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Summer is a great time for reading; I’m on my third novel so far this season. I also enjoy looking at decorating books for inspiration and one of my favorites is Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’Neill. I think you’ll love it too, so I’m hosting another book giveaway. Just leave a comment at the end of this post to let me know you want to be entered to win. But first, check out the fresh, romantic prairie style you’ll find in the pages of this inspirational book. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Beautiful Romantic Prairie Style Book by Fifi O'Neill


You’ll find a variety of romantic prairie style kitchens with farmhouse and cottage influences.

Romantic prairie kitchen with cottage style


Rooms are comfortable, practical, and pretty. You’re sure to find inspiration for the rooms in your own home.

Farmhouse style kitchen in white with kitchen island


Fifi says her vision for prairie style is “authentic, romantic, charming, and surprisingly universal.” One of the homes featured in the book is a farmette about 30 minutes from my house – known as Na-Da Farm. The former owner used to have a barn sale every year that I enjoyed. She recently moved out west to live off the grid with her husband and children.

Romantic Prairie Style Book by Fifi O'NeillPhoto Source: Fifi O’Neill


Fifi’s Romantic Prairie Style book features rooms with handmade and upcycled elements. You’ll enjoy architectural elements and soft linens.

Farmhouse dining room with romantic prairie influence


You’ll find unique charm throughout the pages and infused into every home that’s featured. You might recognize some of the homes of your favorite bloggers in the book, like Dreamy Whites and French Larkspur.

Romantic prairie style bedroom by Fifi O'NeillPhoto Source: Fifi O’Neill


Comfortable bedrooms and beautiful living rooms are just some of the inspiration you’ll find. Rooms aren’t perfectly matched, but find their charm in a mixture of vintage items and soft textiles.

Romantic prairie style bedroom by Fifi O'Neill


Romantic Prairie Style covers the outdoors, as well. Charming front porches with cozy wicker furniture are sure to capture your heart.

Outdoor spaces and porches


Romantic settings for al fresco dining might give you ideas for your own evening entertainment. Here, rustic hay bales pair with soft linens and elegant candelabras to create an eclectic and memorable meal.

Outdoor spaces and porchesPhoto Source: Fifi O’Neill


Romantic Prairie Style Book by Fifi O'Neill

Leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win this beautiful Romantic Prairie Style book. The winner will be announced next Saturday, July 22nd.

You can purchase this book on Amazon!


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  1. The photographs look very nice.

  2. Sarah Clark says:

    Beautiful style….restrained yet warm and comfortable.

  3. Deborah in Blair says:

    I recently relocated from Atlanta, Georgia back to the prairie, literally and I really could use some inspiration as I redo and redecorate a 106 year old used to be farmhouse. Thanks.

    • I just relocated from Atlanta as well – to the cooler environs of Flat Rock NC! Have fun making your house all “yours”. My new-to-me farmhouse style is not as old, but it is fun to start anew with a different vibe. Good to be out of the Southern heat!

  4. Hello Jennifer,
    Obviously I am not leaving a comment to be included in the giveaway but only to thank you for featuring my book. How very nice of you! So glad you enjoy it. So, a very BIG thank you and happy summer! xo fifi

  5. kristine says:

    Looks beautifully done! Love decorating books! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Naomi Duval says:

    It looks like a great inspirational book. I also LOVE the author’s name. Thanks for the post and the contest.

  7. This looks like a beautiful book full of decorating inspiration. I know I would enjoy it.

  8. I think you can incorporate these ideas in your home no matter where you live. The book looks lovely.

  9. Viktoria Sacker says:

    What a beautiful book!

  10. Wow! How exciting to find out that she has a book out!! Fifi O’Neill is the best!!! When I see a new to me decorating magazine I always look at the info on editors, contributors etc to see if she’s involved to decide if I’ll spend the money or not! How sweet of you to be giving one away 🙂

  11. Karen Robbins says:

    This book looks so inviting. I’d love to have a copy.

  12. victoria says:

    I believe I am very eclectic is my style because I simply love beauty. I was not familiar with Prairie style. I find it a combination of romantic shabby chic and farmhouse chic. I love the simplicity and romance of it. I could easily live this style. Thank you for featuring her beautiful book.

  13. Linda Charlton says:

    Beautiful homes.

  14. Looks like a very inspirational book!

  15. Beautiful book!

  16. Lovely book – and such simple living and decorating. My style could use some tweaking and I think Prairie style may just be the answer. I would love to receive this book.

