14 Charming Front Door Ideas

Perhaps the fastest and possibly easiest way to add instant curb appeal to your home lies right at your front door! A simple coat of paint or a minor architectural embellishment can pack a punch for making your home stand out on the block. Here's 14 charming front door ideas to get your wheels spinning. Purple? Yes, purple! Who else has a purple door on your block? Likely no one. This is such a playful hue and we recently talked about decorating … [Read more...]

Historic Homes of Yorkville, Illinois

Winter in Illinois can get a bit crazy and can change on a dime at any given time. For example, last week we received about ten inches of fluffy white snow. This week it's much warmer and that fresh dusting of snow is already melting. Before all of the cottony drifts of the white stuff had a chance to melt, I wanted to capture pictures of beautiful homes dressed in snow. Hubby and I set out photograph the historic homes of Yorkville, … [Read more...]

13 Houses with Great Curb Appeal

Have you ever stopped to wonder what goes through the mind of an architect when she designs a house? Sometimes you see a home with great curb appeal and you wish you could live there. Other times you walk down the street and an ugly ducking of a house pops out and you wonder why anyone would design a structure like that. I've always been fascinated with architecture and the thought process that went into the design. Here are 13 houses with great … [Read more...]

Stone Wall Decor: Adding Texture to the Home

Something about the fall season brings out the need for warm and cozy texture in the home. Pillows and throws are a simple solution, but what about the architectural appeal of a stone wall? In my childhood home there was a large stone wall fireplace in the center of the room, running up to the peak of the vaulted wood ceiling. I never appreciated that room as much as I should have. This rustic stone fireplace brings back memories of that … [Read more...]

Bungalow House: An American Classic

One of my favorite home exteriors is a bungalow house. The first home I ever purchased as an adult was a Sears kit catalog bungalow. The minute I stepped inside the doorway with the realtor I knew I needed to call it my own. One day I'll go back and take a photo of it to share with you. But for now, I'm sharing a roundup of adorable bungalows that I found on Houzz. Tell me if you love these charmers as much as I do! Photo by Cottage Company of … [Read more...]

The Return to Small House Living

Turn on HGTV today and chances are you might see one of the popular tiny home shows. Before the economic downfall, the housing trend was leaning toward McMansions and then around 2009 a movement toward small house living was launched. You've probably seen those tiny houses that are less than 500 square feet in size. While that's a little small for my liking (I have claustrophobia), I can see the attraction toward cozier cottages. How adorable is … [Read more...]

Tiny Houses: Inside and Out

Do you think you could live in a tiny house?  I mean, really tiny, like a few hundred square feet or less?  I'm always amazed by people who choose to live in tiny houses. Yes, the homes are cute but I need a little bit of space. It might be fun to transport one of the smaller ones around America for a year's adventure though. I thought it'd be fun to feature some of these tiny houses on Houzz that are growing in popularity. Tiny House … [Read more...]

Charming Older Homes in Riverside, Illinois

Last weekend was my grandson's first birthday! My daughter decided on a lumberjack party theme and rented a little log cabin in Riverside, Illinois. It was such a cute party and I took lots of pictures which I'll share in a future post. After the party, hubby and I toured the tree-lined streets and of course I had to snap photos of the charming older homes. I love me a red house, and a gorgeous Victorian charmer is right up my alley! So much … [Read more...]

Home Exterior: What’s Your Favorite Style?

When you drive or walk around neighborhoods, do you find yourself drawn to one particular style of home exterior?  Or maybe you're drawn to a specific color of houses. Today I've got a collection of home exterior styles to share with you. I'd love to hear what style you prefer most! Photo by JB Architecture Group, Inc.   Craftsman Style Home Exterior Craftsman style is distinctly American. The houses typically have low pitched roofs and … [Read more...]

Board and Batten: Inside and Out

Years ago we installed board and batten in our downstairs bathroom and also on the wall up the stairway. It's one of my favorite architectural elements because it's easy to install, it adds instant dimension, and it's fairly inexpensive. In addition to all that, board and batten looks great both indoors and out. Today I'm sharing examples of both. Board and Batten: Indoor Examples Board and batten is a smart solution for spaces with soaring … [Read more...]

Historic District of Sycamore Illinois

A couple weeks ago I took you on a walk with me along the tree-lined streets of Sycamore, Illinois. Today we're taking another walk through the beautiful historic district of this charming little town. I'm such a huge fan of quaint architecture and if you follow my blog, I'm guessing you enjoy it as much as I do. This stunning home might look new, but it's not. It's lovingly and perfectly restored. An expansive porch is always a prized … [Read more...]

Decorating with Doors: Inside and Out

Normally you think of doors as something you shut to create privacy, or something you open to allow entrance into another space. But doors are far more than a functional piece; they create architectural statements inside and outside your home.  They can be sleek and modern, or paneled and traditional. Doors are beautiful in their natural wooden state; and they're fun and lively when painted bold colors. You'll find a number of ideas for … [Read more...]

9 Stairway Ideas to Love … Or Not

Several months ago hubby and I were talking about selling our house and moving into new construction. Now, we're weighing the idea of staying put and making some major renovations. Our decision will first and foremost depend on finances because I refuse to be house poor. At first I thought it would be easier to move, but having strangers traipse through our house with a critical eye is giving me the heebie jeebies. Not to mention the work of … [Read more...]

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