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Lilacs and Vintage Mirrors

After a long winter’s nap, I find myself craving fresh flowers and lots of natural light. Whatever I can clip from the garden makes its way into the house. Shades aren’t drawn until absolutely necessary. And this year, I’m collecting mirrors in order to bounce light around the room. But first, the flowers …

Lilacs smell divine! And you only need a few branches for a full bouquet.
Awww. Baby Kitty adds a little softness to the spring decor.
The vet told us he has an “out-y” belly button. Who knew cats had belly buttons?
I like the lilacs in the living room. But it’s too easy for the kitties to play with them in here.
Let’s move them into the family room where I can keep a better eye on them.
Uh oh. Trouble is in this room too, in the form of our little Puddy!
(This is not the same cat as Baby Kitty – although they look similar.)
This is my latest collection of vintage mirrors, found at local stores and the flea market.
I’m still on the lookout for old mirrors …
… and on the lookout for mischievous kitties who play with flowers.
I’m dreaming of the next mirror to grace the wall …

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  1. Thanks for making me laugh. All my flower arrangements are up high…up away from my boy Boots! I would love to have a aromatic bouqet next to my chair, oh well I would rather have him curled up on my lap.

    Gorgeous arrangement.

  2. What is it about flowers and plants that make the kitties so attracted to them? They must appreciate their beauty and scent too. Your lilacs are gorgeous. Mine haven’t bloomed yet but when they do I will be bringing in some. I just love the way they smell. Your house is looking pretty and springy.


  3. I love your mirror collection and the way you have displayed them. Beautiful! Lilacs are so gorgeous aren’t they? I have to ask my neighbours for some from their huge tree but they won’t be blooming for a few weeks here. Blessings, Pamela

  4. First I adore your kitties!! I have Miss Belle a Prissy Himalayan!

    Your flowers and mirrors, and and the table in the first image, love, love!

    I hope you will stop by and see my new Annie Sloan Projects Revealed!!
    Art by Karena

  5. Great mirror collection.I love old mirrors.That add a little sparkle to a room.Your lilacs are so pretty.My lilacs are not opening yet.This is my second year.They get plenty of sun in the afternoon.

  6. I had a small vase of white lilacs (from my lilac rustling adventure last week) sitting on my kitchen windowsill. While I was outside, one of the bad kitties here pulled it off and scattered the flowers all over the kitchen counter. Bye bye, lilacs.

    It’s good to find another mirror addict. I was just telling a friend earlier today that I need to find a program to deal with my mirror ‘problem’.

  7. Your mirrors are just gorgeous! I just love vintage ones, too! Even the ones with the silver peeling away,(they’re my favorite!). You have displayed them beautifully.
    Thanks so much for linking, we love having you.

  8. That is one cheeky cat! I am quite allergic to cats so have never had one but I always amazed at their intelligence!

    Gorgeous flowers too!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz