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Country Style Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my Country Style Christmas Home Tour! It’s Holiday Housewalk week with different bloggers sharing their festive homes each day. I’m truly honored to once again participate in this tour of festive homes organized by Jennifer Rizzo. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Country Style Christmas Tree


I’m house #23 on the Holiday House Walk this week. If you’re heading over from Just Destiny … welcome! You can start the tour with the very first house by clicking here.

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My Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree is a little different each year. In 2016 it was pink, this time I opted for mixed metallic tones. The tree itself is new; it has a heavier flocking than last year’s Christmas tree. I gave my other tree to my daughter – along with my pink ornaments because she’s been yearning for a pink tree.

Christmas Tree in Mixed Metallics



My Christmas tree is entirely inspired by an adorable vintage Santa ribbon I found at a local boutique that’s been in business longer than I’ve been alive. Ladies from all over Chicagoland journey to The Little Traveler for weekend shopping sprees. It’s a huge store housed inside an historic mansion.

Vintage Santa Christmas Ribbon


Once I settled on the ribbon, which the sales associates had to remove from the display tree for me, decorating was just a matter of matching the gold and bronze tones of the ribbon. I love to weave the ribbon in and out of the tree so it looks like it’s billowing in spots.

Country Style Christmas Tree


Rather than a tree skirt which ends up getting covered in presents, I opted for a much larger furry area rug under the tree which can still be seen after presents are strewn about.

Gingerbread House Boxes for Christmas Presents


Sparkly Santa Claus Ornament


Little birds with French crowns are new to this year’s Christmas tree. Mimi, my grandmother, always had birds on her tree.

French Country Bird Ornament



My Christmas Dining Room

The first room on my country style Christmas home tour is the dining room. Last year this area served as a living room. I swapped the living and dining rooms to create more space for dining when friends and family are over.

Country Style Christmas Home Tour - Dining Room


When not in use, I keep my new dining table along the wall to allow for better traffic flow in the room. A soft and fuzzy table runner creates a cozy base for gold candle holders.

Country Style Christmas Home Tour - Dining Room


Bella decided she liked the warmth of the knitted winter throw draped over the dining chair. My kitties are always photo-bombing my pictures. Bella needs a pretty red ribbon around her neck for the holidays.

Bella the Black Cat


My dining table gets moved to the center of the dining room when in use. My gold and crystal holiday table is set for six people, but the table expands to eleven feet to seat 12 to 14 people comfortably. Hubby recently hung the new chandelier that I found at Wayfair.

Farmhouse Christmas Table Setting


A wooden rocking reindeer cried out from the shelves of HomeGoods for me to take him home. He has just the right touch of gold leaf on his saddle, antlers, and hooves.

Christmas Rocking Reindeer


Stoneware crocks at the end of the dining room overflow with various greens and creamy poinsettias. Traditional poinsettias are a must in my home at Christmas.

Country Style Christmas Home Tour


My country style Christmas home tour wouldn’t be complete without some remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas; the birth of Jesus, Lord and Savior. If you believe Jesus is the Son of God, the holiday carries an amazingly life-changing message for you and the world!

O Holy Night Wooden Sign


Simple ornaments beneath the sign wear festive white motifs.

Box of Paper Mache Ornaments


Remember the bird with the French crown dangling from a snowy branch of the Christmas tree? I have a few more placed about the house.

Country Style Christmas Vignette


A little Christmas village nestles atop a snowy runner on the dining buffet.

Country Style Christmas Home Tour


Wooden Christmas trees intermingle with bottle brush trees to create a cozy scene.

Old-Fashioned Snow Village


Old-Fashioned Snow Village


Old-Fashioned Snow Village


My Christmas Sitting Room

Next up on my country style Christmas home tour is the sitting room. This is the room that previously served as the dining room. Its small size lends itself perfectly for cozy conversation. The country canvas scene is new to the space.

Country Style Christmas Sitting Room


A snowflake pillow can be used after Christmas has come and gone – at least until the snow stops flying.

Country Style Christmas Sitting Room


Large glass ornaments fill the wooden pedestal bowl.

Christmas Neutral Vignette


Christmas Neutral Vignette


Sprays of Christmas greens and berries fill a birch bark vase.

Christmas Neutral Vignette


Another French-crowned bird graces the sitting room.

Christmas Neutral Vignette


Country Style Decorating for Christmas


Just a touch of red is sprinkled into the room with a cozy throw and deer pillow.

Country Style Christmas Decorating


And glorious poinsettias!

Country Style Christmas Decorating


Puddy looks guilty sitting on the script chair. We have four indoor kitties – all strays that we rescued. We also feed three outdoor feral cats that stay warm in our shed during the winter.

Puddy the Cat


Puddy likes to look out the window at the squirrels gathering nuts from our black walnut tree.

Puddy the Cat


My cozy Christmas mantel in the sitting room features a rustic bark wreath with an elegant gold bow.

Cozy Christmas Mantel in Neutral Tones


The golden glow of the Christmas spirit lives in our old historic home.

