Are You Ready to Decorate with Apple Green?

Remember that show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?” On one of the episodes Thom Filicia, the “design doctor” used apple green to decorate one of the straight guy’s bathroom. I would’ve never thought to use that color in such a small space, but ever since that transformation I’ve loved the color! And the bathroom turned out great, by the way. So today’s post is a nod to that vibrant color … are you ready to decorate with apple green?

A pretty, pale apple green colors the lower cabinets in this gorgeous kitchen.

Photo by Beach Dwellings


A bolder, apple green is great in a kid’s room! My grandson’s favorite color is green and I think he’d approve of this room. Funny, my grandson also has a monkey like the one hanging on the door! We call him Mr. Monkey.

Eclectic Kids by Albuquerque Media & Bloggers Annalea Hart


This bathroom wears a softer shade of apple green paired with plenty of white. I love the simple touches of black that dot the room, all the way down to the fun, geometric floor!

Eclectic Bathroom by Manasquan Furniture & Accessories backporchco


Isn’t this a playful summer look for a bedroom? The cool blue walls don’t allow the apple green to overwhelm the room with its vibrancy. When you decorate with apple green, it gives the eye a focal point in the room.

Farmhouse Bedroom by Millbrook Architects & Designers Crisp Architects


Here, a dining room at the end of the hallway is wallpapered in apple green. Note the diamond pattern floor again here in black and white.

Traditional Entry by West Hollywood Interior Designers & Decorators Elizabeth Dinkel


This cottage style living room uses apple green a little more liberally. I think it looks great on the planked walls … and a little off-topic, but I’m crushin’ on that claw foot bathtub in the next room!

Farmhouse Home Office by Austin Architects & Designers Tim Cuppett Architects


In this study, apple green goes rustic! I think some people might be disturbed by the mix of pattern with the curtains and the wallpaper, but I actually kind of like it. I think the brown trim helps to ground the patterns.

Eclectic Home Office by Salem Photographers Tess Fine


A pretty laundry room pairs pale apple green with a geometric black and white checked floor.

Photo by Kristi Spouse Interiors


Do something different and paint a ceiling a fun color. This one’s amazing!

Photo by Beth Singer Photographer Inc.


If you’re not ready to add a lot of apple green to your home, paint a piece of furniture in the color to brighten your space.

Photo by


Apple green is a great color for a front door (or back door) on a white house. It gives fresh appeal.

Traditional Entry by Warm Springs Media & Bloggers McClintic Cottage

Have you decorated with apple green in your house?  If not, do you think you’re willing to give it a try?


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  1. Yes! I think I could decorate with apple green! I’m just crazy about the farmhouse bedroom, I just love the color combinations. Oh my, those green doors speak to me! Great post!

  2. I’m ready!! I’m going to repaint my kitchen in a color called ‘melon’, a pale shade of apple green or a bit more pale than a honeydew melon. I recently painted the kitchen in a pale yellow and while I love it, I do want to use the green but I couldn’t commit to it in the living room. Love the farmhouse style so everything else will be white and wood except the walls. I need some color in my life 😉

  3. Wow Jennifer I would have never thought of green apple color for cottage or farmhouse but the inspiration here is great. I love that beach bathroom with the lighter green and that bedroom with the touches of green. So pretty. Love that farmhouse porch so inviting.

  4. So Interesting! We were on the TV show Trading Spaces. That was the color my living room was painted 10 years ago. My plan this summer was to reprint it, but now I may rethink.

  5. I like the beach style sun room and did a post about that house once. Thanks for the apple green tour. It really is inspiring. Seems like black and blue are good coordinating colors.

  6. Gorgeous examples! My favorite color is green, too, so I could definitely be persuaded by these beautiful rooms.

  7. I love the refreshing apple green front door, although it wouldn’t work for my house. I use accents of apple green here and there. I found the most realistic fake green apples I have ever seen at the Dollar Tree. So many people have commented on them and a few tried to eat one! lol

  8. The picture of the kitchen with the cathedral ceiling is amazing. I love the neutrals but you do need a pop of color to liven up a space.

  9. Ronny Kosempel says:

    The apple green looks good in these photos, but I am more of a sage green person. I do like the black & white check floors though. Thanks for posting all the design ideas.

  10. It looks nice in the photographs, but I think I would become weary of it quickly. So I don’t think I will try it.

  11. I love green! Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are green and it was a hard sell to those building our home. No one could imagine what I was thinking but now that we’re moved in, as they have all claimed “Ah, now it makes sense. And it’s beautiful!” No regrets at all and even a realtor who came through thought it would be a hit when we go to sell at some point. X Chy

  12. You’ve inspired me. These were some great ideas. Today I am planning to move the art from my dining room
    wall. I think I might try something different.
    The Fabulous Party is still going on. I would love you to add it to your party list and come over and link.
    This month we are celebrating our blogs. Come and link your home tours and archived posts and give us another peek.!

  13. I’m afraid no apple green for me. I can do sage or better yet, a dark forestry green, but my eye sees chartreuse/neon when I see much of anything else green – inside,that is. I love all shades of green outside, so that is where any green at my house will be. I did “wow” at the cathedral ceiling kitchen with all the plates and platters hanging on the end wall. I thought it would have been more striking with just the paint color and the beautiful wood accents but it certainly got my attention. Some interesting uses of apple green. Thanks for posting.

  14. Tamara Foran says:

    Back in the 1970s, my stepmother had a guest room done up in a combination of apple green and a dark pink combination. The not-to-busy wallpaper was apple green,with the door and window trim being glossy white. The comforter on the bed was a floral in apple green and dark pink, with a bed skirt in an apple green stripe. The bed, dresser and night stands weren’t a suite, but were all in a medium toned French Country style (pecan I think). The Louis XV chair was upholstered in an apple green and deep pink large checked pattern. The ceiling light was a small to medium-sized crystal chandelier. It was startling the first time I saw it, as I had never seen anything decorated quite like that before, but I loved it. My granddaughter has the bed and dresser from that room now, and she loves it.

  15. I think it is such a fresh color and looks so clean. I especially like it teamed with the blue, but I have to say that the last photo of the door made my heart skip a beat. Love that door! What an inviting entry:)
    Have a lovely week and thanks for the inspiring post.
    Connie 🙂

  16. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I think i could have green throw pillows and some other things but, i wouldn’t want to paint a room that color. These were some great ideas.

  17. You might know that I am a blue/white (chinoiserie) nut. About 15 years ago I saw what I thought was an amazing room done with pretty apple green walls and chinoiserie decor so I took a stab at that in our great room. It didn’t last long. I think my family said something like it was them or the wall color.

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