Two-Story Cottage: Charming Home Tour

Today we’re touring another charming two-story cottage! Last week some of you mentioned that the home was too big to truly be a cottage. I agree. Although I think the home was called a cottage due to its decorating style. Today’s home is smaller and has lots of enjoyable design features that I think you’ll love. (And by the way, if you’re getting an email to this story on Monday instead of Sunday, it’s because my feed is delayed by a day for some weird reason. The post was published on Sunday.)

Dark gray siding paired with white trim and shutters hints at what you’ll find in this two-story cottage … a blend of dark and light.

Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc. 


The cottage kitchen is painted white from ceiling to floor. From the vaulted ceiling to the painted floors, this kitchen is charming at every level. Glass-front cabinets, pendant lighting, an oversized kitchen island, and much more come together to create a spacious yet cozy kitchen.

Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc.


Are you a fan of painted paneling?  I am!  Whether it’s Joanna Gaines shiplap or paneling from the seventies, I love the way the texture shows through the paint. This sitting area is so welcoming and a great place to read a good novel.

Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc.


Normally I don’t like dark rooms, but this family room has quaint appeal. The ceiling is unique and the dark walls lend a cozy cabin vibe.

Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc.


At the other end of the room is a handy bar for ease in entertaining.

family room with barPhoto by Jetton Construction, Inc.


The living room enjoys an abundance of natural light with its wall of French doors. Simple roller shades help block the sun when necessary.

cottage style living roomPhoto by Jetton Construction, Inc.


The dining room pairs a white painted ceiling with dark walls creating a dramatic look. A large wooden chandelier takes center stage above the simple farmhouse table.

Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc


Another unique chandelier is suspended over the stairwell. I love all the windows in this two-story cottage. The natural wood floors add warmth to this light, white space.

Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc.


Outside, the patio is just as charming as the rest of the home. An oil portrait lends an air of formality to this outdoor area. Vintage patio furniture paired with a steamer trunk creates a unique look.

Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s tour of this two-story cottage. This home project was created by Jetton Construction in California.


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  1. This is another house I could move right into and not change a thing.

  2. This home has such a cozy, welcoming vibe – the decor fits the style perfectly. I love when homes appear to be saying, ” Come on in, take a seat, and make yourself at home – nothing pretentious here – this is us” – that is the feeling I get when I look at these rooms.

  3. lovely . Thanks .

  4. I really like this house/cottage. It is cozy and very inviting. My only change would be the very dark ceilings in the family room. That kitchen is amazing. And yes, I also like painted paneling and the texture it provides. There’s something for everyone in this house.

  5. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Unique and yet homey, that is a great blend. Thanks Jennifer.

  6. Karen Gross says:

    Where can I buy the sofa in the family room & the wooden chandler in the dining room? I am remodeling to cottage style. I love the look of both.

  7. oh yeah, oh yeah, some colour, love it, love it !!!!!! I’m with Debra, move right on in……. 🙂

  8. The back patio is splendid. Unique, vintage touches bring out their preferred home decor style!

  9. I like the fact it’s not cookie cutter. So interesting and looks like a comfortable home to live in.

  10. Jeanne L says:

    I love the double dutch door in the picture showing the exterior of the house. I always wanted a dutch door. Maybe one of these days. Those window boxes and shutters are sweet, too. So many pretty details in this cottage. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Stephanie Hentges says:

    Could you please give me a source for the fixture hanging in the stairwell?

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