Painted Floors: Would You Do It?

I’m not sure when my love of painted floors began, but I think it had something to do with my grandmother’s squeaky clean basement floors that she painted battleship gray. Her basement was hands down, the cleanest basement I’ve ever seen. There wasn’t a spiderweb in sight, no stacked boxes of stored stuff, and had beautiful light from a door that led to the backyard. I don’t see too many painted floors in houses I visit and I’m not sure why. I have them throughout my own home and they’re so easy to clean and maintain.

10 Examples of Fun Painted FloorsI’ve gathered some favorite painted floors from Houzz to share with you today. Let me know what you think!  (Note: To pin the embedded images from Houzz below, please click on the photos to be taken where they reside.)


Beach Style Entry by Providence Interior Designers & Decorators Hollester Interiors

A cozy coastal entryway wears a cool shade of blue on the floor. Sand from the beach is easy to sweep up on a bare floor like this. Carpeting would be a nightmare for the carefree lifestyle that comes with a beach-side home.


Traditional Staircase by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

If you think painted floors are only for casual homes, think again!  Black paint adds elegance to this grand house.


Farmhouse Kitchen

 Are you a fan of patterned floors?  One of my childhood friends had a black and white checkerboard floor in her historic home’s kitchen that I thought was so cool.


Beach Style Dining Room by Providence Interior Designers & Decorators Hollester Interiors

If you prefer a softer look, consider adding a gray and white checkerboard pattern.


Beach Style Dining Room by South West Paint & Wall Coverings Farrow & Ball

A Gustavian style dining room wears the same shade of gray as my grandmother’s basement floors. What’s great about painted floors is they don’t stain like carpeting and are easier to clean. And if the floor happens to chip, you simply give it a paint touch-up. Although I have to say, some of the most beautiful painted floors are slightly weathered and worn.


Farmhouse Entry by Portsmouth Interior Designers & Decorators Lisa Teague Design Studios

If you love color in your home, look no further than painted floors! There are so many ways to embellish your floors with paint. And if you get tired of the color, it’s easy to change it … unlike carpet that has to be removed and replaced.


Farmhouse Bedroom by Salem Photographers Tess Fine

I love classic white floors!  When I pulled out the carpet from our old farmhouse, I found white painted floors underneath. I ended up painting them chocolate brown to add drama to my rooms. One of my favorite consignment stores has white painted floors and every time I go there, I tell my hubby that I want white weathered floors. Plus I love the way wood furniture looks atop white flooring.


Transitional Kitchen by Richmond Design-Build Firms Metzger Design

Another fun checkerboard floor, proving that small spaces can wear cheerful patterns too!


Traditional Family Room by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts

How about striped painted floors with a fun star medallion?


Traditional Porch by Berwyn Architects & Building Designers Peter Zimmerman Architects

If you like the look of painted floors but you’re nervous about touching your wood floors with a paint brush, consider painting a porch floor. You can use porch floor paint both inside and out.

So what do you think? Are painted floors something you’d consider adding to your home?


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  1. The floors in the photos are beautiful! I would paint a porch floor (if I had one). I would only paint the wood floors in the house if they were damaged. That’s my thinking on painting furniture, too. I love to paint something wood that is damaged and see it blossom, but I can’t bear to paint perfectly good wood.

  2. We did it about 8 years ago! I have loved it every day. We have high traffic and large dogs and it is still going strong. We painted ours white and it is shiny. It cleans like a dream. And we have never looked back!

  3. I was just talking about this with my room mate. However, I have cement under my carpets. I have 5 dogs so I need to get rid of the carpets. Do you have any pictures of cement painted floors? I would love to see them.
    I adore your blog.
    thanks, rosie

  4. I cant talk hubby into painting living room floors. But I did get him to let my paint the bedroom floors. I love it so much I am thinking of expanding to my office!

  5. I love painted floors too, though I don’t have any painted floors in my house. They make me nostalgic too, as many people had painted floors in their homes when I was growing up and they do seem to lend a clean look to many rooms. This is a really great post on painted floors!