Cozy Bedroom with Kantha Blanket

Welcome to the third installment of our Cozy Living series! Each month our “cozy group” brings ideas for hygge style living on the first Saturday. It’s all about simple comforts, foods, and traditions! You’ll find links to cozy living ideas by my blogging friends at the end of this post. January is proving to be a blustery, frosty month so I hope you’re all staying warm and bundled up. To help protect against winter’s worst, I purchased a wonderful kantha blanket that’s fabulous for so many reasons! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Kantha Blanket and Boho Pillow


For the most part, my new kantha blanket stays on my bed. We’ve had below zero temps at night so an extra blanket proves useful if I get cold in the middle of the night.

Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom with Kantha Blanket


So what’s a kantha blanket, you ask? In Sanskrit, “kantha” means rags. For many, many years, Bengali women have taken vintage sari rags and used a simple running stitch to sew them into two-sided blankets to keep their family warm.

My authentic kantha blanket came from Hand & Cloth, an organization dedicated to providing dignified work to at-risk women.

Hand and Cloth Organization


In Bangladesh, girls are often seen as a financial burden to their families. Many end up victims of sex-trafficking. Hand & Cloth creates a means for these women to earn money in a reputable manner.

Kantha Blanket from Hand and Cloth


This is my all-time favorite blanket. I love knowing that a woman from the other side of the globe stitched it by hand. Hand & Cloth teaches these women that just like their blankets are unique and handmade, they too are unique and handmade by God.

Cozy Hand-stitched Kantha Blanket



Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom with Kantha Blanket


A few candles and an ironstone pitcher of white tulips adds a little little bit of romantic appeal to my cozy bedroom during the cold and wintry month of January.

Winter Farmhouse Bedroom


Trio of Wooden Candle Holders


These authentic kantha blankets are two-sided. I chose one that’s blue on one side, brown on the other. They’re available in a variety of patterns and colors. Each one is unique!

Authentic Kantha Blanket


Here you can see more of the pattern on the brown side.

Authentic Kantha Blanket


Although authentic kantha blankets are a bit pricey through Hand & Cloth, I didn’t mind paying for it since the purchase helps at-risk women in Bangladesh. And while it’s perfect for cuddling up during winter months, the fabric is cotton so it’s cool enough to enjoy on summer days that aren’t too hot. You can see the blanket is large enough to wrap all the way around. Some people even use them as table cloths.

Getting Cozy with a Kantha Blanket


Here’s a short video that shows the beauty of these hand-stitched blankets from Hand & Cloth.

 You can shop lower-priced kantha blankets on Amazon or choose from the carousel:



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  1. What a beautiful blanket for such an amazing cause! I can;t wait to look into Hand & Cloth. This would make such wonderful Mother’s Day/Birthday gifts. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

  2. These are beautiful and I love that they support such an amazing cause. wonderful artistry. Oh my goodness, LOVED seeing you sitting reading Country Living. xx

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful product and ministry. I love that you put in the picture of you wrapped so snuggly in the blanket, it really helps us, as readers, feel connected to you and not just your home or hobbies. Please continue to personalize your blog, your life is a gift to us!
    PS: Can you give any info on that beautiful blue pillow?!!

  4. Vickie Toombs says thanks for sharing this wonderful blanket. They are beautiful ,made by beautiful people! I will be purchasing one in the future. Your beautiful yourself. You have a gorgeous home. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Vickie

  5. thanks for sharing this organization and your beautiful blanket. makes me sad when I am complaining about the cold weather and others have it so far worse then I could ever imagine. PS- you look all cozy!