Clever (and Obvious) Ways to Use Baskets

Basketry is an ancient craft that’s older than pottery and stone carving. Humans have been making baskets since 8000 to 6000 BC. Baskets were used to contain and store almost everything. Perhaps this longevity, along with the artistry of the craft, is what makes baskets a never-ending part of our daily lives.

Laundry room organization with shelves and baskets

The laundry room is a popular spot for baskets. Above, a wire basket corrals green bottles while woven baskets keep towels neat and tidy so they don’t fall over onto the floor.

You’ll find a variety of weaves which adds to their appeal. Some have handles, some don’t. Some are woven into unique shapes, others are quite simple.

Bench and baskets with towels in bathroom


A trio of small baskets on a bathroom shelf store small toiletries and other items needed for personal hygiene. This looks much more attractive than a bunch of bottles or containers piled up.

Bird statue and baskets on bathroom shelf


Baskets always look pretty tucked into a shelving unit. Even a pretty, Victorian style living room makes use of the utilitarian vessels. Games, books, CDs, remote controls – you name it. Keep things tidy and out of sight.

Blue Victorian Style Living Room


When I was in college, I babysat for a young family who lived on a budget as most new families do. I told the mom that I loved her decorating style and wondered how she stretched her dollars so well. She confided in me that all of her pretty baskets were purchased at garage sales or thrift shops. She almost never spent more than a dollar on a basket.

I like to keep extra pillows and blankets in baskets where it’s easy to grab extra comfort and softness when needed.

Wicker basket with gray cushions, houseplant and guitar on floor


Have you ever turned a basket upside down and used it as a table? This makeshift table comes in handy at a picnic when you want to elevate food away from ants.

Upside Down Basket as Table


A painted white basket makes the perfect base for a pretty spring flower arrangement. Wouldn’t this look fabulous hanging on a front door?

Spring Flowers in White Basket


Perhaps my favorite way to use baskets is to hold plants. They add natural texture which adds to the organic appeal of a plant. This is my philodendron shortly after I purchased it. Several months later I thought it was going to die – it looked pretty sick. I put it outside for the summer and it rebounded and is doing quite well again. Makes me happy!

Healthy Philodendron in Boho Chic Basket

What’s one of your favorite uses for baskets in the home?


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  1. I could never decorate or organize our home without baskets. I love them in all shapes and sizes . Everything from the very large one I use on our hearth right now holding evergreens and pine cones to a little nantucket basket in my master bathroom which holds sundries. The dog even has her own basket for her tennis balls and chew toys. Their is not a room in my house where they aren’t essential. Love to hunt for new ones in thrift and antiques stores. My best recent find was a great african basket that was used as a produce container but I use it to contain extra pillows in the family room .

  2. I don’t decorate with baskets, but I do love them for organization, especially in the utility room, one to hold paper towels, another to hold detergents, etc. I also use one to collect paper recycling. This was a great post, Jennifer. Thank you.

  3. They are the best for organizing, I have different sizes in almost every room. Great post, thanks and have a Happy New Year.