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Christmas Country Home Tour 2019

Welcome to my Christmas Country Home Tour!! Getting the house ready for Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk is a bit of work but lots of fun and it’s such an honor to be included every year! I’ll warn you now – there are a lot of photos ahead – I sincerely hope you draw inspiration from my holiday decorating. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk


The 2019 Holiday Housewalk started on Monday and I hope you’ll view each day’s collection of Christmas homes. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed! I’m house #19 and if you’re going through the line-up, that means you’re coming over from Melaine’s spectacular home at My Sweet Savannah. Welcome friends!

Holiday Housewalk - My Sweet Savannah


The Holiday Housewalk is the biggest blog event for me each year. When I first started blogging my goal was to somehow wiggle my way into the line-up. I managed to finagle an invitation for the 2014 Christmas tour and have participated ever since!

Christmas Decorating in Country Home Entryway


When you cross the threshold of my front door, you’ll be greeted by a pair of rattan chairs, cozy throws, fluffy pillows, and a green wreath with rustic bells. This space sets the mood and feel for my entire Christmas country home.

Country Home Entryway with Christmas Decor


Most of my holiday decor has accrued over the years – I didn’t spend much money on a lot of new things (well, just a few). While shopping I saw a LOT of red in the holiday sections of stores and the only red you’ll find is in my kitchen which I’m sharing tomorrow.

Christmas Home Tour


Honestly, I’m totally okay with being off trend and not using a lot of red because I love the soft, earthy appeal of a more neutral approach to Christmas decorating. It feels like Mother Nature visited my house and the look is more inline with my interior paint colors. Greenery and poinsettias throughout my home represent flora and fur throws and pillows represent fauna.

Christmas Decorating in Country Home Entryway


Little birds also help to bring the outdoors in – even during the Christmas season. And candles? Well, you have to have candles during the holidays! I did keep one of my prized brown bottles on display because a) brown is the color of wood which is part of the Christmas nature them and b) look how great evergreen branches with little pine cones look tucked inside the bottle.

Country Style Christmas Vignette



My cozy sitting room is next to the entryway and displays the Christmas tree I was supposed to create last year. I had purchased a variety of green ornaments on sale after Christmas 2017 in anticipation of creating a green and silvery white tree the following year. But if you saw my 2018 Christmas tour you know that I spied a birch bark ribbon that totally changed my approach for last year’s tree. I went with a bronze and neutral Christmas tree in 2018.

Christmas Tree and Decorating in the Sitting Room


A collection of ornaments that didn’t make it onto the green and silver Christmas tree in the sitting room are cradled in one of my wooden bowls on the coffee table.

Green White and Silver Christmas Ornaments


Here’s one of the pretty green ornaments I found on sale in 2017 that sat in a box for two years, unused and unloved. LOL. I couldn’t neglect these beauties again this year.

Green Glass Christmas Ornament


More ornaments fill a pedestal bowl on the buffet flanked by a creamy poinsettia at the other end. Although I’m happy I finally used my “new” green ornaments, it still isn’t the tree I really wanted this year. That tree – is in my family room which you’ll see in a moment.

Green White and Silver Christmas Ornaments


Each year I wait with anticipation for our local greenhouse, Shady Hill Gardens, to open their poinsettia greenhouse for the season. The display of flowers is just spectacular and I’m always drawn to the white poinsettias. They just look so pure – like the birth of baby Jesus – pure and holy.

Creamy White Poinsettia


My vintage mantel in the sitting room is layered with more of the luscious creamy white poinsettias and some faux greens. I’d prefer to use real greens but they’re messy and expensive. So I settle for the imposters and burn balsam and cedar candles in the house to create an evergreen scent.

Vintage Christmas Mantel with Creamy Poinsettias


A garland of sleigh bells hangs above my wooden rocking reindeer. I found the old basket at a flea market for one dollar. It even came with a lid.

Vintage Christmas Mantel with Creamy Poinsettias


Sometimes I’m lucky and can keep my poinsettias alive through the spring. I’ve yet to try planting them outside in the summer though. Let me know if you’ve had success doing that.

Creamy Poinsettias on Vintage Mantel



Next up is the dining room which is adjacent to my entryway and wears the same Downtown paint color from Benjamin Moore. Depending on the light, the walls sometimes look more brown, and sometimes look more green. It’s fascinating the way the color changes.

Country Christmas Home Tour - Dining Room


This is the first time I’ve decorated the dining room chandelier. I was trying to figure out ways to use ornaments that didn’t make it onto my trees – I hate not using ALL the ornaments.

Christmas Country Home Tour - The Dining Room


I chose the bronze and gold ornaments since they match the patina of the chandelier.

Christmas Chandelier with Bronze and Gold Ornaments


Every year I have to display bottle brush trees and this Christmas country home tour is no different. I’m pretty passionate about these simple beauties. I cradled them in this hammered metal tin I recently found but don’t remember where I found it! Maybe Target?

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees is Large Metal Tin


My gray ceramic houses are another holiday favorite of mine and this year they’re displayed on the console table in the dining room with new creamy bottle brush trees and a couple of new metallic ones, too.

Vintage Christmas Village with Creamy Bottle Brush Trees


A few vintage snowmen make the scene. I’ve had this little guy for years.

Vintage Christmas Village with Ceramic Houses and Bottle Brush Trees


And I’ve had this guy for a while, too.

Vintage Christmas Village with Ceramic Houses and Bottle Brush Trees


This fella is a new find. Look carefully and you can see the light inside the houses. They’re so pretty at night.

