Embrace the Cozy Charm of Plaid in Your Home Décor

The fall and winter seasons are typically associated with plaid, perhaps due to the popularity of plaid flannel shirts worn this time of year. Or maybe it’s related to cozy plaid blankets from Pendleton and other companies that keep us warm during frosty weather. Whatever the reason, embrace the cozy charm of plaid in your home for an inviting, hygge-style vibe. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Some people might consider plaid to be a dark and moody pattern, but look how light and airy this living room is with its beautiful plaid sofa.

brown plaid sofa in white living roomPhoto by Jute Interior Design


Can you mix and match plaid patterns and colors? Yes, you can! In this cozy living room you’ll find three different plaids – one on the blanket over the leather chesterfield sofa, another pattern on the rug, and a windowpane pattern on the classic, navy side chairs. 

cozy classic living roomPhoto by New Old, LLC


Here’s another example of the popular windowpane plaid used as carpeting in a kid’s bunk room. The colors are soothing and the large tree print becomes a focal point at the far end of the room. 

windowpane patterned carpet in kids roomPhoto by Carrick Custom Home Design


You don’t need a lot of pattern to add warmth to a room. A skirted countertop adds the cozy charm of plaid to a small home office.  

small farmhouse officePhoto by Folkway Design & Wares Co.


Pretty windowpane fabric makes its appearance in a classically beautiful dining room. Note how well it pairs with stripes. One of my personal decorating goals is to mix more patterns in my home. 

dining room with mixed patternsPhoto by Bria Hammel Interiors


Perhaps you enjoy a lighter tone of fabric in your home. A less traditional pale green and tan plaid were used on a pair of wing chairs cozied up to a pretty fireplace. 

family room with brick and wood fireplace and wing chairsPhoto by Denneen Custom Home Builders


Embrace the cozy charm of plaid in your bedroom! Did you know that North Americans use the term “plaid” whereas the Scots, where the pattern originated, use the word “tartan.” The word plaid is derived from the Scottish Gaelic “plaide,” which means blanket. You can learn a whole lot more about tartan/plaid on Wikipedia, if you’re so inclined. 

neutral plaid and patterns in bedroomPhoto by Angela Grace Design


Not sure this plaid is found in the Scottish Register of Tartans, but if you love bold color, you might enjoy this whimsical wing chair. 

bold patterned plaid wing chair in living roomPhoto by Nicole Forina Home


Plaid in the bathroom? Why not. I love the warmth this green/gray shower curtain lends to the space. 

small bathroom with green/grey plaid shower curtainPhoto by Thom Filicia Inc.


We’re back to a pretty white and blue windowpane chair snuggled up to a stunning brick fireplace. I love the simplicity of windowpane; it’s probably not considered a true plaid but the lines do crisscross.

red brick fireplace with white mantelPhoto by Bria Hammel Interiors


And finally, we’ll end with a comfy cozy plaid chair that would look great in any room. 

plaid chair in living roomPhoto by Newell Hunt

Are you ready to embrace the cozy charm of plaid in your home? Maybe you already have!


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  1. What pretty samples of plaid. I have a few plaids in my home and am working on getting a few more. That chair was pretty and cozy looking.

  2. I really like the windowpane green rug in the bedroom. Gives me an idea for our entry runner as well and oh who knew of a plaid shower curtain! What!? Now that would add warmth to your bathroom for little cost. I’ve never seen one in plaid.
    Now for that wild vibrant plaid chair?…looks cozy but a bit too loud for my taste..ha!