Wooden Bowls Bring Nature Inside Your Home

I’ve never met a wooden bowl I didn’t like. They have timeless beauty with organic appeal and look great with every decorating style.

Set of Hand Carved Wooden BowlsPhoto by Zach LaPerriere, Wood Artist


Look how great this rustic wooden bowl looks in a streamlined kitchen. It’s such a great statement piece with a rich, organic feel.

Rustic Organic Wood Bowl on Kitchen IslandPhoto by fox-nahem associates


A wooden dough bowl is a huge favorite with fans of farmhouse style. It looks wonderful no matter what it cradles inside.

Contemporary Kitchen with Wooden Dough BowlPhoto by


An over-sized dough bowl takes up residence on the lower shelf of a living room coffee table. Natural wood is perfect for bringing a bit of the outdoors inside.

Beach Style Family RoomPhoto by Pure Salt Interiors


I recently bought a wood carving book for my husband, hoping to pique his interest in whittling wooden spoons for his beloved wife. I think he’ll need to add wooden bowls to his list of carving projects.

Artichokes in a Natural Wood BowlPhoto by Rikki Snyder


Let’s face it. Wooden bowls look great no matter where you place them.

Laundry Room with Natural Wood TonesPhoto by Birdseye Design



Rustic Natural KitchenPhoto by Bon Bon Home & Garden


How about a wooden sink in your bathroom?

Rustic Bathroom with Wood SinkPhoto by North Fork Builders of Montana, Inc.


Kitchen shelves look amazing with a menagerie of wood bowls, pottery, and plants.

Eclectic Kitchen with Open ShelvesPhoto by David Dalton Inc.


I have a passion for all things made from real wood. Especially hand carved bowls and spoons. You can purchase bowls like the one shown below from Zach LaPerriere who carves from ancient trees in Alaska.

Hand Carved Wooden Bowl for DiningPhoto by Zach LaPerriere, Wood Artist


Isn’t this wooden bowl at the foot of the bed perfect for holding yarn and knitting supplies? I recently purchased a rustic wood bowl for my dining table. I created a little vignette with it that I’ll share soon.

Scandinavian Bedroom in Neutral ColorsPhoto by Button & Sprung


Now that you know one of my decorating passions, what decorating items are a must-have in your home?


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I try to get a wooden bowl from our travels, preferably artisan made. It has made a lovely collection. I love your choices!

  2. I too collect artisan wooden bowls , and have all sizes , they hold a few of my other collections. Thanks for these examples.

  3. The bowl at the foot of the bed with yarn in it??? That home obviously does not have cats. I know you can imagine the damage just waiting to happen. 🙂

    I love wooden bowls but find that the artisan created bowls are beyond my budget. My daughter is a potter and there is an artist in her co-op group that creates wood pieces, so I may have to see if she can get me a deal on one – or if she can wrangle one for me as a Christmas gift – even better.

    You posted some beautiful examples and I’m looking forward to seeing your new wooden bowl purchase.