Snowman Christmas Village with Ceramic Houses and Bottle Brush Trees


Finally, my other dining room buffet has a few simple holiday touches.

Buffet in Christmas Country Home Dining Room


Faux Christmas flowers and greens fill my large, super heavy vase from Pottery Barn that I splurged on this past fall. A pair of wooden Christmas trees add just a touch of green.

Buffet in Christmas Country Home Dining Room



Let’s head on into the family room which looks a little different this year with its dark gray walls. The color is Mole’s Breath by Farrow and Ball and I love it. I was a little nervous going so dark but the room feels so cozy now and its warm vibe helps me through winter. The architectural print of the Paris train station is from my favorite store ever – Cocoon in Geneva. The conifer print to the right is also from Cocoon.

Country Home Family Room with Mole's Breath Paint by Farrow and Ball


More ornaments fill a rustic wooden bowl on the coffee table.

Christmas Country Home Tour - The Family Room


The tree that I wanted this year is in the family room. A green tree – for a change.

Christmas Tree in Dark Gray Family Room


The tree is from Balsam Hill. Here’s what it looks like lit up.

Christmas Tree in Dark Gray Family Room


And this is what it looks like without the lights on.

Rustic Christmas Tree in Country Home


I loaded her up with rustic type ornaments, starting with the wood bead garland and other wooden or nature-inspired ornaments like the little bird house.

Rustic Christmas Tree with Wood Bead Garland and Nature Inspired Ornaments


Rustic Christmas Tree with Wood Bead Garland and Nature Inspired Ornaments


Glass Globe Ornament with Reindeer Scene


Rustic Christmas Tree with Wood Bead Garland and Nature Inspired Ornaments


French Bird with Crown Christmas Ornament


I’m kind of like Kevin from Home Alone when it comes to Christmas. It’s always all about the tree! And speaking of which, I drove past the Home Alone house in Winnetka this past weekend and will be sharing more about that adventure. Stay tuned!

Rustic Christmas Tree with Wood Bead Garland and Nature Inspired Ornaments



My Christmas Country Home tour is the final stop on today’s installment of the Holiday Housewalk. Tomorrow begins with my friend Lucy’s stunning Canadian home over at Craftberry Bush. See you there tomorrow, bright and early!

Craftberry Bush Holiday Housewalk Tour


Visit MY HOLIDAY SHOP for more Christmas inspiration!! You’ll find trees, wreaths, ornaments, pillows, throws, tableware, and more!

Holiday Shopping at Town and Country Living

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  1. Your home is lovely! I so enjoy your blog, we are retired living in Florida now but we spent 40+ years in Naperville where our 3 girls grew up and one still lives with her family. I love hearing about your adventures in all my old favorite spots., you bring back so many wonderful memories for me. The Little Traveller use to have lunch on Dec 26~a girls family tradition for years, great lunch and wonderful sales!

    1. Hi Lois! Thanks for letting me know you used to live in Naperville. It’s a beautiful town! I love walking along the riverwalk there. I was just at the Little Traveler last week. I wanted to visit Joe Greenberg who is still working there even though he’s 93 years young! Maybe you know who he is. It was good to see him and the Traveler is still as busy as ever!

  2. Jennifer your holiday home is a beauty! Love the garland & ornament draped chandelier, and the bowl of bottle-brush trees… the console-table village, and your beautiful tree!
    Happy Christmas!!

  3. Jennifer, your house looks beautiful, as always! It has such a nice, warm, rustic Christmas feel about it. Really, really beautiful. So peaceful.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    New Hampshire

  4. I love your decorations especially your tree. The look to me is warm, nostalgic and “vintagy” all in one. I like how you added (to me) just the right amount of colour to the tree. Happy Holidays! Sandra

  5. I knew it would be wonderful, i love your house and how you style it, it looks so dreamy. I love your new rattan chairs they fit your home so well.

  6. Your home is always one of my favorites on the Holiday Home Tour! I love the earthy tones throughout your house and the new paint color in your living room – very cozy! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen! Oh, and we have the same white poinsettias filling our Orangery this year for our holiday display. Love the bright white against the dark green leaves and they look great on your mantel!

    1. Thanks so much Tamara! I thought of you the other day. I was at the Chicago Botanic Garden for their light display and walked past the waterlily pond and it reminded me of you! Hope all is well with you!

  7. Girl, I want to tell you what; your home is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I have been following you for several years and have LOVED watching your design evolve and mature into pure exquisiteness. You’ve made my day by sharing. Without a doubt, your home is my very favorite!

  8. Oh, Jennifer, it all looks spectacular but I think my favorite is your family room. It looks so cozy. I love those ornaments in the bowl, that moody wall color, and the scandi tree. So very beautiful. xx Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and Happy new year!

  9. I have to tell you one more time that your home is so warm, so cozy and so comforting. Whether holiday or not, you do amazing things, but this year it is especially beautiful. Do not ever allow me in that family room – I would never leave.
    Thank you once again for showing us that non-traditional holiday decor is not only possible, but, in my opinion, genuinely beautiful.

  10. Very lovely and warm. You’ve rolled all Christmas coziness into one. I love every bit of your home and the Snowmen made my day. Thank you for inviting us in.

  11. So much beauty to take in! Your trees, your cozy family room, your small houses, the chandelier…. it’s all so pretty. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cozy holiday home. Happy holidays!

  12. Jennifer, I love your home. We recently bought new sofa and love seat in a dark grey. I was having a hard time thinking how I could decorate. You gave me inspiration with your grey sofa. Have Very Merry Christmas!!