragrant.
They’re not tulips, although similar. They’re all over my garden and keep spreading!
They’re perched inside another aqua bottle (from the dump).
All 3 of these little guys are from the nearby dump, which by the way, is mostly bottles,
old metal scraps, a couple of tires, and small appliances. So it’s not too gross or anything.
I wrapped lace around the front one using spray adhesive. I love the discoloring on the bottles.
I’m still working on the middle one. I’ve got some ribbon, twine, little keys and clock faces I can add.
I just haven’t made a decision yet on the rest of its embellishments.
All of these were found at our little secret dumpsite. I gave this faintly blue one a bunny tag for Easter.
The one on the left is a transfer – I’m still trying different transfer techniques to find the best one.
Here’s a bottle from Rosemary’s flea market booth.
I love the nubby texture and the Old World finish.
I have another one of her bottles, but in a darker finish.
Here’s my version of the Old World finish. The graphic is from The Graphic Fairy.
I painted the clear bottle with Graphite ASCP, then layered on a bit of white gesso.
I used Mod Podge to apply the graphic, then coated the entire bottle with another coat of Mod Podge.
I used the same technique for this bottle and then added a tag, which I bought at Rosemary’s Etsy Shop.
If you’ve never visited her blog, take a peek at
This French graphic is also from The Graphics Fairy.
I’ve saved the best for last. I absolutely ADORE this big bottle.
The top is a doorknob, and it has a little paper butterfly hanging inside.
Scraps of script paper adorn the front. I purchased this at a local store.
I mean, seriously, isn’t it darling? Who would think to hang a butterfly inside a bottle from a doorknob?
The small bottle in front is from our little dump. Doesn’t its finish match the big bottle perfectly?
I have more bottles to finish and when those are done, there are still a heckuva lot more at the dump callin’ my name.

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  1. I love bottles lately also. I don’t know why. Just that the shapes are interesting. I bought one yesterday and after I got home i wished that I would have ought another one. It was a Bell brand jar about a foot in height. About as round as a quart bottle. Never saw one like that before. Interesting. Hate when that happens.

  2. Love those old bottles.I too am using these more and more with my decorating.Especially those mason jars.I have found many of them at an antique shop close to my house.But very cheap prices.I LOVE the larger blue mason jars.I am going to be heading over to grab a couple more.
    You have a great collection.I love ht old world look on the bottles you and Rosemary made.You are lucky to live so close to Kane.
    Love that wire basket too.And that wood piece on your table looks great with those bottles.

  3. Those are some terrific bottles. I used to collect bottles, think during my get rid of stuff phase I got rid of them. Silly me.


  4. Wow there’s some gorgeous bottle love going on there. I was going to say I loved the blue, which I do…. then I got further into your post and saw the lace wrapped bottles. They are very sweet and would be a great way to use old lace.
    Hope your Easter is travelling well

  5. You certainly have some beautiful bottles. I’m not sure which is my favorite…I can’t decide between the aqua ones and the one with the butterfly!

  6. Okay, fess up, where IS that dump? I only live a few miles away you know lol. My favorites are the blue Atlas jars hands down. I’ll be looking for them at the Kane County Flea soon! Also love your old world charm bottles.


  7. All of your bottles are wonderful, Jennifer! I have some of the aqua Atlas jars and I truly love them. There is something about glass and metal that looks so nice together. I’m going to have to find a dump around here!

  8. What a great collection. I was in love with the green bottle until I saw the one with the butterfly. That is just the cutest thing.

    Wonderful day.

  9. I LOVE those aqua bottles…wonder if I can find some for me? The baby’s breath really looks great…the whole centerpiece is really pretty.
    I have a jar a whole lot like the one you found in Geneva. I’m a sucker or wire and bottles too!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  10. What’s not to love about those bottles??? I love bottles too, always have. I think the colored ones probably make my heart beat a little faster but clear with a rusty crusty top is a winner too.

    Have a great weekend,

  11. Ok, Jennifer…I had NO idea that you were as beautifully crafty as Rosemary! What an amazing job, girlie!!! Love them all!! I have a bunch of those aqua jars waiting to go to my booth….but it’s soooo hard to give them up because they’re so pretty – especially the way you’ve displayed them! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  12. I’m going to have to and find some vintage bottles-these ideas are gorgeous! Your pictures are stunning too.

    My weekly Say G’day Saturday Linky Party is on now and I would be so thrilled if you could join in and link up this great post!

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend!
    Natasha in Oz

  13. OMG!!! I love that big bottle and you are SO right….who thinks of these things? Not me! I wish I could be that creative! Love yurs too…I need to get me some ASCP!!!!