10 Vintage Steamer Trunk Ideas

A few years back I scoured our local flea markets and antique shops for a vintage steamer trunk. My goal was to find the right one to use as a coffee table but I ended up with a new coffee table made of mango wood. I still dream of a vintage steamer trunk in my house some day and found 10 ideas to keep the inspiration going. (This post contains affiliate links.) Photo by Wind and Willow Home I love the idea of a dark steamer trunk in the … [Read more...]

17 Rooms with Spectacular Views

If you're lucky enough to live on the water or in a mountain range, I hope you have a room with a view. But even if you live on the prairie, you can enjoy pretty views outside your window. Here's a collection of 17 rooms with spectacular views that will take your breath away! Mountain Views My first trip to the Rocky Mountains involved lodging at a camp that had a spectacular view of the mountains the moment you stepped out the cabin door. If … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Posts of 2018

At the beginning of each New Year I like to look back and see the top ten reader favorite blog posts here on Town and Country Living! 1. My Summer Colors Home Tour I chose an apple green color to brighten my rooms for the summer months.   2. My Christmas Home Tour My holiday home tours usually make the Top Ten list each year so this one comes as no surprise.   3. Simple Steps to Spring Decorating … [Read more...]

Adding Houseplants After Christmas

One thing I greatly miss after removing Christmas decorations is the greenery of the garlands and trees. So it's no surprise I focus on adding houseplants this time of year.   Houseplants not only add softness and greenery to rooms throughout the house, but they help filter the air. Those of us who live in colder climes can benefit with extra air filtration at a time when we have our doors and windows closed.   Plants … [Read more...]

Decorate with Dark Green to Create Cozy Rooms

In a nod to Christmas, I'm featuring rooms that are decorated with dark green. Two days ago I featured charming red front doors. Dark green is a color that most people don't typically apply to their walls, but I think you'll see how warm and inviting the color can be. Photo by Teddy Edwards   An airy kitchen gets a bit of drama with a dark green, expansive island. I love this rich shade of green. Photo by Teddy Edwards   Subway … [Read more...]

Embrace Winter with Faux Fur Decor

Embrace the cold short days of winter with cozy faux fur decor indoors. I'm not a big fan of winter but I'm trying really hard to enjoy it.     Today is the first Saturday of the month, which means it's Cozy Living Saturday when a few friends of mine get together to show our favorite ways to live cozily. You can visit everyone's cozy goodness - links are at the end of the post. Although I love getting cozy decorating for … [Read more...]

11 Fabulous Fireplace Examples

Take the chill out of the air with fabulous fireplace examples to warm your home! Photo by TMS Architects   Earlier this week I shared warm and cozy living room ideas. We'll keep those fires burning with some truly beautiful fireplaces and mantels. Like this vintage Victorian style mantel. Photo by red.   Decorative tile and flanking bookcases surround this traditional fireplace. Photo by Goff Architecture   I always love … [Read more...]

Warm and Cozy Living Room: 10 Ideas

Lately I've had a craving! Not for chocolate, but for a warm and cozy living room that leaves you feeling like you've just been given a big old hug. Photo by Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.   There are many ways to create a warm and cozy living room. Mix and match fabrics to provide depth - and of course, light a fire in the fireplace. Photo by Дарья Харитонова   Natural woodwork and a beautiful rug lends cozy warmth to any … [Read more...]

My Visit to Floor & Decor in Chicago

Sometime between now and Christmas we plan to paint our family room a new color, but that's not all. I want to create an accent wall to add depth and interest to the space - meaning I'd like to add a wood texture treatment or similar to one wall. The family room wall with no windows and our large architectural print is the wall I'd like to treat.   For this project, I felt like a little professional expertise would be helpful. I chose … [Read more...]

Create a Cozy Reading Corner

Today it's 80 degrees in Illinois. On Thursday and Friday the temps drop down to the 40s. This is fall weather in the Midwest. To be prepared for the temperature drop, I like to create a cozy reading corner in my house. Here's a few ideas to help you create your own special place. Photo by Lisa Burdus Interior Design A cozy reading corner starts with a big comfy chair. I've always been fond of tufted furniture, and this chair looks like it's … [Read more...]

How to Decorate with Hats!

In the master bedroom of my first home, I had a collection of hats populating one wall. I loved the look and often wonder why I haven't recreated it in my current home. While reminiscing I thought it'd be fun to gather some inspirational pictures showing how to decorate with hats. Photo by Emily Griffin Design   The entryway is an obvious place to decorate with hats. Whether propped on hooks or nailed to the wall, inside a door is a … [Read more...]

Landscape Painting Wall Art: 14 Ideas

Maybe it's the cooler days - or maybe it's the golden glow of farm fields after harvest. All I know is, I'm really drawn to landscape oil paintings lately. Here's 14 inspirational rooms that have used a landscape painting to decorate the room. A warm living room uses a peaceful scene atop the fireplace mantel. Photo by Carolina Design Associates, LLC   Note how the red of the tree in the oil painting in the room beyond matches the red of … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Mantel in Burgundy and Gray

Cupid shot me with autumn's arrow and I'm hopelessly ready for the most beautiful season. I'm also love-struck with burgundy and copper candle holders that now grace my Pottery Barn inspired fall mantel. (This post contains affiliate links.)   A gorgeous collection of burgundy, rose, and copper candle holders jumped off the pages of Pottery Barn's fall catalog and into my heart. It was at that precise moment that I knew my fall decor … [Read more...]

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