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Have you heard of Flipboard?  It’s a great way to collect stories and ideas that you care about.  You can create your own magazines about all the topics you love!  I’ve shared some of my Flipboard magazines here on my blog before. My newest magazine is called Cozy Cottage Style!

Cozy Cottage Style Flipboard MagazineWhat I love about Flipboard is that I can “flip” articles and photos from the web and they’re packaged into a beautiful, easy-to-read digital magazine format. You can download the app here onto your smart phone or tablet for free or simply search for “Flipboard” in your app store.  Flipboard is also available for use on a desktop computer, too.

Flipboard has tools and tutorials you can use, like a bookmarklet, to help you flip content from the web.  I flipped content from my blog, from websites, and social sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Flipboard Magazine PageWhen you open my Cozy Cottage Style Flipboard magazine, you’ll see pages like this inside. Tap on any of the photos and it will open up the article where you can read more.  See the plus sign in the corner of each square?  You can tap on the plus sign and add the article to your own magazine!  I love looking through other people’s Flipboard magazines and adding some of their flipped content into my magazine. So you can see, it’s a great tool for sharing content with friends, families, co-workers, and more!


Flipboard Magazine PageYou can also “like” articles in a magazine, or even comment on them. Flipboard lets you share your magazines across social channels and it also provides easy code to copy and paste so you can share them on your blog or website.

In my Cozy Cottage Style magazine, I’ve included a combination of articles on cottage decorating and cottage gardens. I’ve also flipped some information on tiny house living, which is making a comeback.

I’ll keep adding to my new Flipboard magazine so it will be constantly evolving. That’s another great thing about Flipboard, you can update your magazines at any time using their online editor.  You can move articles around, change the cover photo, or even delete content that might be outdated.

My new magazine is embedded below. Click on it to open Cozy Cottage Style. View it on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. I hope you’ll sign up and create your own Flipboard account for free. I think you’ll love creating your own collection of magazines about all your favorite interests! 

View my Flipboard Magazine.

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