Historic Homes in St. Charles, Illinois

As the suburbs of Chicago continue to grow and spread, it seems there's always new homes popping up around our area. Most of this new construction consists of well-planned subdivisions with tract housing, providing new home buyers with the most square footage they can afford. This of course means that architectural amenities like ornate trim, custom windows, multi-floored bay windows, etc. are not included without paying for the … [Read more...]

10 Painted Ladies to Love

Ever since I developed a keen interest in architecture and old houses, I've had an ongoing love affair with painted ladies ... of the Victorian sort, that is. I love all the details they possess like gingerbread, fish scales, and bulls eye trim. Victorian houses are works of art and when they're painted to show off all their fancy filigrees, they're simply stunning! So it's with great pleasure that I share 10 painted ladies to love! Spring Lake … [Read more...]

Exposed Brick Walls

After spending a little time on Houzz the other day, I had a whim to dedicate one day a week to stuff I love other there ... and so begins Humpdays with Houzz! Each week I'm going to focus on some type of design element and share it with you. Houzz lets you easily embed their photos onto your own site. If you click on the photo - you'll be taken to the original for more information. My goal is to provide creative design and decorating … [Read more...]

Woodstock, Illinois ~ The Real Groundhog Day Movie Location

If you've seen the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray, you might think it was filmed in Punxsatawney, PA. But truth be told, the movie was filmed just a few towns north of where I live in Woodstock, Illinois. I've heard that the movie makers passed through Woodstock on the way to film the Blue Brothers and made a mental note of the idyllic town for a future film. Hubby and I recently made the trip to Woodstock on a pretty, snowy day. This … [Read more...]

Historic Galena: Little Brick Houses

One of my favorite weekend trips is a visit to historic Galena, Illinois. Even Midwest Living magazine has featured it on many occasions. Home of Ulysses S. Grant, Galena's main street is a shopping mecca of boutiques, antique stores, and many restaurants. But what I love most about Galena is its rolling hills and historic architecture. Brick homes abound in Galena. My uncle used to live here before retiring to Arizona. He lived in one of the … [Read more...]

These Old Houses

This past weekend my daughter and I ran the Fox Valley Half Marathon, which means I've been a little too tired to think about decorating and taking photos. So I poked around my folders and found a slew of old house pictures that I never posted! How did that happen? So without further adieu, here are the forgotten photos from earlier this spring, which by the way, is a great time to take photos of homes because there aren't any leafy trees to get … [Read more...]

More Historic Homes in Sycamore, Illinois

A little over a week ago my hubby and I took a little jaunt over to Sycamore to take a walk in the historic district. I took too many pictures to share in one post, so this is part two of some beautiful homes in the Land of Lincoln. (You can view the first post here.) A blue exterior and wrap-around porch paints a charming slice of Americana.Another roomy porch shows off unique half-moon cut-outs in the railing.A gorgeous brick home with … [Read more...]

Cottage Curb Appeal

Summer is a great time to think about sprucing up your front door. I love cruising around local neighborhoods for inspiration. What's not to love about this little porch with its pink flowers and bright green mailbox? Little blue birds highlight the yellow, iron archway framing the entrance.I love a blue door with an iron knocker and chippy trim.This cute little duplex entryway sports adorable yellow mailboxes with a matching yellow … [Read more...]

The Historic Streets of Sycamore, Illinois

Savannah, Georgia has some of the most amazing residential architecture in the United States, so beautiful that General Sherman didn't have the heart to burn it down during the Civil War. Travel quite a bit north to a cozy, Yankee town just 60 miles west of the heart of Chicago, whose gracious homes remind me of many found in that historic painted lady of Savannah. Won't you join me for a walk around Sycamore ...Sycamore is the quintessential … [Read more...]

Historic Homes in the Valley

If you can't tell by now, I love old homes! I grew up in a typical, suburban 1950's quad level (a twist on the tri-level) and when I grew up, I knew I wanted something different. My first house as an adult was a bungalow-type Sears catalog home built in the early 1900s. As soon as I stepped in the front door with the realtor, I knew it was "the one." Our second house was new construction and I hated it. Not that new homes aren't nice ... it just … [Read more...]

Flirtatious Front Doors

Do you have a flirtatious front door? Does it entice passers-by to "come hither" for a visit? Or, is it more like mine and gives a cold shoulder? This will be changing soon when we paint our home's exterior this summer, but for now, have a look at some flirtatious front doors in the 'hood.Love the contrast of the red lantern by the green door.A beautiful transom crowning an old red door.Pretty pansies, pussywillows, and … [Read more...]

Cozy Cottages in Batavia

Since my teens I've had a passionate love affair with old houses. Doesn't matter if they're large or small ... I love 'em all. When I was first married my mom and I would go for walks in historic districts, looking at the homes and sharing ideas on how we'd transform them if we lived there. Now mom is too old for long walks, so hubby has taken her place on these architectural outings. This past weekend was unusually warm in the Chicago 'burbs, so … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink

Would you live in a pink house? Our circa 1875 Victorian-style farmhouse was pink when we first moved in 15 years ago. And although I didn't mind since pink is my favorite color, we've since painted it a buttery yellow. I'm editing some photos of its exterior and hope to post them soon. For now, I'm giving a nod to our home's history by celebrating pink houses. What a darling home! From the pink clapboard to the white accents, this home has … [Read more...]

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