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New Dining Rugs for Cozy Warmth

Goodbye bamboo script mats. Hello new dining rugs! I’m adding cozy warmth to my home this fall and winter by replacing my bamboo mats with cushy rugs. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Brown and White New Dining Rug


Since today is the first Saturday of the month – it means it’s Cozy Living Saturday where my blogging friends and I share how we make life cozy! So this is the perfect time to share the new rugs I’ve added to my dining room. After scouring through many options, I settled on a brown and white rug that’s purposely faded in spots to look a bit vintage.

I toyed with the idea of choosing a rug with more color, but feared that would limit my choices for table settings and vignettes. So I opted for brown and white to match the dining table.

New Dining Rugs in Farmhouse Dining Room


 This room is long and narrow, which is why it makes a better dining room than living room (what it used to be). I ordered the 9’x12′ Asheville taupe rug by Darby Home Co. on Wayfair. It comes in several sizes. So I ordered two!

Farmhouse Dining Room with New Rugs from Wayfair


Since the 9’x12′ rug doesn’t fully stretch across the room, I ordered the same rug in a 4’x6′ size. This area of the dining room serves as my entrway. A lot of older homes don’t have an official entryway so you have to get creative.

Traditional Entryway in Gray and Neutral Tones


I’ve still got warm and cozy fall touches in both the entryway and dining room.

Fall Entryway in Gray and Burgundy


Like rich, faux fall flowers and white berries in a white ironstone pitcher.

Fall Flowers in Burgundy and Rust


On the sideboard in the dining room, my favorite brown bottles display a simple floral arrangement from Pottery Barn.

Brown Bottles in Fall Vignette


Hubby found this cool Chinese flowering plant at the nursery but it’s not a perennial in our area. It was out by the pond but I brought it inside once it’s leaves started changing color. It’s the perfect hue for fall decorating.

Chinese Plant for Fall Decor


It has the daintiest of flowers in a burgundy color that I’ve used for my fall decor this year.

Chinese Plant for Fall Decor


The new dining rugs add softness and warmth to both the entryway and dining space. I was so happy with them that I ordered a new rug for the sitting room. I’ll share that soon!

Traditional Entryway in Gray and Neutral Tones

Shop the Look:

Dining Rugs and Decor

Tamiami Dining Table  /  Asheville Rug  /  Tamiami Slat Back Chair


Pottery Barn Home Decor

Fall Dahlias  /  Embroidered Pillow  /  Small Floral Bundle


Dining Room Home Decor

Grey Knit Throw  /  Chandelier  /  Gray Cabinet  /  Dining Bench


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  1. Love the neutral color of the rugs so you can always add more color when you want. They are so very pretty and cozy.

  2. Love the rug and I agree sticking with the neutral tones will give you more flexibility when it comes to decorating with pops of color. Thanks for sharing the link, I’m always on the hunt for a good rug find.

  3. Lovely post Jennifer, it makes me want to stop by for a cup of tea and curl up under your cozy throw!
    I just finished a book you would love called “The Little Book of Hygge” the Danes have the cozy factor, the Hygge, all figured out. They would definitely give you the thumbs up!👍🏻
    Stay warm and thanks for sending us these wonderful blog posts. They are such a treat to wake up to.

  4. The brown and white choice, as well as defining space with the two rug sizes is absolutely perfect. I’ve never been a fan of the bamboo script mats, although I know they have been very popular. With the addition of the soft and cozy rugs, your old home must be feeling so pretty. I’m a moody color person, so I’m really loving the browns and burgandy accents together. You’ve done amazing things to your home the past year or so and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  5. Would you happen to know the brand on the console/buffet? I know it is from home goods…I have been searching for the exact one! Does it have a brand or markings at all? Any help is greatly appreciated!