Last Minute Outdoor Halloween Decorations: Calling All Procrastinators

It’s time for true confessions. How many of you are procrastinators? Maybe you don’t wait until the last minute with everything, just those things that don’t really excite you. Such is the case with me and Halloween decorations. Every year I struggle with myself about putting up outdoor Halloween decorations. I mean, isn’t handing out candy enough? But then the kid in me takes hold and I find myself wanting to get spooky and festive at the last minute. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

A collection of big pumpkins on a front porch - outdoor Halloween decorations


A fast and easy way to decorate around your front door and porch is to pile on the pumpkins! There’s still plenty of these orange globes to be had. Load up the car and stack them on steps and the front walkway. This is a perfect solution for people like me who don’t like the messy task of carving pumpkins.

I like the look of all orange pumpkins in the photo above and below. Since I haven’t decorated for Halloween yet, I just might do this easy approach. You can keep the pumpkins out until Thanksgiving as autumn decorations. Maybe find a turkey stuffed animal or two to add atop the pumpkins.


A collection of big pumpkins on a front porch - outdoor Halloween decorations


Or you could get a couple of hay bales and elevate some of the pumpkins. If you’re ambitious, carve one or more of the pumpkins. You can leave this display up until Thanksgiving, too (sans the jack-o-lantern).

Pumpkins and hay bales on the front porch - fall decorating


I love these next two ideas because they’re whimsical, yet easy to execute. The first is a spiderweb next to the front door. You can easily make a web from black yarn. You can find a black spiderweb already made if you need to go the fast route. Add a spider – or not. It’d still be fun.

Halloween pumpkins and decorations outside a house


Pick up some black felt at the craft store and make eyes and a mouth for your front door to mimic a jack-o-lantern. It doesn’t get any easier or cheaper than this and the trick-or-treaters will love it. Feel free to add other embellishments like bats and carved pumpkins.

Front porch decorated for Halloween


Of course, you can keep a fall-themed porch or front door without the spooky stuff and it’ll still look great for the neighborhood kids who visit.

Colorful Pumpkins and Flowers on the Stairs of an Old Brownstone


If you decide at the last minute to go all-out, you can pick up a large yard inflatable for your outdoor Halloween decorations. I think this black cat needs a scared mouse sitting in front of it.

Outdoor Halloween decorations - inflatable black cat


Inquiring minds wanna know – do you decorate the outside of your house for Halloween?

Vintage front porch with jack-o-lanterns


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