Farmhouse Kitchen Decor: Get the Look

My favorite room in our circa 1875 farmhouse is the kitchen. I’ve never seen another kitchen that looks like it. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a dishwasher or a garbage disposal, I appreciate its vintage charm. I’ve filled it with farmhouse kitchen decor; I can’t imagine it with an updated look.  Not to mention, the farmhouse look just feels so earthy and organic to me. If you want to get the farm look in your kitchen, here are some must-have elements. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

Old farmhouses weren’t built with fine cabinetry in the kitchen. Freestanding furniture like Hoosier cabinets and utilitarian cupboards or hutches were the norm. My farmhouse kitchen has a few cabinets and I was tempted to add more, but instead I chose a sideboard and open shelving.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor with White Sideboard and Shelf


Kitchen islands are both functional and pretty. Most come equipped with shelves and storage. I sometimes like to pull up stools and use ours as a small kitchen table.

Kitchen Island Used as Dining Space


Open Shelving

Open shelving in a kitchen provides opportunity to display some of your favorite collectibles. White dishes always exude farmhouse appeal, along with simple canisters and over-sized mugs hanging from hooks. We use our mugs for both soup and coffee.

Farmhouse Kitchen Canisters


My farmhouse kitchen shelves feature both white ironstone and enamelware.

Farmhouse Kitchen


White Ironstone in a Farmhouse Kitchen


Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a popular icon of farmhouse kitchen decor. I’ve used mine to organize my spices and fruit. For a little softness, I added an ivy plant to the top basket. I can’t really reach that basket so it’s not convenient to put anything in there that I need on a regular basis.

Wire Basket Wall Rack


I like to use wire baskets to corral much-used items like cookbooks. Wooden cutting boards and French bread boards always make a nice addition to farmhouse kitchen decor.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


Wire baskets are also useful for holding fruit. Rather than dig for an unhealthy snack in the cupboard, it’s easier to grab a healthy piece of fruit prettily displayed on the counter.

Vintage Wire Basket Used as Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


Other Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

A few more items can be used to add farmhouse appeal to your kitchen. I love this farmhouse animal kitchen towel and leave it on display hanging by the kitchen sink.

Farmhouse Animals Kitchen Towel


Mason jars are almost always found in a farmhouse kitchen. My favorite are the blue jars. Use them to hold spices or pretty flower arrangements. Of course, I like the way they look all on their own.

Blue Mason Jars


And the crowning touch in a farmhouse kitchen? A farmhouse sign! I love my milk sign from Antique Farmhouse. I don’t believe it’s currently in stock, however.

See How to Get the Farmhouse Look


Many of you ask where to find certain items, so I’ve put together a handy shopping guide for you.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Sources:

Shelf with Hooks  |  White Kitchen Island  |  Rolling Cart  |  Farmhouse Sign

Farmhouse Kitchen Towel  |  Kitchen Canisters  |  Blue Mason Jars  |  Wooden Bread Board

Wire Wall Basket  |  Wire Basket  |  Honey Mug  |  White Bowl  |  White Pitcher


More Farmhouse Kitchen Items:


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  1. Thank you Jenny . You put my mind at rest . a kitchen does not have to be ‘ all built in’ . free standing pieces give character .
    now i can set about my pantry , kithchen , breaffast area etc as i freely please ! thanks again .
    Lal from Ceylon

  2. That is a gorgeous kitchen! Do not ever change that green tiled floor!!
    I’m not usually a fan of all/mostly white, but this is really pretty. I could
    do this! lol

  3. I laughed when you said you keep your farm animal towel on display. I have had to train my husband just which towels he can use. And that can be a problem since he cooks ALL the meals at our house.

    Your farmhouse kitchen is lovely.

  4. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thank you, your ideas are the best and i love your kitchen. Have a Happy New Year, have really enjoyed all your posts, and am looking forward to 2017.

  5. Where do I find the white dresser cabinet I have looked hi and low for it or something that looks like it. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.I am in the middle of remodeling my kitchen and that is perfect for what I need.Please help me I so want that in my kitchen.

  6. Where can I find the table from: “Kitchen islands are both functional and pretty. Most come equipped with shelves and storage. I sometimes like to pull up stools and use ours as a small kitchen table” As I looked all over the stores and is the only piece missing in my small kitchen (I downsized from a house into a 2/2 apartment) pls help me. Tks again, Cruzita

  7. Cruzita Quiñonez says:

    Any news on “sideboard and open shelving” to buy an finished my kitchen decor! Please help us and me as I read quite a few requests from other readers. Tks very much for your reply. Cruzita

  8. Love this post! I’ve been contemplating my dining room shelving so I loved see all your great ideas! And of course, your home and photos are stunning!

  9. Love your kitchen! If I had any doubt (and sometimes I do cuz I’m a shabby chic girl) about what farmhouse style looks like, this post just cleared it up. I love the display cabinet over by the wall with your shelves rather than having more cabinets there! You know, I’ve found that when I rename appropriate items in my Etsy shop with the “farmhouse” moniker, they tend to sell quicker. Great post!

  10. This is the perfect setup for entertaining. I must have that farmhouse tea towel. so sweet.

  11. Kathy Larson says:

    Hello. We love the sideboard and would like to know where we can purchase one. Thanks!

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