Vintage Style Country Tree


I’ve always loved the special magic of Christmas. On Saturday I’ll show how I created a special spot to relish the joy and wonder of the holiday. And on Tuesday and Thursday next week, I’ll show more of my home decorated for the holidays.

Mixed Metallics Christmas Tree


I hope you found some peace and inspiration from my country style Christmas home tour. Next up is the lovely Laura from Duke Manor Farm. I truly love her home and think you will too!

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    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! I hesitated getting the canvas because I’d just bought one for that space. But this new one fit so much better and now the other canvas painting is in the upstairs hallway. 🙂

  1. Beautful! Thank you for sharing.
    Love the photos of the cats.

    QUESTION: Are you still pleased that you switched dining and living rooms?
    I am considering this and would appreciate any input you would share!

    1. Hi Nan! I’m glad you like my kitties! And yes, I am SO glad I switched those two rooms. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I hardly used either room before, and now I use both of them regularly. It took awhile to find the right dining table for the space, but patience paid off in the end. The dining room is no longer right next to the kitchen, but it’s the next room over so it’s not a big deal. The traffic flow in both rooms is so much better now. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you decide to transition your rooms and need a second opinion. 🙂

  2. Jennifer, your holiday decor is simply magical! Love the colors… The bitty kitties are precious. Do the kitties bother the poinsettias?

    1. Hi Donna!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the tour. It’s always a joy to share my home at Christmas. Our kitties don’t bother the poinsettias. I know the plant can be poisonous but they never even go near them. It’s a different story for my Baby Tears plant though. I had to move it out of their reach because they liked eating the tiny leaves. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kris! I always need some type of starting off point and was happy to find the vintage Santa ribbon to get me going. I’d been racking my brain about what to do this year. 🙂

  3. Jennifer- i though your pink tree last year was my favorite but i just love this years tree! i love how the real meaning of christmas is included in your holiday decor. thanks for sharing your holiday home. happy holidays!

    1. Thank you, Laura! Last year’s pink tree was special because it was a tribute to my mother. But my daughter was very happy to get all those pink decorations this year! I wonder when her hubby is gonna put the brakes on all the pink. Ha!

  4. Your home looks amazing as usual! I have one of those birds with the french crown too. I got him at a store here called Cozy Cottage. I am amazed that you can have so many beautiful decorations with four kitties in the house. I have two and came home to find two ornaments on the floor and one mysteriously missing…

    1. Hi Tamara! Don’t you love those birds? The Cozy Cottage store sounds like one I’d want to visit. Funny story about your kitties! I’ve sometimes found bottle brush trees in weird places but at least they leave the big tree alone. I took care of my daughter’s cat for a while and he’d ALWAYS climb the tree. I’d find him napping on the branches inside the tree. Just those two little eyes looking out at me like he was defying me to try and get him out.

  5. Your home is so lovely! Can you tell me where you found those simple kraft paper and white ornaments? I love them!!!

    1. Hi Carolyn! So glad you enjoyed the tour! It’s a lot of work but so worth it when it’s done. Now I’m ready for friends and family. Hope your holidays are happy and peaceful. 🙂

  6. Your home is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it! Where did you get the gold & white boxes under your tree – they ar

    1. Hi Trish!

      So glad you enjoyed the Christmas tour. The boxes under the tree are all from HomeGoods. They rotate stock frequently but seem to carry these every year. You’ll find them by the holiday wrapping supplies. They’re really sturdy and aren’t very expensive. I seem to buy a couple more each year!

  7. It’s so pretty and I especially like the cabinet below the cow painting. Your cats are cute, too. Living in an old, historic home must be fun at Christmas, too. 🌲🌲

  8. This is the most stunning Christmas home I’ve ever seen, I’m afraid if I were to visit you I’d be a horrible guest, ohhing and ahhhing over all of your gorgeous decor! Your tree is beyond breathtaking! I want everything and I don’t blame you for making the store take that ribbon off of the display tree – WOW! And, I too am inspired by you for my decor for next year… I simply LOVE the brown paper ornaments with the beautiful contrasting white – my eyes popped! <3 Merry Christmas lovely friend! xoxo Enjoy every second with your beautiful family!

  9. I don’t know how I did it but I missed your Christmas decorated home. Beautiful. I love your tree this year, again. I would like to know about your ceramic Christmas village. So glad you didn’t put it away and showed it again, which is how I linked to your Christmas home. Did you include information about your Christmas village at some point? Like to know your source if you would be kind enough to share. By the way, I have one of your graphic chairs in my master bedroom now. love it. Took an inch off the legs so it would sit a little lower. I am a little short on both ends. I may paint the legs also. Still trying to decide. Have a wonderful Valentines Day. Christ is the giver of true Love.

  10. Exquisite, so simple and refreshing and elegant. Your style and artistic flair are just wonderful. I also appreciate how you shared a message about your own faith that was inspiring, but still so very respectful of the faiths of others. That is such a gift at this time of year when we all welcome the light with love.