Brooklyn Townhouse: Charming Home Tour

What kind of house would you live in if you could just up and move without any ties holding you back? I always thought it would be fun to live in an urban row house or city loft. I wouldn’t want to live there permanently since I’m not a city girl, but I think it would be an adventure to have a place in the city. Today we’re touring a Brooklyn townhouse that would be perfect for a weekend city place, or a permanent residence.

This home appears to have its original wood floors and the owners have painted the trim a cheery orange.

City Living Room in Orange and GrayPhoto by Rafe Churchill

The kitchen has a slightly modern vibe and good workflow. Did you notice the ginormous tomato atop the refrigerator?

Urban Galley Kitchen with Wood FloorsPhoto by Rafe Churchill


In the dining room a traditional chandelier is paired with a farmhouse table and more modern chairs. This Brooklyn townhouse has an eclectic mix of furnishings.

Brooklyn Townhouse Dining Room with Gallery WallPhoto by Rafe Churchill


A weekend place in the city would provide opportunity to get creative with decorating. I’m kind of fond of this large fish painting about the chesterfield sofa. The glass light fixtures remind me of bubbles in the water.

Brown Chesterfield Sofa in Living Room with Large Fish PrintPhoto by Rafe Churchill


The age of the home is revealed in its details – the transom windows, the slightly steeper steps of the staircase, and the worn wood floors.

Old Hall and StairwayPhoto by Rafe Churchill


Country furnishings complete an upstairs bedroom, but a minimalist effect creates a more modern feeling.

Country Style Boys BedroomPhoto by Rafe Churchill


The bathroom vanity is outfitted with over-sized drawer and door pulls.

Bathroom with Blue Double VanityPhoto by Rafe Churchill


The claw foot tub is set right inside the shower. I kind of like this idea!

Claw Foot Bath Tub Photo by Rafe Churchill


Here’s the outside of the Brooklyn townhouse. Nothing fancy, but the red brick, tall mullioned windows, and the wrought iron fence lend a bit of curb appeal.

Red Brick Brooklyn TownhousePhoto by Rafe Churchill


You can see more of this unique Brooklyn townhouse by Rafe Churchill over at Houzz.


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  1. It would be nice to have a city house and a country house. I like the fact that they made it all theirs and didn’t worry about the colors they used. And I like the fun details.

  2. Two things catch my interest in this home. One, how I do love a “galley” kitchen, when one side of the kitchen is a long island, rather than a wall. I’ve previously lived in apartments and really liked the convenience of everything within arm’s reach in the galley layout. Secondly, how many bathroom designs I’m seeing that use the “wet room” bathroom style, with the tub and shower in the same “room” – and the fact that I think I like that idea also. How easy would that be to clean, especially with kids – almost like turning a garden hose on the entire space and walking away. 🙂
    I like this home, although I am not a an of the colorful painted trim – and especially not of the way too big fish decor. Thanks for posting it.

  3. I was born in Brooklyn and I am planning to go down for a look at the place I was raised in till age 5-1/2. I am in hopes of getting some info on a sibling who I have never met so I hope Brooklyn New York is good to me for this has been an ache I have had for many years wish me luck.

    1. Hi Katherine! What an interesting story! I’ve never been to Brooklyn myself but hope to someday visit NYC and all its burroughs. I’ve only been to New York once and I was pretty young at the time and don’t remember much. I wish you lots of good luck with finding out more about your sibling. Hopefully one day soon you will meet face to face!

  4. They did they’re own thing and that’s good, but i stayed in a hotel one time downtown NYC and it never sleeps, so i don’t know.

  5. I really don’t like modern design but this townhouse was amazingly well designed and thought out. I am very impressed and inspired by it. Thanks for posting. And thanks again for sharing YOUR amazing story. 🙂