  17. I love love love this style!! Please sign me up, I would love to have this book. ???? Thank you

  18. Ellen Campbell says:

    I am new to your blog and really look forward to your posts. I just recently retired and can now have a new “full time” job of creating the farmhouse/cottage of my dreams. I’ve lived in the same house for 42 years on acreage in southern Oregon. It’s time to put all those ideas that abound in my head and turn them into reality. You have given me the inspiration that I need. Thank you.

  19. Gwyneth Miller says:

    What inspiration…and beautiful ideas!’

  20. Oh my!❤ This is my kind of prairie living!
    The simplicity is just breathtaking, and it’s doable for anyone seeking the more simple, basic, yet romantic decor in their home, or home away from home!

    Thank you for sharing this little morsel!????

  21. Simply gorgeous photos! So inspirational!!!

  22. From what I can tell this looks like the type of book that gives ideas for comfort and what is home.It seems relaxed and beautiful.

  23. Marie Ireland says:

    It had me in the dining room with soft linens….would love this book!

  24. This book looks likes its full of wonderful photos with a great deal of inspiration which I`m always looking for. Love everything about the rooms from the furniture choices, soft linens, and window treatments too. It looks like an outstanding combination of country romantic decorating!

  25. thank you for sharing this swoon-worthy book…can’t wait to see a copy to add to my collection. Love Fifi ‘s sense of design and vision.

  26. Angie brown says:

    Recently moved to a subdivision from a farm. Finding I am still decorating like I live on the property. Love viewing all your ideas and would be pleased to view more decorating ideas from this book. Please enter my name in the draw. ????

  27. This is my FAVORITE style home! I would be so delighted with a copy of this lovely book.
    Your blog is so refreshing!

  28. Tricia Kano says:

    What a beautiful peak into this book! Would love to win a copy.

  29. I love her style! Thank you for the chance to win!! xo

  30. I love all these cozy looking room…would love to win a copy of this book.

  31. Barb Koetsier says:

    Beautiful with many ideas.

  32. Beautiful book!

  33. Cathy Blake says:

    Love the book and the style. Thank you for sharing . I love to read .

  34. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I love these pictures, they are wonderfully cozy, yet lovely. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  35. JUDY ROZEMA says:

    Wow! That looks like a beautiful book!

  36. Beautiful pics! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I would love to win a copy of this book

  37. Yes ma’am. I would love to win this book!

  38. I love your blog! I used to live in Geneva and now I am out in California. Your blog keeps my midwest farmland decorating skills in check. Thanks.

    Would love to win the book.????

  39. Pam Posey says:

    Beautiful photos, refreshing style! Nice diversion on a summer Vegas day????

  40. It looks like a lovely book and I know I would find inspiration in it’s pages. What a treat it would be to win it!

  41. I need some prairie romance in my 1960’s colonial! I am already thinking of painting my white wicker furniture on my porch
    black . It is so dramatic! Small changes could make a big difference!

  42. Hi Jennifer!
    I love reading your posts and would love to have this book. How sweet that fifi commented on your give away!

  43. What this book would not do for me….take me away and let me live in the land of pleasure…

  44. I adore decorating books! This book looks gorgeous!!

  45. Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration!!!!!!!????⛲️????

  46. Ruth Ann says:

    What a beautiful introduction to this wonderful book. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  47. Rae Endreola says:

    Loved the alfresco dining sitting on hay bundles!

  48. Susan Hammond says:

    Enter me!♥️

  49. Like the looks of her style

  50. Would love to receive this book. Pictures look awesome and full of ideas.

  51. Frances Batson says:

    This looks like a book everyone can enjoy. I love seeing new ideas and I am sure this book is filled with gorgeous ideas.

  52. Love the pictures you shared. Looks like a really good book.

  53. Beth Slate says:

    This book really captures the heart of home for me. I just bought a beautiful five acre retreat in Battle Ground Washington and I am having fun creating an environment that feels warm, inviting, laid back and beautiful. I regularly read your blogs, and find such great inspiration!

  54. Lovely photos. I like that the decorating looks simple, soothing, and not too busy.

  55. Just my style!

  56. The photos of this lovely farmhouse are great inspirations for me. Thank you for sharing this home.

  57. Such a fresh and beautiful style!

  58. Sharon B. says:

    This book looks beautiful. Looks like lots of great inspiration. I love decorating books, magazines and blogs and would love to win this book. I really enjoy your blog. You always feature such beautiful houses.

  59. Love the style and the ideas you have given me are wonderful. I would love this book, I can learn so much from it. Thank you for the offer.

