How to Grow Air Plants

Are you looking for an easy-to-grow plant because your thumb is … well … not so green? Look no further! Air plants are the easiest green thing to grow and require very little care. Also known as Tillandsia, they do not thrive on air alone. You’ll need to water them from time to time.

How to Grow Air Plants

I love these plants. They’re graceful and exotic and look pretty anywhere you place them.


How to Grow Air PlantsSome are soft and green like this one. Others are silver or multi-colored.


How to Grow TillandsiaYou’ll find air plants in a variety of sizes, too. I found my latest group of air plants at the flea market. This tiny Tillandsia was just $2, but most are a little more expensive.


Tillandsia are easy-to-grow plantsAir plants enjoy bright, indirect sunlight and good air circulation. If the tips of the plant should ever become brown, simply snip it off with scissors. Angle the cut to make it look more natural.


How to Grow Air PlantsBe sure to water your air plants 2 to 3 times per week. I simply set mine in a bowl of water for about 20 minutes. Then I remove them, shake off the excess water and set them on a windowsill to dry out.


Air Plants only Flower Once in their LifetimeThere’s one thing about air plants that I find very sad.


Air Plants only Flower Once in their LifetimeThey only bloom once in their lifetime. Their flowers are dainty and pretty, and luckily last for quite a long time. I was fortunate to find this one at the Mossy Twig just as it started blooming.


How to Grow Air PlantsYou can set them almost anywhere, provided they receive indirect, bright light. Such pretty little things that thrive with minimal care … even if you do have a brown thumb!


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  1. Jennifer, I really enjoyed your post today! I haven’t thought about air plants for a long time, but this puts me to thinking perhaps I should get one or two. Yours really are pretty and how fortunate you are to have one that is in bloom! I had one that was called, as I recall, an “air fern” many years ago. I think I was told when I bought it that it did not require water at all. Maybe that is why it didn’t last as long as it might have because I didn’t water it, not at all! Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

  2. Jennifer – Such lovely plants. Could you add a “pin” to the pictures so that I could add them to my files
    for future use when I move into my new home.

    Thanks, Irene

  3. I was just thinking about how to incorporate plants when you want that farmhouse/cottage/rustic look to your home. It always seems to get filled with home décor items and it’s hard to place plants in in all. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of these types of plants before. That is perfect. I’ll have to search for a few. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! Diane

  4. Wonderful post….thank you!!! I just adore these lovely little plants…. I wonder how large they grow….. I’ll be finding out!! I started growing some of my house plants in H20 rather than soil and they’ve grown quite beautifully!! Anyway, thanks again for the idea…. Sharita

  5. Great post, I love how easy they are to take care of! Of course being able to put them just about anywhere is makes them so cool! I didn’t have much luck finding air plants locally so I searched online and found a bunch at Air Plant Design Studio, and I got a free air plant with purchase!