Board and Batten in the Dining Room

Just when I thought we were close to being done decorating the dining room, things changed. I felt a strong whim to add board and batten to give the room a bit more architectural appeal.

I was also tired of the shelf on this wall and wanted a different look. So hubby and I took a trip to Lowe’s and picked up 8-foot long pine strips for under $3 each.

Dining Room with Board and Batten


The board and batten section is painted in semi-gloss Ultra White by Benjamin. The upper part of the walls wear White Dove in a flat finish – also by Benjamin Moore.

Dining Room with Board and Batten


My new philodendron takes center stage on the dining table. I recently shared my favorite houseplants, and this one is on the list!

Philodendron Centerpiece with Faux Flowers


Do you remember this mirror? It used to be white and it sat on my buffet, and then it was later hung over a doorway.

Dining Room with Board and Batten and Foiled Mirror


I repainted it and applied a rose-patterned foil paper to the mirror. Next week I’ll share the instructions for creating this type of finish.

Foiled Mirror in Dining Room


We recently repainted the stairs, which is a task we tackle whenever they become worn looking. I made a new rule – no shoes on the stairs! I don’t like cleaning the scuff marks off the white risers.

The dark paint color on the stair treads is Benjamin Moore’s porch and floor paint in Java. Simply sand the treads and risers, and paint. Skip every other step so you can still climb them. Then in about 3 days you can paint the rest of the steps. The paint dries the same day, but I like to give it a few days to set and harden before stepping on it.

Console Table in Dining Room


It’s a little hard to see the board and batten behind the console table, but it’s there. Can you believe my azalea topiary is still going strong? It’s been blooming for over a month and has sprouted a few new leaves at the base of its trunk.

Country Style Dining Room


There’s one last thing to do in this room (I hope), and that’s the flooring. We plan to re-paint the floors in here and add a larger rug. The script bamboo mat is a bit too small for the space.

Country Style Dining Room

I seriously considered a dark color on the walls above the board and batten, but since this room is located smack dab in the middle of the house, I thought it would be best to keep it a lighter shade. It can always be re-painted, right?

Read Bob Vila’s tips for installing board and batten.

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  1. Love the mirror! Are we seeing a trend towards color??? Wallpaper??? Is it really possible that what goes around, comes around??? Are Colored appliances in our future perhaps??? Anyone willing to make a bet? 🤣

    1. Yes, Deb. I’d be willing to make a bet! I keep toying with the idea of wallpaper – but then think of having to remove it when it goes back out of style again. Maybe just one wall in one room, though. 🙂

  2. I love board and batten just about anywhere. Your dining room looks much more complete with that addition, and with a different and larger rug, will be finished – or so you say. Are we ever truly finished? :>)

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Yes, painting every other step at least makes the staircase usable. The hard part is when you paint the final steps and people can’t remember which are the newly painted ones. So I’ve done things like put little rocks or knick knacks on the stairs that were painted first so people remember to step on those stairs – if that makes sense. LOL.

  3. Jennifer, I love it. The change to the mirror is beautiful. Is it similar to gold leafing? Stairs look good too. I don’t blame you for the no show rule. Hope you had a nice Easter


  4. Looks wonderful. Your board and batten and that mirror are very nice. I like the colors you have chosen, i had some yellow in my house and have changed some to gray and white shades.You have been busy what is next?

    1. Thanks, Marlene! I think what’s next is the outside. Our backyard is a bit of a disaster. We hope to put a pond back there and create a courtyard of sorts. We’ll see!