  60. I’ve been wanting this book for a while! I’d love to win it! Crossing my fingers…

  61. Kim Raley says:

    What lovely rooms! I’d love this book…

  62. Barbara M. says:

    I’m always thrilled to find a photo display of Fifi”s in any decorating magazine. In fact I keep them all because during the dark and dreary winters we get here in Illlinois, I can always return to Fifi’s photos on a cold winter afternoon and browse for hours with a cup of tea. A book totally done by her would be wonderful to receive!

  63. Wow. That looks so interesting. I’d love to to have this book.

  64. The pictures are beautiful! It’s just my style.

  65. Looks like a book to enjoy for many years & share with family & friends…So pretty..Thanks

  66. Patty Bretheim says:

    That looks like a wonderful book, Fifi has many good ideas.Thanks for the chance to win a great book. Patty B.

  67. What a delightful book! Suits our charming South Carolina farmhouse cottage just perfectly. Would love to win this! Enjoy your posts so much! Thanks, Jennifer!

  68. I’ve eyed this book for a few years!

  69. I just love this style of decorating. So peaceful and warming to the soul.

  70. Such a lovely Book! I was wondering what happened to Na Da farm. I’m not surprised they now live off grid.

  71. Looks like a lovely book. The curtains on the porch are just what I would like to do to ours.

  72. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Simple, stylish & beautiful….Love the pictures from the book!

  73. Mary Kleiner says:

    Oh so much I would love to own this book it’s everything of the style I love. It would be such a surprise.

  74. Tina Carpenter says:

    It looks like such a relaxed & calm way to not only to decorate a home, but to live.

  75. What a peaceful, beautiful style of decorating. Can’t wait to enjoy the book.

  76. Love the style of Fifi!! Thanks for the chance of winning her book!!!

  77. Maureen Irvine says:

    It’s all so lovely!

  78. The photos speak Home to me!

  79. I love Fifi anything. I swoon over her pictures and would so love to have coffee with her (in my dreams) and just chat. I would love to visit her home and tour the beautiful place she created and I WOULD LOVE TO WIN HER BOOK.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  80. I would LOVE this book!

  81. Kim @Graysattic says:

    A dream job to be able to love what your doing!!

  82. Prairie Style is My Style too! Would love to have this book! Your blog is very interesting – I enjoyed the walk-through of the Illinois town with such darling houses!

  83. I would love the chance to own FiFis book!
    She is such an inspiration and loving, caring person!
    pS love your blog, I’m so happy you continued when many of us stopped!
    Smiles, Dolly

  84. Mary Pickett says:

    Lovely pictures. So soft and comfortable. I would be staring at this every morning while having my coffee.
    I would love to have this book. ❤️????

  85. Thank you so much for all you do. I love your blog and would dearly love to sin the book for my own inspiration. we recently added a 10 year old grandaughter to our home. we want to make her environment simpler and more relaxed. The book would be a good starting point along with your blog.

  86. Miranda VanAuken says:

    This looks like a book full of gorgeous inspiration. We are in the process of designing a floor plan to build our home and I want to make it look as if it’s been there forever…I think this book could inspire me with some new ideas. 🙂 Thank you for doing the give-away!

  87. Beautiful pictures and lots of great ideas!

  88. Linda Charlton says:

    Your home and ideas are lovely and simple. They make one comfortable.

  89. Jennifer Jennings says:

    Would love to win this awesome book!!

  90. Jelena Dion says:

    Absolutely beautiful home, cozy, romantic, yet entertaining, darling and inspirational. Love it! I would be very happy ti win her book. Thank you for sharing the opportunity to view this amazing home.
    Jelena Z. Dion

  91. I absolutely love Fifi O’Neill’s style. Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win this book!

  92. Kristy L says:

    Absolutely beautiful, I am in love with this style! Especially that bedroom, and I have most of those elements already here to recreate. Thank you for sharing, your ideas are always an inspiration to me.

  93. This looks like a great book. Love this style!

  94. Hi Jennifer!

    Oh I would be beyond excited to win this book – it’s been on my wish list since it came out!!!! Fifi is the Original for sure!

    Please count me in – hope I am not too late to try and win! Thank you for this generous giveaway!!!!

    Have a blessesd weekend.

  95. Maggie Cooper says:

    Hello, I would love to win this bothink your bedrooms look comfy, like you could just slide under the sheets and drift off. I also put curtains on my deck, it makes such a difference in how it feels and there is nothing more relaxing than watching the curtains billowing in the breeze.

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