Candles Aglow Fall Table Setting

Are you loving all the fall decor you're seeing around blogland and in decorating magazines?  I don't know which is prettier ... Fall or Christmas decor. But let's stick with Fall for now because Christmas season will be here soon enough (although it's already arrived in home decor stores). Today I'm joining a lovely group of ladies for an inspirational tour of beautiful tablescapes, which we call "It's All Set." I'm calling mine a "candles … [Read more...]

Everyday Table Setting for Your Family to Enjoy

Life gets busy and it's easy to settle down for dinner in front of the TV to unwind and catch up on the day's news. But I do think it's important to eat  meals together as a family and catch up on each other's news instead of the world news. To make the evening meal (or even a noon meal) special, create a simple everyday table setting to add a bit of beauty to breaking bread together in the kitchen.  I literally created this table … [Read more...]

Summer Fresh Table Setting with Napkin Folding Tutorial

Even though summer is a busy season, I do love summer dinner parties. Whether it's here in my home, at a friend's house, or even at a local restaurant ... there's just something about gathering with friends and family to break bread and enjoy a little vino. Today is the second Wednesday of the month which means I'm joining my tablescape friends to bring you a variety of table settings with "It's All Set." Today's summer fresh table setting … [Read more...]

Coastal Style Table Setting

I must have summer on my brain and in my heart because this is my second beach-themed post this week. I'm joining fellow bloggers for another installment of "It's All Set" which celebrates the art of table setting.  As a kid, I never would have thought of it as an "art" but rather as a chore.  In the long run, my mother taught me well and I now appreciate the beauty of setting a pretty table. Today, I bring you a very simple coastal style table … [Read more...]

Pink and Green Table Setting

Happy Humpday! I'm honored to join a new monthly series called "It's All Set" with a few fellow bloggers. The second Wednesday of each month we're sharing a special table setting with you. Today's theme is all about spring so I'm sharing a tablescape in 2 of my favorite spring colors ... a pink and green table setting! I'm also including a few of my table setting tips too.Beautiful pink dahlias were the inspiration for my spring table … [Read more...]

Spring Bulb Centerpiece

Do you love simple centerpieces that aren't fussy but lend an air of prettiness to your table? I found a 6-pack container of spring hyacinth bulbs at the garden center and turned half of the pack into a spring bulb centerpiece. It was easy to make and didn't require any artistic flower arranging skills.I can never resist purple hyacinths. They're the most fragrant of the hyacinths and their scent evokes special memories for me.  It … [Read more...]

Front Porch Dining with World Market

A few unseasonably warm spring days have graced our region and on one such day I took advantage of the balmy weather and created a front porch dining space using colorful and fun items from World Market.I love the color coordinating jewel tones I found throughout the store. And I'm super excited to say that World Market asked me to share my front porch dining scene on their blog!  For more photos and to find what products I used … [Read more...]

Christmas Table Setting in Blue, Silver, and Gold

Christmas is coming ... quickly! Seems it gets here faster every year. I'm hosting Christmas at my house this year so I've been playing around with a Christmas table setting or too. I found some gorgeous plates at the flea market last month with the intent of using them for Christmas dinner. My first idea for a holiday tablescape involves a little bit of blue and silver.  I'm joining a group of blogging friends today to share our Christmas … [Read more...]

Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

Remember when you were a kid and reenacted the pilgrim's first Thanksgiving in grade school? I loved it!  Some of us would dress as pilgrims, and some would dress as Indians.  We'd do a little play (I never got the parts with reading lines, unfortunately) and talk about what the pilgrims ate at a long harvest table. That first harvest table is the inspiration for today's simple Thanksgiving table setting with natural elements. Today I'm joining a … [Read more...]

3 Simple Thanksgiving Centerpieces

When I became a vegetarian a few years ago, I knew I would hate giving up turkey on Thanksgiving Day. I'm not a fan of tofurkey because ... well, it's fake.  I typically include a vegetable soup at Thanksgiving, something creamy and a little rich. Since so much time and energy is invested in cooking the meal, I like to keep the table decorations easy and uncomplicated. Today I've got 3 simple Thanksgiving centerpieces for you. I'll choose one of … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Decorating with Friends

So much attention is given to Halloween and Christmas that Thanksgiving is often overlooked. It's a wonderful holiday where we express all that we're thankful for, and one thing I especially appreciate is the blogging community. I've had the chance to meet some warm and wonderful people who are always supportive and encouraging. I asked a few of those friends to share their Thanksgiving decorating inspiration with all of you. Be sure to visit the … [Read more...]

A Cozy Breakfast Table for Two

On occasion it's fun to set a cozy breakfast table for two ... whether it's for you and a friend, you and your hubby, or you and whoever. In my opinion, food seems to taste better when you have a nice place setting to stage it. Isn't that why we like to go out to eat at a nice restaurant? In addition to having someone else do the cooking, it's the whole dining experience that makes the meal so enjoyable Rather than set a couple places at our … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Place Cards

Thanksgiving is a few days away and that means I get to set a pretty table for the family and cook a fabulous turkey with all the trimmings. This year I've ordered a fresh turkey for my family from Reams Meat Market, which is well known throughout Chicagoland. I decided to customize our Thanksgiving table with DIY Fall place cards. I love using natural elements to decorate because it's inexpensive and pretty. If you don't have any pretty leaves … [Read more...]

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