Cozy Cottages and Quirky Homes: Friday Finds

It’s FriYAY and I can’t wait to have some fun outside. This might just be the weekend when I try stand up paddle boarding for the first time. Before we move onto Friday Finds, I need to announce the winner of Fifi O’Neill’s latest book, Small Spaces, Big Appeal. Congratulations to Laura I.G!! For those of you who didn’t win, you can pre-order the book on Amazon. It’s due out on July 18th. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

small spaces, big appeal book

A few years ago I featured designer Sarah Richardson’s home on my blog and it was definitely a reader favorite. Today I’m excited to share her rental cottage with you. But let me warn you – there’s a LOT of eye candy in this charming cottage. Get ready to fill up your Pinterest boards!

Next up is a collection of quirky houses in Maine! I have to share this one because next week we’re headed to Maine – my first time there. I’ve been to New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, etc., but never ventured into Maine. I’m so excited for this trip!

I’m on the hunt for new rugs. I’ve changed my kitchen and dining room colors, and am soon to change the living room color. And you know how it goes with decorating – sometimes you change one thing in a room and then you realize something else in the same room needs to be refreshed. And so, I’m looking for new rugs. I’m especially fond of Rifle Paper rugs and William Morris rugs. Part of the reason why I haven’t shared the kitchen or dining room on my blog yet, is because I want to finish the rooms before doing so.

Remember the simple joy of tea sandwiches? There’s a nearby atrium café that serves these for lunch, with a side of bread and butter pickles. As a little girl I loved getting lunch there – and the restaurant and its stores are still going strong. Some of you may have heard of it, The Little Traveler in Geneva. Anyway, here’s an article with recipes for make-ahead tea sandwiches!

Have you ever dreamed of having your own she said? Check out these charming examples of how to decorate one by Dear Designer.

And finally – make this yummy-looking strawberry trifles with lemon mascarpone cream this weekend. What a great way to enjoy fresh strawberries. And if you’re on a diet like me, swap out the cream for low-fat vanilla yogurt.

Enjoy your weekend – do something just for yourself!

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  1. Have fun in Maine and take lots of pictures! I’ve never been to New England, but my sister went to Maine twice and loved it. Thanks for all the fun links. I love Sarah Richardson!

    1. Thanks, Teddee. I’ll definitely take photos and will share them on the blog. I’m anxious to spend time at the beach and check out the historic homes in the area.

    1. Yes, you’re Laura I.G!! I meant to email you before I published the post. Congratulations – you’ll love the book. It’s beautiful. I sent you an email about it.

    1. Thanks, Marlene. Would you believe that every time I miss a Friday Finds I think of you? It’s true! I know you love these posts.  🙂