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Last weekend I took a little detour on the way home from seeing my daughter. Rather than turn right toward home, I turned left to venture down a dirt road that leads to Garfield Farm and Tavern. It had just snowed and I knew the historic farm on 281 acres would present me with some good photo ops. I took so many pictures I decided to split the post up. So welcome to part two of my little visit to Garfield Farm on the Illinois prairie. (You can read part one here.)

The red brick stagecoach inn awaits visitors entering the charming gate of a white picket fence.
The little white sign reads “T.P. Garfield.”
The side entrance to the inn reveals another gate.
I fell in love with all the fences carving their way through the landscape.
The back of the inn is just as charming (if not more so) as the front.
One of several photogenic barns dotting the historic farmstead.
What’s this quaint little building? It’s home to …
… these feathered friends!
This white one got a little testy if you neared too close.
And then there was this cockadoodledoo who made lots of noise!
Let’s move to a safer, quieter place on the farm. Who lives here?
These cuddly cuties! No amount of coaxing was going to lure them any closer.
The handsome little fella waiting by the open gate is my grandson, Aiden.
He enjoyed the farm just as much as I did. Every turn we made revealed something new to explore.
Oh boy … we definitely don’t want to get too close to these big studs!
Good thing they’re behind a closed gate.
What else can we find at Garfield Farm? So much to explore on a wintry afternoon.
Oh, wouldn’t this be great decor back at home? I was a good girl and left it in place.
This home isn’t original to the property but was moved here and now serves as the visitor’s center.
I was happy to see this rustic fence … it’s the same type of fence that encircles my backyard.
I hadn’t seen another one like it until we visited the farm.
Yep, this is pretty much what my backyard fence looks like. You can see it here.
Love this cute little door and the light above it!
And so, goodbye to Garfield Farm for now.

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  1. This is such a beautiful spot Jennifer. Thanks for the lovely tour. Now, I’m going to check out your backyard fence. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Mom, this is so cute! I love your photos. I love the feathered friends..I can’t wait until it gets warm and we can photog together all the time! 🙂

  3. Loved all these pictures of such a great place. The snow just made everything that much more beautiful!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Wow, Our area looks so wonderful in your photos. You are really a natural photographer! Simply Beautiful!

  5. I love all the fences, barns, and old buildings on this farm. You have done a great job of capturing them.

  6. Such a beautiful place to visit. I could spend a lot of time there exploring. Beautiful pictures!

  7. What a great trip! I see that you have much snow left. I wish you a wonderful Sunday! Zinnias

  8. What a neat place! I enjoyed “visiting” Garfield farm, as it is so different from what we have in California!

  9. I love animals so much that my family always says I should be on a farm. Needless to say, I really enjoyed seeing your pictures today with all the farm animals. Looks like a really fun place to visit!

    Speaking of visiting, thanks for stopping by Cozy Home Kitchen and commenting on my spring tablescape!

    Hope you’re having a great Sunday.

  10. This is such a beautiful blog posting. I loved the old buildings and the farm animals are the best. Great photos!!!

  11. Beautiful images! Your photography is spectacular

  12. Really enjoyed your farm posts and all the little animals. Oh, what we wouldn’t give for some of that snow down here in Texas!

  13. Jennifer! These photos are stunning! Each one is a delight! Great job! Everything looks so crisp and beautiful with a fresh layer of snow. I truly enjoyed this!

  14. Beautiful place and gorgeous pictures!

  15. Wonderful photos, dear lady. Farms are so beautiful, but especially when there’s an old home on it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. That inn is awesome, Jennifer! Wow! And your photography is beautiful! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  17. I just found you over at DebbieDoos, and love these beautiful photos you captured. I especially like the old barn. I also had to run over to check out your cottage, and it is so charming. I’m a new follower, both through GFC & LF. Please come for a visit.

  18. a beautiful farmstead! lots of great buildings and fences to feed the eyes.

  19. This was a wonderful tour…I love that first barn shot…not that I don’t like all the photos. But it was just my favorite.

  20. wow, what great shots. thank you for sharing with barn charm. (:

  21. What a wonderful post! I love the barn and the animals!

  22. These is why I love the country side so many things that I find beautiful!

    Blue Charm

  23. So glad to come back a second time and view your photos again. Just love this place!

  24. That detour was well worth it! What a gorgeous location and the snow added an extra touch to the beautiful setting. Love seeing all the animals there!

  25. Looks like a great place to spend a day. Lovely pictures. I just love the geese!

  26. What a beautiful spot. I would so like to spend some time here, love those cute geese and furbabbies. This is a detour that really was worth taking. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

  27. What an awesome place, your photos are beautiful!

  28. Thank you for sharing these lovely shots. Beautiful.

  29. Thank you for this beautiful tour! Your photos are outstanding. I especially love the fourth photo, it looks postcard perfect!

  30. oh wow, i really enjoyed my tour of this fab place! i would go back again and again and again if this was near me!

  31. Beautiful pics. I love these old places. Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  32. Love your photos.

  33. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  34. Jennifer,
    Great photos.Makes me want to visit.I don’t think I am very far.Well I am in the same state.

  35. Beautiful photos of a beautiful farmstead! Garfield Farm sure has some nicely preserved barns!

  36. Absolutely wonderful captures! I love the old barns & that last one is GIGANTIC! =0
    The place is really beautiful in the snow & can’t wait to see more shots in the Spring!

    Thank you very much for sharing part 2 on Barn Charm =)

  37. A lovely tour of the farm! You captured the life on the farm wonderfully.

  38. I loved all of the photos.
    Just my kind of exploring.
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. A wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing.

  40. Visiting from Debbie Doo’s! Thanks for the historic home tour! Those feathered friends are so cute!
    Thanks for the inspiration.


  41. What beautiful shots! I love old buildings. I think this summer I’m going to drive through the countryside more to find places like this.

  42. Fantastic photos, Jennifer! Just gorgeous! I like those old barns and the run-in sheds.

  43. Jennifer,
    I am new to your site, so I hope when you have time you will come over and visit.
    These are just alot of great photos! What a charming property!!!

  44. beautiful photos!!

  45. How cool! I have always loved those midwestern barns with the stone bottoms. Here in the west, they are all wood. There is a park in San Jose, California that is a working farm, like yours, called Emma Prusch Park. When I was close I used to visit the farm animals on my lunch break, lol!

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