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How to Artfully Display Pottery

Most of us have a treasured collection at some point in our lives. Maybe you collected marbles or pretty stones as a kid. And now, you might have a collection of beautiful shoes or pillows for every season. I’ve always been a fan of dishes and pottery and appreciate all the beautiful ways to display pottery.

Given ample space in a vintage cupboard, a humble pottery collection takes the form of a still life painting. The spacing of the pieces lets you enjoy the unique beauty of each one.

How to display pottery in a vintage farmhouse cupboard.Photo by Cummings Architects

Display pottery by grouping like styles or colors together. This vintage green pottery display makes a beautiful impact against a white wall.

Collection of vintage green pottery on floating shelvesPhoto by Griffin Enright Architects

Pottery can be equally beautiful when displayed alone, especially when filled with a beautiful bouquet.

Pitcher Pottery filled with pink flowersPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS

Stoneware crocks look lovely with rustic baskets on shelves. A few pieces are pulled onto the table for organic centerpieces.

Creamy white stoneware crocks and pottery displayed on shelvesPhoto by Southern Living

It’s okay to group more than one collection together in a single location. Vintage quilts pair with large white pottery in a rustic country cupboard.

Vintage quilts and pottery displayed in rustic country cupboardPhoto by

Modern pottery vases in creamy whites and brown-black combos capture your eye beneath a contemporary oil painting with like colors. The grouping grows as more pieces are collected.

Modern Pottery Vases displayed beneath contemporary oil paintingPhoto by Cary Bernstein Architect

Vintage green bowls look charming with blue ceramic pitchers. A geometric wallpaper in contrasting pink and cream creates a fun backdrop for the collections. Always consider the backdrop when you display pottery. Sometimes all you might need to do is paint the inside of a cabinet to make your arrangement pop.Retro vintage bowls and pitchers in green and bluePhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design

Are there any fiesta ware fans in the audience? Mix and match the colors to create a cheerful display on open shelving in the kitchen (or dining room).

Colorful Fiesta Ware Collection on Kitchen Open ShelvingPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design

You might be tempted to set large pottery pieces apart from one another, but they make a truly impressive arrangement when grouped together.

Large Rustic Pottery in Eclectic Living RoomPhoto by i.fromkin interiors

Don’t be afraid to display white on white. Ironstone pottery and dishes look beautiful displayed together almost anywhere. White ironstone is one of my favorite collectibles. It has such timeless appeal.

White Ironstone Collection in White Cabinet - Shabby Chic StylePhoto by Dustylu

White ironstone pops against the blue interior of a vintage hutch.

white ironstone pottery

McCoy pottery is also beautiful on open shelves and in bookcases. Here, it’s grouped with vintage silver and books.

McCoy pottery in creamy whites, paired with old silver and vintage booksPhoto by Rikki Snyder

It’s so easy to make a visual impact in your home when you display pottery in groupings. What type of collectibles do you have on display in your home?

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  1. Good morning! I have many collections that I have acquired over the years. I started collecting pottery in the early 80’s. I went with some friends to juried craft shows on the east coast. We got pottery for a fraction of what it is today! I also have collected blue and white porcelains and LOVE my collection. Loved this post. Have a great day!

  2. I have some crocks and pitchers mixed in with old books. I am starting to understand how my collections look better when group together, but it took me a while. Thank you for all these examples, i can use all the help i can get and you are so helpful.

  3. All of these photos are beautiful with many helpful ideas! I have collections of copper, milk glass, and enamelware. They are so fun to display and move around many times throughout the year!